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MI-5 Spooks, Season 8, Ep 3 Recap

MI-5 CastEpisode 3 (see recaps of MI-5 Season 8 Episode 1 here and Episode 2 here) opens with Section D monitoring a meeting of the exclusive and powerful Bendorf group, made up of the eight richest men in the world and taking place at Sir Robin Ashenden’s (Thomas Lockyer) mansion in Hampstead. When hottie Tariq remarks he thought the Bendorf Group was just a conspiracy theory, Harry informs him that their meetings dictate policy for half the governments on the planet. Way to deliver a smackdown, Harry. Ros is sent undercover as part of the security team. As she is planting a bug in the conference room, a routine operation becomes a life-or-death situation when a group of armed terrorists take everyone hostage. One of the billionaires, Leon Gevitsky (Rod Culbertson), is grabbed at his home by a terrorist group, betrayed by his niece Nina (Antonia Campbell-Hughes), who is a member of the group.

Ros informs Section D what is going on before losing her wire, cutting off contact with the Grid. The hostages, including Ros, are taken down to an underground bunker. The terrorists quickly disable the elevator so that they control it, and they rig the bunker with explosives. Harry sends Lucas and Jo in to assess the situation and when they arrive at the scene they discover a lot of dead bodies—but no sign of Ros and the billionaires. Lucas finds Ros’ wire on the ground.

Harry and Ruth in MI-5When Ruth arrives back for her first day of work, Harry quickly fills her in on the situation.

Ruth: On my first day back too, Harry, you shouldn’t have!

Harry: It was either this or a basket of muffins.

Harry confides in Ruth that the Home Secretary asked him to look into the rumors of a meeting in Basel, Switzerland. Ah, how touching, he tells her that no one knows but her about this meeting. Even Ros doesn’t know the real reason that Harry sent her in undercover at the Bendorf Group meeting. I think it’s so great that Harry trusts Ruth completely, but isn’t this what got her into trouble in the first episode? The fact that he shared information with her that he shared with no one else? Harry tells Ruth that he’s going to need her that day. I think my heart just melted a little bit.

CIA Chick calls Lucas while he’s on assignment, wanting a repeat of their night of illicit sex. Lucas just blows her off. Yes! Seriously, the man does have a job to do; he’s saving the world from terrorists. He doesn’t have time for phone sex! Lucas and Jo use thermal imaging to discover exactly how many people are in the bunker, while Tariq searches for the number for the phone in the bunker. By going through the CCTV footage (the bane of every criminal’s existence nowadays), the team is able to identify the leader of the terrorist group, one Finn Lambert (Pascal Langdale). According to Ruth, Lambert was going to protests from the time he was in nappies (diapers to us Yanks). When Lucas rings the bunker, Lambert—a man after Michael Moore’s heart—spews an anti-capitalist rant (but then says they might want some pizzas later).

The situation worsens when Finn Lambert decides to play a game of “Who Wants to Kill a Billionaire.” Lambert puts Thomas Mickelson (Tom Mannion) from the Bendorf group on trial and broadcasts it live to the world online. Frankly at this point, the episode kind of lost me. There’s nothing worse then a self-righteous thug who loves the sound of his own voice. I almost began to feel sorry for the billionaires. Although Lambert does have a point when he says nobody needs to have 3 yachts. Ah, crap, now they’re arguing about global warming. Sigh, this is going to be a long episode. Back on the Grid, Harry, Ruth and Tariq watch in horror as Lambert produces damning evidence of Mickelson's alleged crimes before inviting the public to vote on the outcome of the trial.

***WARNING SPOILER ALERT****Ruth discovers that Lambert has made several trips to Russia, flying first class, although he doesn’t have a penny to his name. Someone clearly has been funding Stalin, Jr. but whom? The action shifts back to the bunker where the votes are now counted: 98,327 people feel that Mickelson is guilty and 11,479 people voted not guilty. Lambert executes Mickelson live by shooting him in the head. He’s shaken by what he’s just done, but tells his accomplices Nina and Rudy (Justin Avoth) that he wants to move forward with the rest of the billionaires.

Samuel Walker, head of the CIA’s London bureau, storms into the Home Secretary’s office demanding that something be done. Of course, all he cares about is how this whole situation reflects on the United States. And people wonder why the world hates us. Ooh, John Wayne just threatened that if MI-5 can’t fix things, the CIA will with an air strike. Ooh, goody, I’m sure nobody will miss Hampstead Heath.

Section D has to stop him and it seems their only hope is if Ros can persuade Lambert's girlfriend Nina to help her, but Nina has drunk the Lambert Kool-Aid. Yuk, Nina and Lambert decide that now is an appropriate time to start making out. It’s CIA Chick, of all people, who gives Section D a vital clue they can use, although she’s extremely reluctant to give up the information. It takes Harry threatening to go to the media to make her give up the goods: It seems that Russian billionaire Vadime Robinov (Owen McDonnell) is a valuable CIA asset. Harry orders Lucas to discover what Robinov’s plans are, and why he’s funding Lambert. Lucas discovers Robinov hanging around the indoor swimming pool at his mansion with his harem (three reasons everyone hates billionaires: indoor swimming pool, mansion, harem).

Improvising, Lucas holds Robinov’s head underwater until he squeals. Robinov explains that since two of the Bendorf Group are Russian billionaires stifling the Democratic Process, removing them would only help Mother Russia. A true patriot he is. Lucas forces Robinov to call Lambert off, but it is too late. Lambert, drunk on power, refuses. Not even Robinov warning him that the CIA plan to storm the building moves him. You know what they say about power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

The Home Secretary tells Harry he’s authorized special ops to storm the bunker. Ros manages to convince Nina to push the button to send the lift upstairs. When Jo hears the lift, she tells Harry what’s happening. He encourages her to go down to try and turn the other conspirators against Lambert. Leaving her gun upstairs, Jo steps onto the elevator. When the doors open to the bunker, she informs Lambert’s co-conspirators of his deal with Robinov.

****OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT JUST HAPPENED SPOILER**** When Rudy finds out how Lambert betrayed the cause, he’s upset. Lambert tries to explain the reasons why he took money from Robinov, but Rudy doesn’t want to hear it, he’s had enough of the killing. Lambert shoots him, and grabs the detonator. Jo grabs Lambert, who’s got a gun in one hand and a detonator in the other, with his thumb inches away from the button. Ros grabs Nina’s arm with the gun and points it at Lambert, as she silently communicates with Jo. Ros shoots Lambert but the bullet goes through him into Jo, killing them both.

All is silent as the rest of Section-D learns the fate of one of their members. I don’t know what to say right now. I’m still reeling from what just happened. Ros will certainly never be the same and neither will the rest of the team.


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I'm loving your recaps, Elizabeth, which, come to think of it, is a
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I'm keeping my eyes covered so I don't see the spoilers yet. LOL This is supposed to start on Netflix Streaming tomorrow, so I am excited! Then I can have something to add to the discussion. :)
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Thanks for the great recaps! Watching season 8 now--only have one week from the library!
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