Apr 13 2011 9:27am

For The Love Of...The Royal Wedding and Knitting?

If you are breathless with anticipation waiting for the Royal Wedding, are a crafty enthusiast, and have some time on your hands, have we got a book for you! (Thanks to blogger Myretta Robens for tipping us off).

It's the Knit Your Own Royal Wedding book, which comes with “instructions for a handknit wedding scene complete with adorable dolls and a foldout illustration of Westminster Abbey so you can display your creations.”

Even if you're not a knitter (I am most definitely not), the book's pictures are so incredibly cute—not cloyingly cute, either, thank goodness—that it looks like it'd be fun just to poke through the book.

Are you a knitter? Or a Royal Wedding breathless anticipator?

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Kwanawrites, you are TOTALLY who I was picturing when Myretta sent me the link for this book. You love both the RW and knitting! You have to get this!
Janet W
3. Janet W
How can I learn to knit ~ even such adorable little figures ~ when I'm fast reaching 24/7 hysteria over the impending day? Too busy chasing down every story! But thank you, this is so cute. Right up there with the LEGO wedding figures!
Rachel Hyland
5. RachelHyland
The Archbishop is the coolest. He looks like he's wearing shades. He's got a little Dr. Teeth-from-the-Muppets going on. I like it.

And Camilla must be pretty stoked to be included. I feel kind of bad for whomever Harry's date is, though.
Janet W
7. CindyS
I'm not an avid royal watcher but I do hope to see some of the Royal Wedding. I remember Princess Di's wedding day (I was 12) - I'm looking forward to seeing the dress and to see how much pomp is put into the whole day.

Janet W
8. CindyS
Should have mentioned I can't knit for the life of me. Now, hand stitch squares and such sure, but knitting has always kicked my butt ;)
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