Apr 22 2011 8:00am

For the Love of...Vampires and Sinking Ships?

Now, we're all about the mixing of high and low culture here, and we do love a good mash-up, but we haven't quite been sold on the book mash-ups, a la Jane Austen's zombies and Abraham Lincoln as a vampire-hunter, and all that.

So we view this news with some excitement as well as trepidation, but we want to hear your thoughts:

Angry Robot and author Matt Forbeck plan to release a mash-up book next March, this one mixing vampires with the sinking of the Titanic.

In the book, titled Carpathia, a handful of Titanic passengers are rescued by a ship full of vampires—and the book will be out just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking.

So—good idea, or freaky marketing? Or both?

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Tracy Cooper-Posey
1. Tracy Cooper-Posey
Interesting idea, but it's not quite original. I used it in my novella, Eva's Last Dance, (under my Teal Ceagh pen name) where Eva was rescued off the Titanic by a vampire, and saved from the icy waters by being turned.

Still, there's no such thing as a truly original idea, is there?
Tracy Cooper-Posey
2. Susan in AZ
Oh, Tracy. So sorry that someone has stolen your idea.

I bought and read several Titanic-based novels back in the 1996-1998 period, shortly after the movie came out. Some of the novels were fresh, original ideas; others were a waste of my time. Tracy, yours sounds better than the ripoff.
Tracy Cooper-Posey
3. Benito Corral
I agree, not all mash ups are as great as they sound on paper...most in fact fall REALLY short. But I'm looking forward to this one since Matt is a great author; I believe he'll be able to pull it off and take us on a wild ride!
Tracy Cooper-Posey
4. Julie Yarwood
Tracy's right - there's no such thing as an original idea, any more. I mean - vampires as romantic, love-driven heroes? That's so Buffy/Vampire Diaries/Twilight. At least Carpathia appears to be presenting them as vicious creatures of the night, rather than love-sick puppies!

I know which one *I'll* be buying...
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