Mar 18 2011 9:20am

For The Love Of . . . Sweat?!?

So perhaps you've heard of the 13-year-old Ohioan boy who makes “Mancans,” which are candles that emit 'manly odors.' Scents include New York Style Pizza; Gear Head, which smells like an auto garage; Cracker Jacks; Grandpa's Pipe and Sawdust.

Which got us to thinking: You know how in romances the heroes always have a scent, some unique combination of leather, woodsmoke and sweat (women invariably smell like lavender, not like bacon, as men would undoubtedly prefer)?

Sweat? Have you ever smelled your guy after he's been in the gym? And have you ever thought to yourself, 'ooh, baby, NOW he smells like something I'd like to get down with?'

No. We thought not. So what would you like your guy to smell like?

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Stephanie Treanor
1. Streanor
Irish spring soap and laundry detergent... i'm the opposite i love a clean hot soapy man :)
2. SharonS
whatever it is that the Black Dagger Brotherhood emit when they are bonding ;)
Keira Soleore
3. KeiraSoleore
Bathed. Soap no bar. :)
Charli Mac
4. CharliMac
Um, whatever Matthew has goin' on in this pic. I wants to smell lots of that, thank you very much.

Seriously, my man takes me back old school on occasion with some Drakkar Noir. Reminds of our making out days and he gets pretty lucky with that.
5. wand3rlust
Yep, ITA with Streanor. I'm on board witht he clean soap smelling man too. No heavy cologne or anything like that, maybe a small hint on a nice date, but for every day - soap is the most enticing smell to me.

6. Evie73
BDB pheromones...specially V's luv to get wrapped up in that scent
7. AJ Wilson
@Streanor-Irish Springs is heavenly ...

Swiss Army, just a dab after a shower. There is nothing more terrible than a heavily scented man.

Sweat, ick, gross. But leather, smoke, not cigarettes, but woodsmoke from a campfire, ahhhh ...
Virginia Campbell
8. VirginiaCampbell
I met the love of my life when I was sixteen. He was a friend of a friend, and at first I thought he was just a smart-aleck. However, it didn’t take me long to realize that he was more, much more! He was tall and slim, and he had thick, wavy golden blonde hair and the most beautiful green eyes ever! He smelled better than any man I’ve ever met, and for years I could think of him and instantly smell his scent. It was a wonderful combination of man and musky cologne.
Alie V
9. ophelial
It makes sense that authors make men sweaty. Sweat releases
pheromones which make us chemically interested in others.
10. JillSorenson
I like sweat. Hardworking men should get sweaty! Anxious sweat and unwashed skin doesn't smell nice, but a clean man with nice sweaty muscles is a beautiful thing.

Agree with #9. I've heard that the "right" sweat attracts a woman. Your ideal physical mate is supposed to smell good to you, even sweaty. I rather like the smell of my husband's armpit, but it might be his Old Spice deodorant I'm reacting to...
11. PennyRomance
I don't like cologne on is too prissy and effeminate. I can't think of anything nicer than a hot, sweaty guy just finishing up his gym work-out. Scrum-diddly-icious. Natural, masculine, yum-yum.

Although I do draw the line at New York Style Pizza. That's a little bit too manly, even for me.
12. Susan in AZ
Sweat: not so much. Especially not if he's been eating Fritos (trust me on the yuck factor there!)
Clean perspiration mixed with a manly-type soap (like sandalwood)... Yum. Men also tend to smell like shampoo - I guess they don't rinse well enough when they want to get out, dry off, and get to wherever you are. Go figure.

I really don't care for most men's colognes. I find them too heavy with Musk, which doesn't "go" with most men anyway.
13. Lax
Lets not be too quick to judge cologne now. Not all are disgusting. Some are light and smell like soap.
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