Mar 22 2011 5:00pm

Harry Potter Virgin Club Announcement

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. RowlingWe have a confession. Two of us here at H&H (lizmaverick and myself, redline_) missed the Harry Potter boat. Big time. As in, we’ve never even made it through the first book.

When we were told that this is our last chance to experience a piece of the excitement in real-time along with the rest of the universe before it's too late  (after all, the second half of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows heads to the big screen on July 15, 2011), we knew we had to give ol’ Harry another shot.

With that in mind, Liz and I have decided to read all 7 books in the series before the release of the last movie, posting along the way. Our prefect, streanor (Treanor, trainer—see what we've got going with the wordplay? We are so Rowling.), has already promised to help whip us into proper Harry fangirls.

So if you missed the boat too (and surely we’re not alone out there—right?!) and have always wondered what all the fuss was about, or even if you’ve read HP countless times and just want to relive the story, we invite you to join us on our little adventure by reading and discussing with us.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go grab a copy of the first book. The first official meeting of the Harry Potter Virgin Club is just around the corner.

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Donna Cummings
1. Donna Cummings
I haven't read them either, but I'm not sure I can squeeze in any more reading material at this point! LOL I'll remain noncommittal for now, with the option to jump in when I see how much fun I'm missing. :)
Natasha Carty
2. WickedLilPixie
Add me to the list girls, I haven't read them either. Maybe we should have a Team H&H Summer Reading Club JUST for HP.
3. ReaderCarolyn
I said I was going to do this, too. It was my plan to start reading them after the first half came out, but I haven't yet. I know I can read them in that time, but there are so many other books that will be out during that time, too. It's not that I don't want to, but it just hasn't happened. Yeah, it looks like there's a group of us that would have to support each other in this endeavor.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
Count me in, once you reach Book 5. I stopped after 4, and would like to finally get to the romance-y stuff.
Liz Maverick
5. Liz Maverick
@Donna We'll see if we can recruit you.

@WickedLilPixie Yay! Now go dig up one of the millions of used copies of Book 1 (mine's all yellow and gross, but I refused to buy a new one.)

@ReaderCarolyn We can do this! If not now, never!

@MFrampton We'll get back to you after we've slogged through the first half. I'd like to get to the romance too.
Liz Maverick
6. Liz Maverick
@MFrampton We'll get back to you after we've slogged through the first have. I'd like to get to the romance too.
7. wrytersblock
Count me in, as a retraced. I've reread the series before each movie release (from 4 on) but didn't do it prior to DH1 release. Been meaning to read through them again before DH2 is released. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone's opinions are. :)
Keira Soleore
8. KeiraSoleore
I ADORED the first book. I liked the movie, too. The second book was fun, too, but the movie was so-so. I felt the movie that nothing new to develope and just sort of fell flat until the end when it got exciting. I stopped after book 3 or book 4. I didn't feel enough of a forward motion urging me to read more. Perhaps the discussion here will make me change my mind?!
9. Kim in Hawaii
I missed the first boat, too, and will miss the second. I'll wave from the docks as you set sail on a very ambitious ride.

I'll wave from the Harry Potter World at Universal Studios (as we are visiting Orlando this summer). Although I have read the books or seen the movies, I'm sure we'll enjoy the 60 seconds of thrill after a 60 minute wait!
Myretta Robens
10. Myretta
Here's my recommendation: audiobooks. Jim Dale does an extraordinary job of reading the Harry Potter series, giving each character an individual and totally on-target voice. The only book of the series I've read is the last (because I couldn't wait long enough to listen) but I have listened to the series on tape numerous times. Good books, great reader.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@wrytersblock -- Yay! I'm sure streanor will be glad to have fellow fans to help keep us newbies in line.

@KeiraSoleore -- That's so interesting! Liz and I have been hearing that book 4 is when we'll probably really get sucked in because of the relationships (which I have to admit is the part I'm most looking forward to, honestly).

@Kim in Hawaii -- Ha ha, thank you! And hey, I've been to Harry Potter World! I used to live a couple hours away. It was PACKED and much smaller than I expected, but really, really neat, even to someone who hadn't read the books. Have fun!

@Myretta -- Thanks for the rec! Great to know you enjoyed the narrator so much.
Stephanie Treanor
12. Streanor
Truly excited for this to happen! Also looking forward to seeing everyone's opinions and views.

I know we have already had a couple of really interesting conversations here in the office.. but we will save it all for our next post!
Sarah Bowles
13. LuigiGirlNZ
I've read all of them, but I will be joining you both on your journey by re-reading them all too :D
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