Mar 17 2011 1:00pm

Irish Corned Beefcake: Celebrating Irish Hotties

Now that you've had your Irish Morning Coffee, what say you to some corned beefcake for lunch? After all, what is St. Patrick's Day if not the perfect opportunity to take a little time to objectify celebrate the gorgeous bods fine attributes of our favorite Irish (and semi-Irish) celebrities?

Jonathan Rhys Meyers demonstrates why he's the #1 reason to watch The Tudors (making a couple H&H team members swoon). . . .








Aidan Turner's not that impressed at being included, but then, he gets to use his real accent (swoon!) on the UK's Being Human. . . .



Liam Neeson looks worried that he wouldn't make the list, but he needn't have given it a thought: we're still Taken with him. . . .



As for Peter O'Toole, we all kinda melt when we glimpse those blue, blue eyes.





When it comes to Pierce Brosnan's inclusion, we've got just 2 words for you: James Bond. Oh, and Thomas Crown. So, OK, 4 words. Still: 'Nuff said. . . .







Oscar Wilde enjoys the company of all these attractive countrymen.









Some may wonder how Jamie Bamber made the list, but his mother is Irish, OK? That totally counts! . . .




McDreamy thinks being part Irish is plenty good enough to join the crowd. (Patrick Dempsey's not 100% Irish either, after all . . .)









Robert Downey, Jr.'s only a quarter Irish, so he certainly doesn't have much room to complain. . . .



Young Robert Redford is vastly amused he's even made the list, 'cause he's cool like that.








Did your favorite Irish hotties make the list? Who did we leave out? Sound off in the comments!

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Donna Cummings
1. Donna Cummings
Lovely, just lovely. But I don't see Colin Farrell on there--which is fine. I have plans for him today. LOL
2. Taragel
Well top of the morning to you, too! Nice list. I'd leave a more intelligent comment but I'm having trouble tearing my eyes away from the...uh...hip dents. ;)
Virginia Campbell
3. VirginiaCampbell
Two more words about Pierce Brosnan: Remington Steele!

Even more words: Magically Delicious ; )
5. wand3rlust
Yay Jamie Bamber! I support this completely. And Liam Neeson = amazing. Always. :)

I'm thinking you forgot Cillian Murphy though.
Stephanie Treanor
6. Streanor
SWOOON for Jonathan :) i love that he's #1

Jamie Bamber?! ugh If i could post pictures in comments would have included a snapshot of him in BSG wearing his fat suit... i believe his true identity. Imagine with me
Reshma Dave
7. ReshmaDave81
Happy St. Patty's Day!

This is so yummy! A great way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Love that Jamie Bamber made the cut.:)
Heather Waters
8. HeatherWaters
@Donna Cummings -- I can't BELIEVE we left out Colin Farrell! I swear he was in the first draft.

@ Taragel -- Mmm, hip dents. I completely understand. ;)

@ Virginia C -- Well said!

@wand3rlust -- Yay Jamie! We were divided on Cillian Murphy, to be honest. Personally, I must confess I find him a little creepy after his roles in Batman and Red Eye. I was biased!

@Streanor -- That's right: Jamie Bamber, baby! You're just jealous that Trucco didn't make the list (and by "the list" I mostly mean "my list," yes, lol). :P
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
@ReshmaDave81 -- Same to you! Glad you enjoyed. :) (Bambi!!!)
Rachel Hyland
10. RachelHyland
Delicious! Loved the tenuous grasping at Irishness... it's exactly what everyone does on St. Patrick's Day!

But... no Kenneth Branagh fans? True, he's from Northern Ireland, but they love their Shamrock Day there, too! And just think of him in Dead Again, Peter's Friends, Much Ado About Nothing and... oh, man, he was incedible... Henry V! He even did Gilderoy Lockhart some good in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Truly a magnificent specimen of manhood.

And, yeah, Colin Farrell. What was up with that?
11. Janet W
I'm up with what Virginia C said ... but even before Remington Steele, oh swoon, the mini-series that brought him to our eyes: The Manions of America.
12. Wendovescri
Needs more Micheal Fassbender or Fassbendmeover if you're nasty!
14. Santa
Lovely. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing!
donna kenney
15. donna ann
thanks for the wonderful "company" while I ate my beef & cabbage ;) made dinner much more enjoyable ;)
16. amanda mccabe
LOL! Love the St. Patty's Day eye candy. I actually watch "The Tudors" for Henry Cavill, but I'm not picky :)
Clare 2e
17. clare2e
I'm big ups for Cillian Murphy-- I like them complicated. However, if it's Irish slabs of ab-tastic we seek, where's the Ryan Reynolds? Jamie Bamber's a lock for most awkward towel placement, but you're not even putting in all the comp-ab-tition so I can properly judge. I think I may need a topless Brosnan from the Remington Steele days, too. Just to be fair.
Wendy the Super Librarian
18. SuperWendy
Ditto Colin Farrell - although I'm slightly ashamed of myself given his reputation, but whatever.

Swoon, Cillian Murphy. If having the hots for the Scarecrow is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

And hello? One of the hottest Irish hotties around? Gabriel Byrne. ::drool::
Alie V
19. ophelial
ITA with you on Colin Farrell. If he could just tame his 'wild' behaviour and swearing all the time, he'd be perfect.
Aliza Mann
20. AlizaMann
I didn't know all my boyfriends were hanging out of here! I would have been here yesterday instead of drinking green beer!
@Team H&H, great job on those pics! *In pictorial heaven :-)*
Rakisha Kearns-White
21. BrooklynShoeBabe
Ditto Colin Farrell - although I'm slightly ashamed of myself given his reputation, but whatever.

I'm not at all ashamed. Colin Farrell definitely should have been on this list. However, let me let out a loud WHOOP for Reminigton Steele, a.k.a Pierce.
23. Hannah1975
You missed Jamie Dornan!
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