Apr 15 2011 9:17am

For The Love Of...Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens

So there's a brand-new trailer out for Cowboys & Aliens, in theaters this summer. And while we'd love to embed it here, technology is thwarting us.

But we've got eye-candy:

And the trailer looks awesome. Head on over and take a look. Because nothing says foxy like a pissed-off Daniel Craig with an enormous shotgun.


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Amelia James
1. Amelia James
I thought Daniel Craig would make a terrible James Bond, but I love the way he's so physical. Casino Royale is my favorite Bond movie. I can't wait to see Cowboys and Aliens. Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford! It's nice to see real men as heroes.
Carrie Strickler
2. DyslexicSquirrel
Oh, Daniel Craig. Why you so sexy? Hahaha.

@Amelia: I loved him in Casino Royale. The scene in the shower, anyone? I wasn't as big a fan of the second one, Quantum of Solace, but that was mostly becasue I didn't like the chick. She kind of annoyed me. ):
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
Yes, @AmeliaJames and @DyslexicSquirrel, I was a HUGE Bond fan (books and movies) and never thought Craig was a good fit--until the first scene in Casino Royale. And I agree, QoS wasn't as good because the chick was all weird and way too cold, but he still rocked.
He is so seriously hot. Like, seriously. Whew.
Amelia James
4. CindyS
I'm so crazy excited for this movie. Cowboys, Aliens, Craig and Ford - that's the best chick flick ever!

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