Apr 27 2011 9:00am

Downton Abbey, Season 2; Or, We Love Bates and Anna and Cannot Wait!

Maggie Smith and the cast of Downton Abbey

The finale of the first season of Downton Abbey ended with news of war being declared, as in World War 1.

“I regret to inform you that we are at war with Germany.”

Way to end a party, guys!

BAFTA already announced its Craft nominations, and nominations for the acting and such came out yesterday (Brendan Coyle’s Bates is a nominee!). A few on-set pictures have leaked for Downton Abbey Season Two, and we are way too excited.

So what are we anticipating for Downton Abbey’s Season Two? Before heading on to our speculation, take a look at Downton Abbey Season 2 Video Clip is Here: Anna is Crying?!?

Bates and Anna in Downton Abbey

1. Bates!

In the first season, Bates—the proud former batman with a sexy limp—arrived at Downton Abbey to serve as the Earl’s valet (and don’t say ’valet’ the French way, for goodness’ sake, it’s valet, very flat and English-style), bearing many secrets, some of which he spilled in the first season—and more to come. Apparently, Bates’ wife appears on the scene, and given how they parted—with him taking the blame for her thievery, and ending up a drunkard in gaol—you can bet it won’t be a happy reunion. Plus, poor Anna!

Lady Mary in Downton Abbey

2. Lady Mary

Ooh, Lady Mary’s own sister has been spreading rumors about her...trollopness, and she’s been waffling about giving an answer to cousin Matthew on his marriage proposal. Matthew—who despite his common man leanings—is just as autocratic and demanding as the rest of his family, and thinks Mary’s hesitating because Mary’s mother is pregnant, and might have a son—which would remove Matthew from the line of succession. Those of us who are kind might think she is hesitating because she might have to tell Cousin Matthew that a) she’s no longer a virgin and b) the last time she slept with a guy he died. So—will Mary tell Matthew? Will Mary pop her sister in the nose? Will she get to have sex with someone who doesn’t die?

3. That Pesky War

World War I—the “Great War,” it was called, before there was a sequel, has just begun, and the Brits are totally in the thick of it. According to some sources, Downton Abbey gets used as a military hospital, which means fetching young men with injuries. Maybe Lady Edith can finally get a date?

4. Julian Fellowes’ Delicious Melodrama

Fellowes is no stranger to throwing a spanner in the works, and what with World War I, Lady Crawley’s miscarriage, Bates’ past returning with a bang, lady’s maid O’Brien change of heart (following her dastardly deed; see Lady Crawley’s miscarriage, above), Lady Sybil’s political beliefs, the Cook’s poor eyeballs and the two old ladies (the Dowager Countess and Mrs. Crawley) continuing to bicker, Fellowes will have plenty to work with.

5. New Cast: Amy Nuttall

Zoe Boyle, Cal Macaninch, Iain Glen, Amy Nuttall, and Maria Doyle-Kennedy have all signed on as new additions for Season 2. The red-headed bombshell is Amy Nuttall, and we’re guessing she’ll be wearing more clothing when she heads to Downton Abbey (because, if not, could you just see the look on Lady Violet’s face? Apoplexy, for sure!)

And Iain Glen (who’s Ser Jorah Mormont in Game Of Thrones). Glen also plays Jack Taylor, Ken Bruen’s protagonist, and combined with the Jorah thing, makes us really want to see more of him. Here’s a pic:

Iain Glen

6. The Entail

Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham played deliciously by Dame Maggie Smith, is determined to break the unbreakable entail so that the Crawley girls can have something to live on (not to mention her arch-enemy, Matthew’s mother, then wouldn’t live at Downton). Her son, Lord Crawley, is equally determined not to break the unbreakable entail. No doubt this season will feature many more of Lady Violet’s bon mots (“What is a weekend?”), and familial hijinks will ensue.

Daisy in Downton Abbey

7. Daisy!

Daisy is the kitchenmaid, which means she gets to get up before everyone else in the household, lay fires, and be subject to all of Mrs. Patmore, the Cook’s, abuse. Plus she had a huge crush on the Evil Gay Footman, Thomas, who thankfully heads off to war before someone kills him on British soil. Will Daisy finally get to sleep late? Will she find love with second footman Matthew (will he be made first footman?!?)?

8. Lady Sybil

Lady Sybil is the youngset of the three Crawley sisters, the one who attended a political rally with the hot Irish chauffeur. How long will it be before she tries to find his four-leaf clover?

Downton Abbey’s Bates

9. Bates, again!

Last season, Bates’ quiet strong morality wowed many of us. His attempts to fix his gimpy leg, his standing up to Thomas and O’Brien, and his trying to be strong in the face of Anna’s persistence (and we have to know, his interest)—all make for a guy you could totally fall in love with. And we did.

So—we’ll leave no. 10 up to you all—what do you want to see in Downton Abbey Season 2?


Megan Frampton is the Community Manager, Romance, for the HeroesandHeartbreakers site. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son, and wishes she owned Lady Mary’s black jet choker.

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1. nyshopgirl14
I sometimes feel like I spend way too much time thinking about what is going to happen on Downton Abbey next season. I'm glad I'm not the only one! (And what's too much time anyway.)

Sybil is by far my favorite, so I hope they explore her relationship with Branson more...although, I think maybe one of the new cast might become an interest for him or Lady Sybil is going to have eyes for some duke who shares her political views. I think there are stumbling blocks in store for them.

Eliza P
2. elizaw
I'm not sure it's possible to spend too much time thinking about Downton Abbey!

As for 10 and up, I think Bates and Anna being together is on the list
for sure. Hopefully his wife will not cause too much trouble. And I
think Bates deserves more than just two spots on the list!

I am interested to see how the increase of soliders around Downton Abbey will affect the Crawley girls and their love lives. I love the idea of Lady Sybil and Branson, but we will just have to wait and see with them.

Whatever happens, I just can't wait until it is back!
3. EvangelineHolland
Amy Nuttall plays a housemaid (Gwen isn't going to be back), so she will be covered up, lol.

Since season two begins in 1916, I can't help but wonder if the Easter Uprising will play a part in the plot (aka Branson and Sybil).
4. Ellie
I also spend way too much time thinking about what's going to happen on Downton Abbey . . . and it is months and months away! Glad to read that there are other people in the same boat.

As for my anticipation list, I'll take as much of #1 and #9 as possible!
5. LeslieW
Me too! I keep thinking about the whole thing - so delicious!! Thanks for writing this!
6. Robert G
I've been informed by a reliable source that:
1. O'Brien, due to guilt and remorse, becomes a Red Cross nurse and is ultimately killed on the Western Front.
2. Thomas, a medical orderly, is caught stealing from the wounded and dead. He is dishonorably discharged and sentenced to a long prison term.
3. Branson with his skill at driving, mechanics and politics wins rapid promotion, decorations and ultimately a commission in the tank corps of the Royal Army. Now, as a 'gentleman' he pursues lady Sybil.
4. Lady Mary, having really messed up confesses to Sir Anthony that in fact she had lied to him. Edith had never ridiculed him. Anthony and Edith proceed to marry.
5. Lady Mary tries to communicate with Mathew only to learn that he has left to join an officer's training course for the Royal Navy ... However they will ultimately marry and he will be wounded in that battle of Jutland.
6. Anna and Bates ... Lord Grantham uses his connections to track Bates'es faithless wife. She has emigrated to the US and dies in prison of TB.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
@RobertG, thank you! This is all incredible stuff! I think it starts airing in the UK soon...wish it were simultaneous to here. You'd think our globalization would extend to entertainment, too.
8. amy0102
There are so many different sources. Does anyone know WHEN EXACTLY the second season starts? There are people saying this fall and others say only in september 2012 :( I'll die if they wait that long.
Since I've watched Downton abbey it consumes every free thought in my head, I think I am getting obsessed ;)
I love the Anna&Bates story, and in general all the precise details we get to see about aristocracy in the 20th century, it's genuine :)
9. mimzyb
Robert G., if you know, does Anna and Bates get together after his wife dies?
10. Robert G.
Sorry to be song long to respond.
Anna & Bates ... ooops, I forgot to ask. I just assumed they do after we find out that Vera Bates is dead.
Anyone wonder what becomes of Gwen Dawson in her new secretarial role?
...Or what happens to William and Daisy?
11. Territee
The thought occurred to me that Thomas might end up being a spy.
12. rasheeda
Hello, I am amazed that no one has an interest in discovering the cause of Kamaal Pamouk's death! the young Turk was young and healthy, could he have been poisoned, and by whom? Could it have been evil Thomas? Or the Englishman that he came with, the one that Lady Mary found dull? Even if Lady Mary is able to save her virtue and marry, I don't think we have heard the last of the Turkish Embassy. Word of the scandal will get around to Lord Grantham (did I spell it right? I am not so great at English). Violet mentioned taking Mary to Rome to find her a 'not too picky Italian'- I think only a passionate Italian can tame this fiery creature. What do you think?
13. Territee
Yes, I think he was poisoned by Thomas. Good speculation about Mary going to Rome. Hopefully, Matthew will get jealous and come after her.
14. WantsToBeLadySybil
Thanks Robert G! What about William, the second footman? I have this horrible feeling he is going to die a traggic death in the trenches. Although I wish ever character who deserves a happy ending will get it, I just doubt it's possible.

There's so much to love about Downton Abbey, I don't think this list could ever be too long! I fall asleep at night, wondering what will happen next.
15. Tim the Toolman
I think that Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil will become a couple.....They would be great together.
16. LadyMargaret
10. Mary and Matthew!!!

(btw, I totally laughed at "b) the last time she slept with a guy he died." Are you implying Mary's cursed?! :O :D)
17. Zeenbeen
I am a big fan of Brendon Coyle who plays the character of Bates. He was the only reason I initially tuned in to DA and I am so glad I did! Not only did I get to see Brendon in action but I have fallen in love with the who show and cast also. Wow. Cant wait for Sundays finale and then the 2nd season. Bring it on................
18. Kaisa
Hi! This people will NOT be there to the end of season 2: Mr. Carson, William, Mrs Hughes, O´Brien, Daisy, Mrs Patmore and Isobel Grawley....... So I guess some of this people if not all of them will die....
19. Esevdali
I read on the Downton web site that the house will double as a military hospital. With a raft of dashing officers buzzing around, surely the girls will have their flirtations, so is it safe to assume that they'll wind up with the same old chaps.. (by 1916, Sir Anthony will be reaching for his ear horn when war news arrives).? Not sure what the message was when Sybil was struck with Matthew after his rescue at the Liberal rally in town - he's going to bail on Mary with Sybil in the medium-term, sending Branson into a murderous (road) rage? I have a sinkibng feeling that Matthew is going to wind up gimpy, comiserating with Bates in the dressing room. I wish I could jump on the Bates adoration bandwagon, but I suspect that he's a wus in sheep's clothing - his famously restrained version of spine makes me want to strangle him half the time. Anna deserves a spark, or even a blaze. Maggie Smith rocked in HP DH 2 and I'll be missing her until January. Maybe Youtube will get the British airing earlier?
20. territee
LOL! I agree! ********* I wish I could jump on the Bates adoration bandwagon, but I suspect that he's a wus in sheep's clothing - his famously restrained version of spine makes me want to strangle him half the time.******
21. Tia Leah
I am, and will ALWAYS BE, a fan of Brendan Coyle !
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