Mar 10 2011 9:28am

For The Love Of . . . Passionate Poultry?

Chickens are not crossing the road like mindless mechanopeeps; new research finds that chickens can feel lust and love.

Clearly, the reason they are braving the traffic is to . . . well, there's a yolk in there somewhere.


Photo courtesy of Lip Kee.

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Liz Maverick
1. Liz Maverick
Which means chickens also experience unrequited love. Eggscrutiating.
Robin Bradford
3. RobinBradford
@lizmaverick I am so angry at you for making me laugh at that.
Kim in Hawaii
5. Kim in Hawaii
I have no doubt they feel lust ... as feral chickens are quite populous throughout the islands, even in the Walmart parking lots.
Liz Maverick
6. Liz Maverick
@mframpton @robinbradford @charlimac
"Cluck me now, baby!"

@Kim FERAL chickens? That's like a bad horror movie.
Saundra Peck
7. sk1336
Key West protects their feral chickens!!! Rather like their Hemingway cats (which are also protected but sooo adorable with their 5 toed feet), the chickens do their worst (to people, cars and tourists) knowing they will suffer NO consequences.... So they swagger about, like arrogant terrorists who never have to hide. They are scary!
Charli Mac
8. CharliMac
@kim @liz Oh the horror...Feral chickens! LOL. A modern day spin on HitchCOCK's birds?
Charli Mac
9. CharliMac
OMG, the new Cialis commercial..... A rooster crosses the road....stops traffic...his chicky is on the other side...waiting...winking...cue music...bow chica bow bow...
Megan Frampton
10. MFrampton
So your chickens coming home to roost takes on a whole new meaning now, doesn't it?

Sorry. Don't want to ruffle any feathers.
Regina Thorne
11. reginathorn
That certainly puts a different spin on "which came first ..."
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