Apr 21 2011 8:30am

For the Love of...Your Blood Type?

Perhaps you've taken those quizzes in women's magazines to determine what kind of fragrance you should wear; are you citrusy, floral, woodsy or oriental?

And now there's a new way for both sexes to determine what fragrance best suits them: Their blood type.

So Blood Concept has developed scents for if you're an A, a B, an AB or an O; the fragrances come in bottles stamped with your type, and actually sound as though they smell nice. The most common blood type, O, has notes of thyme, raspberry, rose hips, leather, birch and cedar wood.

Now we can add one more gift for your vampire lover to the list. Or perhaps your vampire lover has a preference in type, and you can make sure you always smell like his favorite.

Weird. Just...weird.

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Keira Gillett
1. Keira
Doesn't sound so weird to me. As your body chemistry decides whether or not a perfume smells good on you. :)
Keira Soleore
2. KeiraSoleore
This idea squicks me out, though biologically, it makes a lot of sense.
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