Apr 28 2011 8:37am

George R.R. Martin Finishes A Dance With Dragons

It's finally done. FINALLY DONE! Yesterday George R.R. Martin said, and his editor Anne Groell confirmed, that the fifth book in the A Song of Ice And Fire series, titled A Dance With Dragons, is finished. It will be released July 12.

And here's a preview from Sunday's upcoming episode in the Game Of Thrones*  series:

*Game of Thrones is the first book in the A Song of Ice And Fire series.
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Regina Thorne
1. reginathorn
EEEEEE! First I was really excited about Dance being done. Then I started thinking about which of my favorite characters will meet grisly fates and now I'm nervous :D

I can't WAIT for this week's episode! EEEEE!
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