Mar 24 2011 12:00am

For The Love Of . . . A Smokin’ Hot Captain America

The trailer for Captain America (in theaters July of this year) came out late last night, and while comic book people are no doubt analyzing exactly what Red Skull looks like in the movie adaptation, and which version of Captain America's trusty little shield (apparently there are several permutations) the one in the film is supposed to be, etc., etc., we're interested in something else; namely, the hawtness.

Specifically, the ugly duckling transformation of wimpy kid Steve Rogers into the powerhouse that is Captain America. Take a gander 1:23 in to get a prurient eyefull.

Oh, and Historical Hottie (North And South, Robin Hood) Richard Armitage plays a villain, Heinz Kruger (is his name a dead giveaway, or what?), but even villains can be smokin'. Just FF to 1:39 to see what we're talking about.

Now are you going to go see Captain America when it hits theaters?

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
I'll be there front and center. Love me some Chris Evans and Richard Armitage!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
My son saw the trailer last night and seems, thank goodness, interested in seeing this (he refused to see Clash of the Titans with me, the picky kid. Not that he wasn't right, but still).
Donna Cummings
3. Donna Cummings
Dang! I wish that transformational pod thing was real. Definitely liked the "after" version. :) And Richard Armitage of course--before, during, after. LOL
Debra Delorme
4. whalehugger
I've been wanting to see this one. I'm a Hugo Weaving fan and hearing that he was going to be the Red Skull (I admit it, I love villains ) was what really got me hooked. If you'd like to see what the Skull is going to look like, check out here...

I love a villain in leather!! :D
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