Mar 30 2011 1:00am

For The Love Of . . . The 2011 Three Musketeers Trailer

Pardon us while we squee; The Three Musketeers, Alexandre Dumas's swashbuckling (like, really, how many swashes can they buckle?!?) tale updated with such actors as Matthew Macfadyen (clearly not the best Darcy, but still), Ray Stevenson (Rome's Titus Pullo), Christoph Waltz (Inglorious Basterds), Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale's Le Chiffre), Orlando Bloom (excellent eye candy, even if not always so compelling, actor-wise), plus Milla Jovovich as the villainess? (Logan Lerman, the cute kid from Percy Jackson's Lightning Thief, plays D'Artagnan).

How can we not squee?

Yes, the trailer makes it look kinda cheesy, but honestly, Dumas's tale is a total devil-may-care boy's adventure tale, albeit set in 17th century France. So in that way the resulting film should be just as joyous and over-the-top, and this trailer promises that.

Which Musketeer is your favorite? Which version of Dumas's romp brought to film have you liked, if any?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
I'll take Orlando any day and Matthew though not the best Darcy had me at MI-5 so I'm in.
Donna Cummings
2. Donna Cummings
It looks a little more like "Three Matrixteers" -- LOL -- but I'll definitely go see it. I love anything with costumes. My fave will still be the Michael York version. The humor was such a fun part of that.
Myretta Robens
3. Myretta
A little heavy on the CGI, no? But MacFadyen, while not the best Darcy, could possibly be the best Athos.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
Oliver Reed is not likely ever to be surpassed, for me, as Athos, but I am willing to see Macfadyen take a stab at it.
Robin Bradford
5. RobinBradford
I will, literally, watch Ray Stevenson in ANY. THING. Anything. Perhaps, I should say EVERYthing. Have I mentioned how much I love him? :-) His light, for me, has dimmed since he left Spooks. I have no love for Orlando. But, can we talk some more about Ray Stevenson?
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
YES, I love Ray Stevenson. Watched The Punisher, even, just for him. And he's in the new Thor! With Idris! And Tadanobu (Asano), whom I also love.
Yes, I am going to see this 3M movie, even with CGI and Matrix-y effects.
Charli Mac
7. CharliMac
O.M.G. I just squeed in my pants.

Three hot adult males for moi.

One youngin' for my teenage daughter.

Bloom and the Resident Evil chick, bonus.

All this is 3D?

I will be there, drooling in my nachos.
Robin Bradford
8. RobinBradford
@MFrampton our similarities would be scary if I didn't like it so much.
Virginia C
9. Virginia C
I am a huge fan of Dumas! My mother and I loved the 1973 film version of "The Three Musketeers", which starred Michael York as "d'Artagnan", Oliver Reed as "Athos", Frank Finlay as "Porthos", and Richard Chamberlain as "Aramis". The stellar supporting cast included Charlton Heston, Faye Dunaway, Christopher Lee, and Racquel Welch. When Mama and I agreed on anything, it had to be something special! We also loved the sequel, "The Four Musketeers" : )

My favorite Werewolf (and my Mom's,too) is the damned and doomed Leon from the 1961 British film "The Curse of the Werewolf". Oliver Reed (Burnt Offerings, The Three Musketeers) is powerfully compelling as Leon, a young man destined to be a werewolf due to the evil circumstances of his birth. If you are a true Were fan, you must see this film. Awesome!
Keira Soleore
10. KeiraSoleore
I'm a HUGE fan of Dumas. In my childhood I read every version of this book from a picture book to an unabridged doorstopper. I was fascinated! So a new movie adaptation of the novel? I'm in! And with Matthew MacFadyen? Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh......
Virginia C
11. CynthiaMN
I have to agree with VirginiaC. The 1973 version is my favorite, but I haven't found one I don't like.

Thanks for this preview! Another movie added to the list for this year! HOT DOG!!!
Virginia C
12. CindyS
I'm just taking a moment to enjoy a kick-ass evil broad - I love the Milla Jovovich!!

And a big YES for Ray Stevenson - Loved him in Rome but then I loved all the actors in ROME

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