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KhageMatchh: Zsadist vs. Rehvenge

Welcome to the last pair in Part I of II in the Black Dagger Brotherhood KhageMatchh! (Battle Wrath vs. Phury is here; Vishous vs. Butch is here; Rhage vs. John Matthew is here.)

So far, the winners are Wrath, Vishous and Rhage!

For the last pair, we've got Zsadist against Rehvenge.  

Read the KhageMatchh  and then tell us which of the two tortured souls Brothers has won your heart by commenting below.

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Editor's Note, 3/28/11: Congratulations to KhageMatchh winner ZSADIST and #1 bimmergrl!  Send an email to info[at]heroesandheartbreakers[dotcom] to claim your prize.

Now is the time to claim your Brother.

Get ready to ruuuuumble!



(Cornerman: Lisa Hughey)

For me, in a Black Dagger Brotherhood throwdown, Zsadist is going to win every single time.

Zsadist is the tortured brother. Scarred, both literally and figuratively, Zsadist is the most damaged Brother of all the Black Dagger Brotherhood (and that's saying a lot!). He is scary and so emotionally closed off that for awhile even the Brotherhood fears what he will do. The only emotion he ever allows himself to feels is soul-deep anger. He fully recognizes he is broken inside.

Zsadist hunts the Lessers relentlessly, trying to protect his twin Phury, The Brotherhood, and the rest of the Vampire population without regard to himself because in his eyes he is worthless. When Bella, a female of Worth, is captured by the Lessers, Zsadist refuses to give up searching for her. He hunts like a vampire possessed, brutally killing Lessers, in his quest to find and save her.

With his shaved head and disfiguring facial scars, he is outwardly ugly and menacing. But even before she is abducted and tortured, Bella is drawn to the beauty of his tormented soul.

He practically starves himself. He has his brother beat him when he feels the need to be punished. His control is truly enormous. The reason for his control, physical and sexual abuse suffered in the formative years of his life, is tragic.

And yet, Zsadist has a moral code that he will not break. He champions those who are weaker than himself. He sacrifices everything for others.

His back, with its streaks of scars, flexed as he bent over. Seeing the cruel pattern, she was struck with the need to know exactly what he'd been though. All of it. Each and every lash. She'd heard the rumors about him; she wanted his truth.

He'd survived what had been done to him. Maybe so could she.

So when Bella needs his help to eradicate her fears, Zsadist casts aside his own tragically dysfunctional view of sexual arousal to save Bella  from being scarred inside. His selflessness captures her heart once and for all. Mine too.

How could you not love this guy?

Images from our Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting post.


(Cornerman: Megan Frampton)

Rehvenge, the ‘hero’ of Lover Avenged, is—perhaps literally—the most fucked of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. For starters, he’s a symphath, which in the vampire world means he’s a sociopath, and if his true nature were discovered, he’d be locked up. Symphaths can manipulate emotions in others, and are greatly feared for that ability.

But Rehvenge dulls his symphath nature with drugs, the side effects of which leave him numb, impotent and constantly cold. He walks with a cane, owns a nightclub where all sorts of nefarious things go on under his watch—not to mention, he’s a pimp and drug dealer. Oh, and he’s having all kinds of nasty blackmail sex with his half-sister.

So why is he so compelling? First of all, there’s his honor: He needs to protect his family (the ones not fucking him, that is), namely his sister, Bella, who is married to Zsadist. If you are constantly chilly (like me), the temperature he keeps his house would definitely please you, not to mention just how outrageously he dresses:

a big male dressed in a sable duster who had mohawked hair and amethyst eyes and a red cane.

Plus there’s how honest and vulnerable he is, if only on the phone:

Rehv smiled in the dark and ran his hand up and down the mink duvet. He couldn’t feel it, but he imagined the pelts were as soft as her hair.

“I still think you wanted to get me on the phone.”

The pause that followed made him worry she was going to pull out of the call.

He sat up, like getting vertical would keep her from hitting her end button.

“I’m only saying . . . well, shit, my point is, I’m glad you called. Whatever the reason.”

And when he starts to fall in love?

He paused, to give her a chance to tell him to cut the shit. Why? He had no clue. His symphath side was into pauses only for analysis or to better capitalize on a weakness. But she made him want to be decent.

Talk about a reformed rake! Oh, Rehv!

Images from our Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting post.

There you have it!  KhageMatchh Zsadist vs. Rehvenge.  So tell us who won your heart in the comments below.  And as an added bonus, we'll randomly select a commenter to win a Heroes & Heartbreakers totebag.  (Comments must be time-stamped by midnight 3/26 PST to win.)  

And now we advance, inexorably, to the Final KhageMatchh, where Brother goes against Brother. Who will be Top Dawg?

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Barbara Jones
1. bimmergrl
Z holds a special place in my heart... scars and all! I'm voting Zsadist for the win!
Nita Gill
2. gillnit
Definitely Zsadist for me. His was the first book I read of the series and stayed my favorite after reading the rest. He is flawed and even mean, but always there for Bella.
4. cakemomma
No contest, Zsadist all the way! He is by far my favourite brother!! LOVE Zsadist!!!
Carrie Strickler
5. DyslexicSquirrel
I seem to have a thing for scarred bad boys, so Zsadist totally wins it for me.

That being said, though, Pst Rehv, when Z isn't around I'm totally available. Just don't let him see you!
6. Spaz
Nooooooooooooooo I can't believe I hbe to choose between these two, you evil wenches!!!!! :P
Z gets it for me, even tho I have it bad for Rehv AND you used Joe as his pic.
7. barkergirl
Zsadist has always been my guy! He and Rhev both have their own demons,but Z's overcome so much-he went from a guilt/shame ridden life that gave him an 'I dont give a 'f' fighting attitude'-until Bella-with her amazing patience,but sharp tongue! He broke my heart when he wrote her those 1st words,and when he overcame the shame of his past and his looks and bonded with Nalla! Z is the most mentally,emotionally,and physically tough brother-with the best taste in music&love when his playful/joking side comes out! Sorry Rhev-love u,but I gotta vote for Zsadist!
andrea maurer
10. perasia
I loved Zsadist from the first moment we met. when he met Bella i loved him even more. once he overcame his fears and became a real father to Nalla i was lost forever.

Zsadist for this round!
11. lairdutemp
OMG to have to choose between the two, But I have to choose the bad boy Z. He's been through so much.
12. kfr33man
Although it's very hard to choose between to two, I'd have to go w/ Z. I love that he overcame so many horrible obstacles and finally allowed himself to have some love and joy.
13. lapointe20js
OMG How do I choose.... Zsadist all the way He has always been my fav brother
Megan B
14. Megblod
If I only had to pick one, I would diffenity would have to Zsadist all the way, it's just a no brainer.
16. Callysta
This one is easy for me. Zsadist . He was my first, he is still my favorite. And Rehv is too metrosexual. I like the jeans/leathers ans shitkickers!
20. SouthWesternBelle
I love them both but my vote is for Z because he has bella and nalla to fight for and that man will do whatever it takes to get home to them.
21. chivixen
Pimps need love too. Rehv hands down.
Orin Matei
22. orin
Such a hard choice, I met Zsadist first but....

Rhev is the one for me
23. shae
Like Rehv, but LOVE Zsadist. So it's Z for me!
Maria Smith
24. TexasBookLover
While I like Rehv and all I LOVE Z! So my vote goes to Z on this one hands down!!!
25. celticmaggie
It's Zhadist. I just think he handles himself a bit better. I love them all so there really is no loser.
26. SLion
Nobody beats Z! I mean nobody, do ya feel me....
I love my Rehv and all, but you all know what I am sayin, cause this is going to get dirty.
Lisa Hughey
27. LisaHughey
Totally feeling the Zsadist love :) There are so many reasons, it was really difficult to narrow it down to 300 words.
Clare 2e
28. clare2e
Gotta be Zsadist, but the cornerman made me appreciate the complications of Rehv in a way I usually don't.
Rehv's numbness and manipulative nature obscure his hotness for me, but I doff to him my purple-felt pimp hat with feathered hat band.
Peggy Lawson
29. girliegrrrrl
OMG! How on EARTH did I miss this one! I swear, I looked for it & missed it somehow. These two are my ABSOLUTE favorites. I am sooo heartbroken that I did not get to sound off on this one. But on the bright side, I didn't have to choose between them.
30. KaylaK08
I so can'y choose between the 2
32. beehmm??
Zadist is the best. From the moment I picked up the third book, I felt like I was cheating on my boyfriend...
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