Apr 13 2011 9:30am

For the Love of...Parking in Cars with Boys

This instructional film, “Are You Popular?” discusses what makes certain people more popular than others; “Parking in cars with the boys at night” is not the key to popularity, apparently.

Someone should tell our romance heroines that (just substitute “Leaving the ball to walk in the garden” in a historical, or “Get trapped during a storm in a remote cabin” for either contemporary or romantic suspense, or how about “Barricade yourself against the vampires during the day with the hot vampire hunter” in a paranormal).

What I want to add to this little film is that there is no way in any kind of situation where that one boy's sweater would cause any response but ridicule. No wonder he can't get a date! Seriously, dude, Bill Cosby called to say your sweater is too damn loud.

How many of us were popular in high school? Or how many of us were the bookworms who hid in the corner to read?

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Amelia James
1. Amelia James
I was not popular. I parked in cars with boys. Coincidence? Hmmm.... Give me the hot vampire hunter. Popularity be damned!
Robin Bradford
2. RobinBradford
Apparently the key to popularity is being as interested in girls as you are in boys. :-)

I laughed out loud when I saw dude's sweater.
Natasha Carty
3. WickedLilPixie
You know you'd rock that sweater Megan! LOL

I guess I was popular but I was one of the weird popular kids who hung out with everyone. But I never ever parked in a car with a guy, go figure.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@Amelia, I would definitely choose the vampire hunter, too.
@Robin I could not look away from the atrocity of the sweater, which is not to say, @WickedLilPixie, I wouldn't wear it. I would. Sad, right?
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