Apr 18 2011 8:30am

For the Love of...Doctor Who’s Matt Smith

Doctor Who returns to BBC America on Saturday, April 23, and some of us (ahem!) could not be more excited.

Matt Smith as Doctor WhoBecause, let's just put it out there, Doctor Who's Matt Smith is the ne plus ultra of hot geek (and we do love a hot geek!). Plus there's the sonic screwdriver, and that cute look he gets when he's solved the problem and he can't understand why everyone else isn't following him down on his Logic Trail...well, sigh.

See what we mean?

Who else is psyched for Saturday?

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Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
I don't watch regularly, I admit, but Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are awesome and I look forward to catching up on DVD at some point.
3. LoriA
Me! I'm psyched for Saturday. (Gotta go check DVR because some BBCA shows don't show up as new.)

Matt Smith was being interviewed when they came to America for the premiere; he said he'd love to live in NY some day. ;-)
Jennifer Savage
4. JenSavage
Me! I'm excited. But my favorite Doctor has to be Jon Pertwee.
5. Jen G.
I am! I feel like I'm one of the few people in my demographic adding BBC America to her cable package this month for a reason other than a certain royal wedding.
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