Apr 28 2011 8:05am

For the Love of...a Numbed Mouth?

Today's Morning Coffee just leaves us...baffled.

Why would you want to numb your kissing partner's mouth? Morphine Lips, the manufacturer says, is “An amazing lip balm containing the finest oils and a numbing agent to create a perfect kiss that will cause your partner's lips to tingle and go numb.” It comes in mango peach flavoring. 

Which does nothing to answer our original question, which we'll repeat, for emphasis: Why would you want to numb your kissing partner's mouth?

Please answer in comments. Because we have no clue.

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1. Cormia
I would say so they still feel you there, long after you have gone.... but there lips are numb so that doesnt work.
Donna Cummings
2. Donna Cummings
Huh. Well, I'm guessing there were 3 or 4 really crappy ideas that were submitted with this one. LOL So maybe this one seemed inspired by comparison. :)
Warren Ockrassa
3. warreno
Faces aren't the only place you can find lips.

The tingling makes sense, though the numbness ... hmm.
Traci Parrott
4. reject
read between the lines and get your creative little thinking cap on. Kissing fleshy parts and leaving a tingling sensation...go read the post on multiple partner erotic stories and then ponder again where you can rub this little stick of tingly/numby balmy shtuff. PT Barnum once said that a fool and their money should soon be least I think it was PT.
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