Mar 24 2011 11:30am

KhageMatchh: Vishous vs. Butch

Welcome to the second Black Dagger Brotherhood KhageMatchh! The trash-talking in the first BDB Matchh was fierce and furious...turns out, Wrath really IS king.   We expect more of the same today.  

So instead of stalking your mail carrier for J.R. Ward's Lover Unleashed, show some real Brotherly love.

Read the KhageMatchh and then tell us which Brother has won your heart by commenting below.

We're upping the stakes on the commenting prize.  To win, you have to be a registered member of the site, but this time the prize is a $5 Starbucks card and a Heroes and Heartbreakers t-shirt. (Something tells us this is just going to get even better as things progress.)

We'll randomly draw a name from the registered commenters who've got comments time-stamped by 3/24 midnight tonight (PST) and we'll send the winner a $5 Starbucks card and a Heroes and Heartbreakers t-shirt.  Not registered with the site?  Click here.

Editor's Note, 3/25/11: Congratulations to KhageMatchh winner VISHOUS and #46 SueB!  Send an email to info[at]heroesandheartbreakers[dotcom] to claim your prize.  


And if your favorite Brother still hasn't been featured, no worries; the next Matchh starts tomorrow.

Get ready to ruuuuumble!


He was six feet, six inches tall and built like a brick shithouse...his skin was the golden brown of a summer, tan and smooth…His back was amazing, the muscles heavy and yet elegant as they spanned his shoulders and feathered out under his skin. And his ass was . . .

If you like your heroes big and dark, tattooed and tortured, I’ve got just the Brother for you. Vishous is the outsider of the group, even more so, perhaps, than Zsadist.

Z has issues. V has demons.

Abandoned by his mother when he was too young to remember her, raised by a father known as The Bloodletter in a warrior camp where only the ruthless survived and the prime directive was kill or be killed (or raped), cursed with knowing everyone’s future but his own.

Oh, and he can never fully touch another person because his right hand sets everything, both animate and inanimate, on fire.

He’s beautiful. Glossy black hair and black goatee. Eyes of navy blue with diamond-shaped pupils that glow when he’s in the throes of a vision. All the other Brothers love their designer suits, but V, uninterested in life’s softer things, wears muscle shirts and leathers everywhere. Except for that one time he donned a white Turnbull & Asser dress shirt (with his leathers), and man, the image that conjures . . .

He’s brutal. He channels most of his brutality into the war against the Lessers, but what’s left over fuels his kinks. And let’s be honest, V’s got some kinks. If your favorite flavor of sex is vanilla, this ain’t the brother for you.

He’s brilliant. A bona fide genius—speaker of sixteen languages, computer savant and security expert, well-read and witty. He’s also in charge of the Brothers’ investments, and they’re filthy rich.

In a way, his fierce intelligence exacerbates his loneliness and isolation. He knows how different and how damaged he is. He knows he’s never experienced the kind of love his brothers feel for their mates. What’s more, he’s convinced that he never will and doesn’t even deserve to.

Just as fierce as his intelligence, though, is his loyalty. He would gladly die for his Brothers, and for their mates and children. When his best friend, the only person with whom V has ever made a real emotional connection, falls in love with a woman, V accepts it, and he accepts her. Butch’s happiness means more to him than his own.

He’s a different kind of hero. There are lots of layers here, and some of them aren’t pretty. But peeling them would be quite an experience.  

Images from our Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting post.



Hold the phone! Butch, who’s been roaming around the Black Dagger Brotherhood neighborhood since Dark Lover, is not just a human who’s infiltrated the vampire camp with his ability to drink massive amounts of Lagavulin Scotch, be a lethal fighter against the lessers and gently rebuff Vishous’s hot man crush.

In addition to all that, Butch is actually descended from Wrath (the last pure-bred vampire, and the king), which means when it’s necessary, to save Butch's life, he can make the transition to vampire (his new name? Dhestroyer), and also end up with his vampire bride, Marissa. It's endearing how Butch is so protective of Marissa, even though she is a hella strong vampire. When they are together—you know, in that way—he talks her all the way through it (she's a vampire virgin, no less), and it's so, so sweet. And hot. Undeniably hot.

When we first meet him, Butch is a hazel-eyed, broken-nosed cop from Boston who’s a ruthless bloodhound on the scent of a mystery, and when employed in the BDB service—albeit unofficially prior to his change—he’s just as tough, almost getting killed fighting a battle that, technically, isn’t his to fight. And he inspires loyalty and confidence. Like, a lot of confidence. Listen to what Vishous says when the vampires discover Butch is missing, abducted by the lessers:

V looked down into his glass and slowly shook his head. “He’d die before giving us up. I guarantee it.” He swallowed the vodka and felt it slide down his throat. “My man is good like that.”

Which, of course, brings us to the elephant in the room: Butch and Vishous's relationship. They are so close, in fact, that they veer towards being a couple, with each of them fully committed to the other:

“You are my only friend. Never my enemy.”

No telling who embraced who first, but the urge to beat the living shit out of the other guy bled from their bodies, leaving only the bond between them. They wound up tight together and stood for a time in the cold wind. When they stepped back, it was awkwardly and with embarrassment.

Butch and Vishous live together, no less, sharing clothes (both have a serious clothes addiction, like Hermes-Gucci-Missoni serious; no shitkickers or leathers for them) and each would die for the other. And Butch nearly does.

Loyal to the death, with vampire bloodlines, huge hands, a way with words during certain intimate moments, a snappy dresser and a Sox fan; as Butch himself might say, “wicked pissa awesome!”

Images from our Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting post.

There you have it!  KhageMatchh: Vishous vs. Butch.  Tell us who won your heart in the comments below.  As an added bonus we'll randomly draw a name from registered site members who've got comments time-stamped by midnight tonight (PST, 3/24)

The prize is a $5 Starbucks card and a Heroes and Heartbreakers t-shirt.  (Congrats again to the Wrath vs Phury winner, #74 rissatoo!) Wonder who's up next?  Hint: They didn't start out the same.

Editor's Note, 3/25/11: Congratulations to KhageMatchh winner VISHOUS and #46 SueB!  Send an email to info[at]heroesandheartbreakers[dotcom] to claim your prize.  

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Aimee Russell
1. ajruss7
It's almost to close to call, but for me it's gonna have to be Butch. To start life as human, but knowing that your differant; then finally coming to the truth. Not to mention the whole Irish thing. What more can I say.
2. rissatoo
Woohoo! Thanks, H&H! (& Phury!) ;)

Also, BUTCH. Nothing more needs be said.
3. shannonB.
I love Butch and I loved his book, but V is my man!!
4. SuzanneJohnson
Nope, sorry girls. V will win. He has an amazingly high tolerance -- even a love -- for PAIN, his mate can't be killed because she's already dead, and he is wicked smart. If it came down to it, he knows what would push Butch's buttons....but he'd love him to much to push them. Winner: my man VISHOUS.
Susan T
5. aurora_0811
I love Butch and as a BFF he can't be beat but Vishous is deep, dark and fiercely loyal. He's been tortured both physically and emotionally but loves his brothers and their families. He's the "bad boy with the heart of gold" that women love plus a hard candy shell you want to break through. Plus you know he's never going to be vanilla or boring in anything...EVER.
Barbara Jones
6. bimmergrl
Butch is cool but V has my heart! My vote goes to Vishous! :)
Sylvia Bennett
7. Sylvia Bennett
I would have to say V, being able to be loyal and love even after all he's been through, to be able to have a relationship with Butch and with the Brotherhood, that says it all right there!!
8. Lairdutemp
I would have to choose Vishous. OMG he is one hunk of a man.tall dark and Sexy
9. Shaithrall
Vishous!!! all the way love Butch but V is just so, well vicious.
11. Spaz
Ladies. Seriously???? Nobody is winning this one, except US when they submit to each other in their undeniable man love! Move over shellans, these guys are true secret lovers. Had to be said!
Belinda Bullock
12. bellie7
*screams out* V!! I LOVE HIM! He is so special and makes every BDB better!
14. B-ren
I'm going for Vishous since he's been in the Brotherhood for 300 years. And he's yummy.
15. Kiss0fDeath
V! Wins this one hands down. He's dark & tortured, plus he has the whole S&M thing going on. Definately V, he would fight w a fierceness that was forged from his past, & would never be defeated by a once human cop. V has the tortured soul to steal my heart, & definately beat Butch in a fight.
Marissa Haire
17. Marissa Haire
V is hot but he has mommy issues. I have to go with Butch.
Christina Ammendolia
18. cakemomma
Hands down it has to be Vishous!!! I adore Butch - but V is soooooo sexy!
19. MelanieSimmons
It's no contest. V all the way. :)
Maria Rivera
20. Maririve
I agree they're both hot and I adore both, but Butch has sooo much more ooomph!
21. Heather W.
No contest...The One and only V!
Susan T.
22. kidsue99
Tall, dark and sexy....hands down, Vishous is my pick.
23. ShellyLovesVampires
Vishous all the way ! He's smart and strong and totally dedicated the brotherhood, everything you could ask for
24. jax75
It's got to be V all the way! Butch is a good guy, but V is...well Vishous. :D
Laura Cummins
25. jax75
Grrr...I forgot to login before responding.

V, always V. :)
26. Callysta
V all the way , he is beyond sexy, love him!
Clare 2e
27. clare2e
I love the V smarts and twisted twisty-ness that tortures him even when he's not in actual restraints. But Butch... so tough when surrounded with beings who could break him, and of course...GO SOX!
30. Tracy Lynskey
if V is in the market for another shellan... he can come and knock on my door anytime
Maria Smith
31. TexasBookLover
I love both of these boys but again...V wins this hands down or should I say with the power of his scary ass hand (if they ever were to go head to head)!

Personally I think instead of fighting they should just kiss and get down to a whole other sort of business!
32. evie73
YES V ALL THE WAY BABY!! I am so into V it's crazy somethin bout that man just does it....BUT I also luv Butch to pieces....can't lose with this one
33. Rabbit
It's gotta be V! What can I say? Tall, dark, handsome and ......Vishous!
Margaret Sholders
34. celticmaggie
It's V all the way. No one should have been so alone and misunderstood so long. Even if he didn't help any. Go V!!!
35. dragonwagon
I love them both!!!, but is has to be V, cause our boys wouldn't have thier advanced tech equipment or their BA daggers, and he's just sooo misunderstood! V is the man true?
36. itzkismet
Vishous! Has to be Vishous .. I've been devoted since he expected the three word answer, "yes, my liege." ::sigh:: if only ...
Carrie Strickler
37. DyslexicSquirrel
I love V, but Butch has always had a special place in my heart. He wormed his way in and pushed everyone else out, the little alchie. He's got this alpha male vibe and this F-you attitude, but on the inside, he's a big, squishy bear. My type of guy.

So, Butch gets my vote.

That being said, though, Butch's and V's bromance is the hottest thing ever.
Jamie Murawski
38. jamielynn
Oh this is hard! Instead of fighting can't they just do something more... loving together. *sigh* But I guess if I have to choose I'm going to choose V cause I love him.
Michele Rathbun
39. Murrrmaiyd
Don't get me wrong, I love me some Butch, he totally rocks and together they are the hottest couple in the whole but...

V is totally my man, he has been since his first appearance in Dark Lover and the love has only grown as the series has grown. Vishous rules!!!
shae Lucas
40. mslucas73
There are things that I love about both of them.
Yes, Butch was human, a descendant of Wrath, and can destroy a lesser!
Vishous, on the other hand, is a major and gorgeous butt- kicker, with a
killer hand. Thing is, he has a magnificent
and heart (his love for Jane is awesome!). There can't be one without
the other. They are best friends and Butch has to have to heal Vishous
after destroying a lesser to heal him. So, I lean towards Vishous as
being my favorite, even though I do love Butch. There are a few reasons:
Vishous accepted Butch although he was human, and forged a bond with
him from the start. He believed that Butch would not forsake the
Brotherhood when he was taken, when no one else was sure. He helps Butch
every time he needs him, and also helped him through the change. Most
of all, even though V had deeper feelings for Butch, he put his
happiness and future with Marissa above the feelings that he had. So,
like I said, although I love them both, V has a little bit of an edge
and I pick him!!
42. Janet H
Vishous---Always! V is just my type.
Cathy Sprouse
43. csprouse
It's really hard to say but I would have to go with Butch just because he's Butch. He is so different from the rest and really a nice guy. You've got to love how he handles all of this.
Jamie Kline
44. JamesterCK
I'm going with Butch on this one! I loved the fact that he was embraced by the brotherhood and he was able to hang with them. It takes a tough guy to do that and I thought his story was awesome!
45. MJKane
Hmmm...tough call. V is cool, smart and if your down for a walk on the wild side, then he's man! But my vote goes to Butch. He's tought, no nonsense kinda guy who's not affraid of anything. My favorite scene was when he was ready to take on Rhage and the entire Brotherhood knowing he'd die and not giving a flying flip. Leathal as a human but even deadlier once a Vampire. Butch is the man for me!
Sara Bauernschmidt
46. SueB
V. Only V. Because smart and tortured gets me every time.
Orin Matei
47. orin
How to choose!
Both so Gorgeous.

But I choose Vishous. I love the tats!
48. andrea maurer
come on. i'm a therapist by day and twisted in the sheets by nite. i adore butch bc he saved beth's life by getting her to wrath and bc MY MAN V loves him. but for me this is a no brainer.

Vishous. could someone pass me a fan please....
Shannon Houlahan
49. Shan_h
OMG it has to be V.... I love Butch but V has it all, that sexy bad boy vibe, great fighter, smart and the tattoos!!!!. But it was how he is with Jane that really makes him awesome. Tall dark and HOT!!!
50. cye
Can't have one without the other but I'm a Butch lover. I loved that as a human, he was just as tough as them. Mostly, his loyalty towards the BDB won me over in a heartbeat.

Butch baby!!
52. Lme
VISHOUS has a ki nk I could definitely get into!
Number one!
53. kfr33man
Oh, sooo not fair!!! I think I have to go w/ V on this one. I think the bi vibe is hot, and I just have a picture of him in my head that never goes away....thank goodness.
54. SLion
Butch may bring the streets to this fight but V is going to bring all those years fighting his way out of the camps. He is the better fighter, the better survivor, and regardless of how he feels, he will have no problem putting Butch on the mat.
55. darkwench
Hmm gotta be V - he needs nurturing in a big way but don't think the picture does him justice. Not what I would have picked! Having just finished the latest issue from the warden I am definitely leaning towards V even more out of all the brothers. Yum xxx
56. squirrel
I am not sure who would win, but dayum that would be seriously fun to watch....I just need time to pick up a six pack, some limes, a cooler, ice, some funyuns, a umbrella ( I am a Wellsie redhead) and a lawn chair and I am in like flynn.
57. elizabeth santiago
Although Butch is awesome....V hands down has won my heart......
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