Apr 4 2011 8:45am

For The Love Of . . . The Green Lantern (And Ryan Reynolds!)

Because we here at HeroesandHeartbreakers like nothing more than hot guys wearing clingy clothing, we present new footage from The Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds.

Sadly, Ryan does not remove his shirt at any point in the proceedings—perhaps because it is so tight it is impossible to disrobe without assistance (we know, you'd help!)—but he appears right around 1:04, dispersing his characteristic everyman humor.

Hard to tell much about the film from this, except there are explosions and many men with far less hair than Ryan.

Will you be heading to theaters on June 17?

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Jen W
1. dumblydore
This trailer is way better than that horrid mashup they made for
Comic Con last year. As a GL comic reader, I guess I'll be scrutinising
it a bit more intensely; I really hope this hits off well with
moviegoers (right now Marvel is owning DC in terms of successful film

Hmm, I went off tangent—where was I? Oh
right, shirtless Ryan Reynolds. Well, they've gotta placate the masses,
which includes the ladies. That power ring of his can conjure anything.
Robin Bradford
2. RobinBradford
I'm actually on the way to the theater now so I can get a good seat! Love it.
3. SLion
Awesome trailer. Looks to be a good movie. Can't wait to see it, I love all the comic book re-makes.
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