Mar 9 2011 8:06am

For The Love Of . . . A Disney Menstruation Film?

This informative little film is from 1946, which might justify some of the squick factor.

But—really, Disney? Really?

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Myretta Robens
1. Myretta
Talk about Too Much Information! But I do love the baby in heavy make-up.
2. DarleneMarshall
Many of us of a certain age recall watching similar films in the 6th & 7th grade, usually sponsored by Kotex or Modess. Boys and girls were separated, you watched the film, then the teacher was supposed to answer your questions. However, my question of "How exactly does that sperm get from the man's penis into the woman's egg?" was never adequately addressed by my teachers. Were the people standing? Sitting? Lying side-by-side? These nagging questions kept me up at night.
Liz Maverick
3. Liz Maverick
@DarleneMarshall LOL! I only vaguely remember a science film featuring gauzy shots of how egg meets sperm. We were also separated from the boys. We never got to see a film with this kind of genius, though!
Stephanie Treanor
4. Streanor
DISNEY said VAGINA!! Holy crap, I can't believe this!! There NO VAGINA'S IN DINSEY... everyone knows that :)
Natasha Carty
5. WickedLilPixie
OMFG Stephanie's comment just made me spit coffee on my keyboard! It's like there's no I in team, AHAHAHAH damnit!

Megan, wtf were you youtube'ing to come up with such genius & where can I buy a DVD copy LOL
Saundra Peck
6. sk1336
I am in SHOCK that Disney and Kotex had their names together on a film!!! What a perfect way to start the day with a get very informative info, then start in on the myths of the time... "Stop feeling sorry for yourself...model good posture so your organs can function... shower---but with water that is not too hot or not too cold!!!!" hahahahah If only I had been able to show this to my daughter! Oh wait, maybe she is following the advice RIGHT NOW!!! Don't shock your system with anything sweetie...want me to send the pamphlet "Very Personally Yours"? hahahahahahah
Jessica Turner
7. TheSpinecracker
Is anyone else worried that that baby will star in one of your nightmares very very soon? *shudders*
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
@WickedLilPixe That would be revealing my sources! But no, I was not YouTubing with the word Disney menstruation; that'd be weird.
Clare 2e
9. clare2e
@DarleneMarshall You're singing my song! All black-and white, cartoons of flowers opening, and anxious girls staring at themselves in mirrors, worried that their bobby socks wouldn't seem as pristine. I remember specifically being advised that it was okay to go outside and to indulge in activities without fear of harm.

*Which saved me from having to be carted out to the village's moon hut, imprisoned there for days and fed purifying ashes by shamed people not allowed to raise their eyes to my filth.
Natasha Carty
10. WickedLilPixie
@Megan You know you totally did google you weirdo. But only you would have found this, no wonder I love you LOL
11. DarleneMarshall
@clare2e--If we really want to date ourselves, let's talk about when we had to use belts to hold necessary items in place--AND THEY NEVER STAYED IN PLACE!
Louise Partain
13. Louise321
@ski1336 LOL! Do you think so?
@Streanor Yup! I heard it too!
14. Clare2e
@DarleneMarshall The first ones I ever ordered (a la Are You There God, It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume) totally had belts and tails and weirdness. No wings, no super-absorbency. Tragic days. I barely felt confident enough to tango and go steeplechasing like the Disney girls!
Charli Mac
15. CharliMac
HAHA! Epcot needs a menstruation ride! Can you imagine the gift shop when you exit. Grumpy PMS pills, Tinkberbell Tampons, Little Mermaid ultra absorbent maxi pads, amd of course Jack Sparrow Rum, for the really bad cramps....
Olivia Waite
16. O.Waite
"Do almost everything you normally do."

Cut to our heroine dancing with some gussied-up dude.

"We said almost everything!"

Me: ZOMG Disney film made an implicit sex reference!
Amanda Gamble
17. HeavenLeighDahl
Lol, this made my morning! All we got in Health class was badly drawn pictures on the wall, and a movie of a woman giving birth. The connection between the two was never worded just right. This was great! If only they'd thought to go to Disney backlogs.
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