Mar 2 2011 8:43am

For The Love Of . . . Improving Your Marriage By Cheating?!?

So likely you've at least heard of the adultery website,, whose slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

(and no, we're not hyperlinking. Find your own damn infidelity site by yourself).

Well, all righty then.

But, in an astonishingly oxymoronic justification, the CEO of the site offers this rationale as to why his site actually helps marriages:

“They want to stay within their marriage. That's why they're pursuing an affair. If they wanted to leave, they could leave. . . People pursuing affairs are trying to stay in their marriages.”

This kind of logic is—well, to say it's not logic is to give normal old irrationality a bad name.

Look, if you're the kind of lying, cheating bag-of-dirt who would step out on your spouse, fine. Own it. Be it. But don't pretend that there's anything more to it than your own selfishness, and that if your spouse finds out, he or she won't be devastated, with equally devastating repercussions.

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Lisa Hughey
2. LisaHughey
Only a man could come up with the rationale that he's cheating in order to save his marriage. **eye roll**
3. ReaderCarolyn
Ugh. Talk about faulty logic. If you want to get some outside your marriage, then leave your marriage. Can't get more outside than that.
Robin Bradford
4. RobinBradford
I love you baby, that's why I had to f*** someone else? Wow.
5. Alie
It's like Charlie Sheen logic lol.
Louise Partain
6. Louise321
This reminds me of some songs I have heard women sing that I thought could only have been written by men. Do you really think that way? And "Hall Pass"? Really? And you want to keep them? That is so-o-o-o not happening with my hubby. I have a gun, so keep away, girls.
romance reader
7. bookstorecat
Wow. I think I have to check out this website just to see how effed up it really is. Good thing I know how to delete my internet history.
8. Alyssa Cole
Ugh, this website makes me sick. Let's give the slimeballs an easier way to cheat. It would be awesome to set up sting operations and get these jerks to spill their guts via email, and then send the emails to their significant others.
9. rosey_o
things have been pretty rough with my hubby and me but never, not even once have I wanted to cheat. I played around with the idea of ...well you know, trying to make him jelous. Even that sounded stupid on second thoughts but yes I agree only a man would creat a websit about how to cheat to keep your
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