Mar 29 2011 9:00am

KhageMatchh: Final KhageMatchh!

It has come to this: the Final KhageMatchh, the Winner-Takes-All Event, the Time when Muscular Bros face off against Muscular Bros.

Wrath, Vishous, Rhage, or Zsadist; which one reigns supreme over the Black Dagger Brotherhood?


Read the Final KhageMatchh  and then tell us which of the Brothers has won your heart by commenting below.

And by being a registered user who leaves a comment, you'll also be entered to for a chance to win a Heroes & Heartbreakers water bottle plus a $10 Starbucks gift card! We'll randomly draw a name from the registered commenters who've got comments time-stamped by 3/29 midnight tonight (PST).

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Editor's Note, 3/30/11: Congratulations to KhageMatchh Final winner ZSADIST and #4 BUMPINKAY!  Send an email to info[at]heroesandheartbreakers[dotcom] to claim your prize.

Let's review, shall we?

About Wrath, Darlynne comments that he's a “a reluctant hero, the one who leads because he must, not because he seeks the power and glory. Long live the Blind King.” Smexys_sidekick says simply, “Wrath owns me heart and soul,” while AmberG raves: “Love my Wrath!! He'd win against anyone~he is better equipped because he has to use his other senses because of his eyesight, which has made him stronger.”



Vishous won his match because, as Aurora_0811 says, “Vishous is deep, dark and fiercely loyal. He's been tortured both physically and emotionally but loves his brothers and their families. He's the 'bad boy with the heart of gold' that women love plus a hard candy shell you want to break through. Plus you know he's never going to be vanilla or boring in anything...EVER.” KissofDeath raves, “He's dark & tortured, plus he has the whole S&M thing going on.” And Pottridge adds, “Vishous lights my fire.”

For Rhage, Clare2E says, “Rhage's beauty is so much tastier because of the monster he knows lurks inside—not baggage—a real clawed, scaled, fire-breathing monster that torches what it sees without thought or remorse. Carrying a killing machine inside that fantabulous exterior which allows him to appreciate the deeper beauty of strength within a survivor like Mary? Who doesn't love that? Rhage is powerful, dangerous, and he likes your scars.” Orin raves, “Drop dead gorgeous AND a great sense of humour. Oh and throw in has to have lots of sex...Rhage all the way!”

And Zsadist won his match because, as barkergirl says, Zsadist “is the most mentally, emotionally, and physically tough brother-with the best taste in music&love when his playful/joking side comes out.” Kfr33man comments, “Although it's very hard to choose between the two, I'd have to go w/ Z. I love that he overcame so many horrible obstacles and finally allowed himself to have some love and joy.” Many commenters got all swoony over how much Z loves Bella and their daughter, Nalla. 

So now is the toughest choice you might have to make as a Black Dagger Brotherhood fan—which Brother is your choice to take the title? Which huge, sexy, tattooed vampire menace will win top bragging rights back at Black Dagger Central?

Now's the time, all; comment below, and we'll announce the winning Brother tomorrow. The gloves are off (and we're not just talking about Vishous' hand). Feel us? Go vote!  And as an added bonus, we'll randomly select a commenter to win a Heroes & Heartbreakers water bottle plus a $10 Starbucks gift card.  (Comments must be time-stamped by midnight 3/29 PST to win.)  

Images from our Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting post.

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Catherine Shepherd
1. Catherine Shepherd
Would have to be V for me as he still has a long way to go sorting his Stuff out and you know more V is a good thing!
2. SuzanneJohnson
I have to go with V -- he has the hand, he has the visions, he has the pain tolerance. And he's just plain HOT. Bring 'em on.
3. ShellyLovesVampires
After everything it still has to be Zsadist purely because his love conquers all, he was inthe dark for so long , he deserves a little light. Awwwww
5. SLion
This is really a tough one, now isn't it....
I am going to have to say the finalist will be Rhage because he will morph into the beast and it takes all the brothers to defeat that thing combined. He sort of has an unfair advantage with it inside him, but that's how it rolls.
Karen Molinaro
6. Karen Molinaro
I keep going back to V's book: I love his intelligence, and his S&M tendencies leave me HOT and wanting more of him!!! I love his tortured soul and his ability to love both Jane & Butch. In every book, I want to know more & more about V!
Jamie Kline
7. JamesterCK
I will always pick Zsadist!! He's a survivor and been through a lot and finally was able to find happiness. I just fell in love with him right away!
Peggy Lawson
8. girliegrrrrl
Although I love ALL of the brothers, Zsadist holds the largest space in my heart! Each book that gave a glimpse of Z left me dying to hear more about him. I couldn't wait to see this character evolve. When Lover Awakened was finally released, I wanted to read it over and over! I love that he is such a hard @$$ and yet can be so gentle and passionate. His scars add more character and edge to the sexy man beneath and do not take away from his appeal. In my opinion the most challenging guys are the best anyway...it may be tough to get through to them but it is so worth it once you do!
9. ChelseaMueller
I suppose this should be hard, but it isn't. Zsadist. Hands-down. His story is where the series took a deeper emotional turn for me. Plus, like you mentioned above, I get all swoony over his overwhelming love for Bella and Nalla.

11. JenRenee
Got to be Z. The others are great, don't get me wrong. But,Z's ability to overcome his past just makes this " bad boy with a heart of gold" even more sexy! ( And what woman doesn't want to tame the bad boy?)
Jennifer sines
12. jenrenee
Got to be Z! the others are grea,t don't get me wrong. But, Z's ability to overcome his pastjust makes this "bad boy with a heart of gold" even more sexy! ( and what woman doesn't want to tame the bad boy?)
Barbara Jones
13. bimmergrl
Well, I love all of the Brothers but when the glove comes off it's none other than Vishous who'll be victorious! V gets my vote every time! :)
14. Callysta
Very hard to choose between Z and V....I love them both.
But Zsadist was my first, his story touched me the most, and though I like my lovin` rough , V`s penchant for S&M is a bit too much. But damn, he`s hot! Zsadist wins!
15. lairdutemp
Your asking everyone to make a hard decision. Eash one of the BDB has a special place in everyones hearts. BUT for me I would always have to come back to Zsadist.
16. camemomma
That is a tough one! I love all of them so much, but out of everyone I love Zsadist the most.
Susan T.
17. kidsue99
That is so not fair...I can't believed you asked to choose between 4 awesome guys. Hands down Zsadist does it for me.
Teri Stanley
19. Teriannestanley
Z, no...V...no...Z...ummm...VZ? ZV?
okay, Zsadist. The whole beauty and the beast thing totally works for me.
andrea maurer
20. perasia
i'm so torn between z and v. and isn't there irony in their names? the therapist in me loves that they both came from such tortured backgrounds and are such loyal protectors of their entire race. i love that v is able to allow himself to love both butch and jane. i am so in awe of the changes z made to be with bella and to be a father to nalla. and the way he grew to love phury.
must i really decide?????????

i think i must say z. only because i met him first. i'm sorry v. you know i still love you.

zsadist it is
Carrie Strickler
21. DyslexicSquirrel
I have to go with V. Besides the fact that he's his own sweet, wonderful, ass-kicking, rip-your-head-off-if-you-look-at-him -wrong self, he is the second half of my favorite non-coupley couple (a.k.a. Butch and V).

Plus there's the whole he's a genius thing. Smart is totally sexy.
Maria Smith
22. TexasBookLover
Wow...I am shocked that not one vote so far has gone to the King!. Well that isn't changing with me...I love them all but if I can only pick one I have to go with Z! Everything he has over come to be with his girls...
23. barkergirl
IT'S ZSADIST HANDS DOWN! He's been my guy from the 1st sentence! At first he fought with live or die toughness-he had so much bottled up! Then Bella with nice&nasty tough love 'saved' him(and Mary was amazing helping him!). Now he is the TOP BROTHER because he has a family to protect and made peace with his brother and will do anything for Phury/Cormia& the girls. So Z who has a family and new view on life will fight with all he has and then some&more!
Megan Frampton
24. MFrampton
I gotta represent for a Brother with worse eyesight than mine: Wrath. Love him, love how he rules (rowr!)
Linda Ertley
25. Linda Ertley
It's soooo hard to choose just one.
But, all things considered, Wrath has to get my top vote. I fell for him first and hardest, and stil have a soft spot in my heart for the Blind King.
26. Susan in AZ
Wrath will always be king of the hotties for me. His hotness rules!
Shannon Houlahan
27. Shan_h
Oh god, how do I choose!!! V is all dark, brooding and sexy, Wrath is the king after all, Z is the tortured soul and Rhage georgous, sexy and dnagerous.
I have to go with Rhage. He has the looks, the bad boy attitude and the soft romatic heart. How do you beat all of that!!!
Rhage all the way!
28. lapointe20js
ZZZZZ Luv me some Z. He will always have a special place in my heart. He is so tortured, but let himself love again. He is just special.
Rachel Hyland
29. RachelHyland
V! V! V!

That is all.

(Although, if Rehvenge were here...)
Megan Frampton
30. MFrampton
@RachelHyland At last! A fellow Rehv fan! Gotta admit, he's my absolute favorite. Le sob.
31. Jenny J
Zsadist, all the way -- the first of the brothers to make me cry. And it was his story that turned the series from a "guilty pleasure" into a pleasure I feel no guilt about, whatsoever :D
32. krjpy1
They are all tough SOBs, but in the end, none of them really ever wants to take on Rhage's beast, so in a fight Rhage's alterego takes the match.
33. TVChop
Totally have to go with Zsadist! He has overcome so much and it is amazing how much he and Bella love each other. Totally Z!
36. Jessica C.
He's the bees knees. period.
37. LynnB
V! He is just so totally hard-core and kick-a! HOT.
38. Juleebabee
I love them all...but....I'm gonna have to vote for Wrath. He was the first of the Brothers we got to meet & know and every time he's mentioned in later books I get a little tingle of "yay...more Wrath!" - wish he played a bigger part in everyone else's stories so i can get more of him! lol. Without Wrath we wouldn't have Beth (who's so far my favorite female). So Wrath all the way!!
39. lsnhs
has to be rhage. he's the man but with a beast within.
Kelly Warner
41. cajunyankeechic
Although I love each Brother for their unique personalities and stories, I have to go with Vishous! He IS the complete triple threat....a face that makes you want to pant with desire, an IQ that's off the charts and FIERCE loyalty to those he loves and you cannot beat that!! Being the badass that he is, his softer side is so freaking SEXY as well!

( But I have to agree with Rachel....V versus Rev would be interesting too)
42. SLion
I love Z!!! He is so the man.
44. Nikita
John Matthew for me....(Darius) been through so much with watching his children from afar and then dying and returning Mute...I think he is one of the toughest SOB's and I LOVE him!!!!!
Mary Wallace
47. MMx4
was that too subtle!!
Yeah V
Mary Wallace
48. MMx4
Although I don't like the V you guys have picked out but to each his own!!
Mary Wallace
49. MMx4
Although I don't like the V you guys have picked out but to each his own!!
51. thatsnicebkw
I can't and won't choose. I love them all and to me they are all winners. Wrath being king is not easy to begin with but his blindness helps him see what others don't. Rhage to live with his beast and then to keep it when he didn't have too, courage. Zsadist such a gentle man even with all that rage and hurt inside. Vishous such a sexual creature who can resist. Phury such a tormented soul but wouldnt you have liked to have been the one to take his virginity. Then there is Butch, love him. Lastly there is Revhenge and all the others John Matthew (Darius), Thorment, Qhuinn, Blaylock and looks like Murhder will be making an appearance possibly. I hope these heros continues for a long time.
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