Mar 11 2011 9:38am

For The Love Of . . . Men Thinking They’re Hotter Than They Are?

A recent Allure poll asked men which celebrity they thought they most resembled, and most said Brad Pitt.

Let's take a moment, shall we?

Brad Pitt. Perhaps one of the best-looking men on the planet (at least before the weird beard action), and Random Man On The Street thinks he looks like him

No wonder men think they can drive places without directions or maps, make more money than women in the same job and that nobody will notice their comb-over. Mmm-kay.

What woman—besides the Octomom—would claim to look like Angelina Jolie?

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Virginia Campbell
1. VirginiaCampbell
Only Brad Pitt really looks like Brad Pitt. Angelina Jolie looks like her brother, James, and her father, Jon Voight. Brad and Angelina apparently like each other and each other's looks well enought to keep procreating and adding to their family. It's their world, and they are welcome to it. I hope their family unit flourishes and remains intact. Do the men who think they look like Brad Pitt believe that they could capture Angelina's interest?
Kinsey Holley
2. KinseyHolley
This annoys but does not surprise me. Women, it seems to me, consistenly underrate their own attractiveness while men overrate theirs. It's a weird, sick dynamic and I'm certain it's largely the fault of the fashion/entertainment industries. I have no proof for this, but that doesn't matter...
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
I look like Julia Roberts personally.... you know from that movie America's Sweethearts when she wore the chubby suit. And she was still hot... Us chubsters rock, IMO.

Seriously, I want the guy who says he looks like Paul Gimatti, Billy Crystal, or especially Adrien Brody. In fact, I think a man like Adrien Brody is sexier. Not classicaly handsome but oh so beautiful.
Stephanie Treanor
4. Streanor
Completely agree!! Women are encouraged to think little of themselves so they can appear modest and humble. The second we have an ego and start to value our appearance we become vain and stuck up.

Bravo CharliMac! I love it! I'm going to say i look like Anne Hathaway. TAKE THAT OPRESSIVE MEN!!

And Brad Pitt.. hes so boring to me personally.. point me in the direction of Harrison Ford, Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Daniel Craig!! HOT HOT HOT
Regina Thorne
5. reginathorn
I wonder if men really think they look like Brad Pitt or they just put in the name of whoever they've been told is The Hottest Guy Alive (or something like that) or The Man Angelina Jolie Fell For So He Must Be The Hottest Guy Alive. Honestly, I think Brad looks a bit simian!
6. wsl0612
Maybe the poll respondents were referring to the incarnation of Brad Pitt with the crazy beard? I used to think he was too "boyish", but he's gotten more handsome as he's aged. He was really awesome in Benjamin Button. He could have the staying power of Robert Redford, he's certainly got the same quality of ethics (avoiding the whole cheating on Jennifer Aniston thing which as far as I'm aware is a tabloid story and therefore factually questionable).

It's weird but most men do PROJECT overconfidence which I think is how they get paid more, but almost every one I've known has self esteem issues. And lots of guys I know would answer polls with more than a degree of snark so who knows whether they were taking it all seriously or not.
Megan Frampton
7. MFrampton
My husband used to bear a passing resemblance to Eric Northman:

But they both cut his hair, and one of them isn't 6'4" of ripped Swedish muscle.

I look like Tina Fey/Sarah Palin, in an we're-all-darkhaired-women-who-wear-glasses way. Le sigh.
Louise Partain
8. Louise321
Megan, thanks for the eye candy! @reginathorn Simian! Really? Tell me what primates you've been hangin out with cause I gotta get me some of them!

My 1&O doesn't resemble Brad Pitt in the slightest and I don't have anything in common with Angelina Jolie except that we are the same sex, I think. Actually, that's like calling a female wren the same as a female bird of paradise. I wish them both well but I wouldn't want to be them. Real life is tough enough without being everyone else's fantasy.
Lisa M
9. Lisa M
Give me Sam Elliott or Mark Harmon anyday. They have that knee melting affect because they are of the smoldering, sexy class of men. They project self-confidence and self-assurance that can't be learned, it's just inherant. I love the earthiness of their acting styles too.
Lisa M
10. scentsy
Seriously!...I think all men must be born with a "I am the best looking guy ever" syndrome when they all actually look like...well normal! Looks do not make a person...I think personality ex husband looks like a troll...short, fat, and well hispanic...but when I met him I thought...well he does have a nice personality so why not! Well long story short we were together on and off for 14 years and now after he left me again I am the one who is crying...! Go figure! But when I read that post about how all men think that they look like Brad Pitt well I know from experience that they do! So moral of the story is "Think like a are beautiful, sexy, young and hot!" and keep thinking and acting like you are...two can play at this game!!!
Boys are stupid!...let's beat them at their own game!
Lisa M
11. Noelle
Hilarious! I read an article about how girls are often raised to think that their talent and qualities are innate and boys are encouraged to improve themselves. Though this doesn't apply to looks, it's just an interesting point about how men and women are still sent different messages as subtle as they may be. On another note, I'm probably one of the only ladies out there who doesn't find Brad Pitt particularly attractive. Go figure.
Lisa M
12. Bridget H
@Lisa M - I agree. Mark Harmon is yummy!
Lisa M
13. German
Well, some of us don't necessarily think we look like Brad but have been told repeatedly by different people throughtout our lives that we remind them of Brad. So it's not like any men can't be as attractive or look similar.
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