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Black Dagger Brotherhood Fantasy Casting!

Dark Lover by J.R. WardIn the imaginary movies of our favorite romance novels . . . who should play whom?

Dark Lover (2005)

J.R. Ward

Book 1 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

Dark Lover is the steamy story of Wrath, the brooding, tormented King of the Vampires, and the lovely half-human/half-vampire Beth, the woman he has sworn to protect. The book also introduces the Black Dagger Brotherhood—six impossibly hot warrior vampires based in small-town New York who serve as defenders of their dwindling race. Their sworn enemies are the deadly unsouled creatures known as lessers whose entire raison d’être is basically to kill as many vampires as possible. In this installment (the first of nine to date, including this month’s hotly-anticipated Lover Unleashed), Beth comes to terms with the fact that she’s a vampire, Wrath comes to terms with the fact that he’s their king, and a lesser called Mr. X (no, seriously) runs around and kills a bunch of prostitutes. Oh, and Wrath and Beth get it on. And on and on and on. Frequently, creatively, and rather explicitly.

Fantasy Casting a Black Dagger book gave us a welcome excuse to indulge in one of our favorite pastimes: meditating on the diverse assets of some of Hollywood’s most scrumptious man candy. (Did we mention that the brothers are all impossibly hot?) We’re not aware of any plans to bring these books to the screen, but if it happens, this is the lineup we’d like to see.

Sarah Lancaster as BethThe Fantasy Dark Lover Cast


Sarah Lancaster

Age: 30

Nationality: American

Known For: Chuck

Beautiful, whip-smart, much admired and more than a little lost, intrepid reporter and unknowing half-vampire Beth is a twenty-five year old virgin who wonders if maybe she might be gay. That is, until her vampire stalker/mentor/lover Wrath emphatically proves otherwise, finding in her a “female of worth” who brings light to his eternal darkness . . . and finds herself in the process.

We think Sarah Lancaster, with her sheer loveliness, air of keen intelligence, innate charm and winning, soulful gaze could carry off this multi-faceted heroine with aplomb; not only is she demonstrably gorgeous, but she has shown through her work on Chuck that she can play smart, sassy, sultry, scared and happily settled down, all Beth essentials. While more a supporting character than anything else, Lancaster has imbued her Ellie Bartowski with a complexity beyond her unfortunately limited screen time; we’ve seen sexy, loyal, protective, demanding, unreasonable, sensible and many, many Daddy Issues… all of which is also very Beth. And added to that is the sisterly affection she bestows easily upon the eponymous Chuck—exactly the kind of loving-but-firm care the brothers need from their Queen.

Also, Lancaster’s middle name is Beth! Who are we to fly in the face of such pointed serendipity?


Charles Mesure as WrathWRATH

Charles Mesure

Age: 40

Nationality: Australian

Known For: Xena: Warrior Princess, Crossing Jordan, V, and a fair amount of TV in New Zealand.

Dark, tortured, arrogant, and a bit curmudgeonly, Wrath also has a softer side that only emerges around his woman. His portrayer needs to evoke reluctant leadership, barely contained bloodsucking menace, and raw sex . . . all at the same time. And he needs to rock a black leather jacket and rock it hard.

We think we’ve found such a one in Australian actor Charles Mesure. As soulful, snarky killer-for-hire Kyle Hobbes on television’s V, Mesure ably conveys both Hobbes’ essential cynicism and the heart of gold that beats beneath his endless supply of tight black T-shirts. And as for sex appeal (not optional for this character) . . . did you happen to see the recent scene in which Hobbes and Resistance leader Erica succumbed to their mutual lust (the fact that he was responsible for her ex-husband’s death and she doesn’t know it yet notwithstanding)? If not, go check it out on YouTube. Feast your eyes on that magnificent upper body. When you’re finished staring—and sending a fruit basket in gratitude to the actor’s personal trainer—we’re sure you’ll agree with us that Mesure may be an unconventional choice, but he’s also an appropriate one.


Josh Holloway as RhageRHAGE

Josh Holloway

Age: 41

Nationality: American

Known For: Lost, mostly, but fans can look forward to seeing him in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol later this year.

With his good looks, blinding magnetism, and legendary way with the ladies, Rhage is known as “Hollywood” among the brothers. So who better to play him than Josh Holloway, one of television’s most charismatic golden boys? Like Sawyer, Holloway’s Lost character who balanced effortless charm with what one might delicately call a bit of an attitude problem (Sawyer was a professional con man and could be, not to put too fine a point on it, a real pain in the ass), Rhage has a dark side: when he’s upset, he turns into a dragon. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Regrettably, we don’t get to meet the dragon in Dark Lover—it’s known simply as “The Beast”—but we do see enough of Rhage to know that Holloway would be a natural fit for the role.


Tahmoh Penikett as TohrmentTOHRMENT

Tahmoh Penikett

Age: 36

Nationality: Canadian

Known For: Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse

The Tohr of Dark Lover is a family man, a stalwart lieutenant to Wrath and yet unafraid to speak truth to power. Happily in love with his wife after centuries together, Tohrment is trustworthy, loyal, honorable and almost without sin… very much at odds with the rest of his brethren. Big, of course (all the brothers are big) and powerful, naturally (all the brothers are powerful), Tohr also brings a sense of dignity to proceedings, with his smooth tact and old-fashioned chivalry. Tahmoh Penikett, as Helo on BSG, gave us both hardened warrior and devoted husband; in Dollhouse, he gave us a crusading FBI agent with a self-imposed, single-minded mission. He has the sincerity, the smarts and the snark to pull off Tohr, and looking further ahead in the series, when a certain . . . lamentable event takes place, he would be more than capable of giving us broken, as well. You know what else? Tahmoh . . . Tohrment. If we’re gonna give Sarah Lancaster extra points for her middle name, then Penikett gets some too, for possessing his very own superfluous “h.”


Owain Yeoman as VishousVISHOUS

Owain Yeoman

Age: 32

Nationality: Welsh

Known For: Troy, Generation Kill, The Mentalist

Okay, we can see how this might be considered an odd choice, but hear us out. The thing with V is that he is big, bad and so, so smart. He’s the tech geek of the Brotherhood and yet he can bring the pain just as hard as even the most id-ish of the boys. He loves the Red Sox and whisky, but he also loves him some complicated algorithms and formulae; add in painful precognition, a wicked wit, an open heart and a very open mind, and Vishous is perhaps simultaneously the hottest, coolest and nerdiest of the brothers. So, why Owain Yeoman? Sure, he’s well-built and well-favored, but isn’t he a little bit . . . wholesome-looking, for V? Well, sure. Currently. But we’re looking beneath the surface (which we think some designer stubble, a less-spiky hairstyle and some dangerous BDB tattoos could fix right up) to find Yeoman’s inner-V. As The Mentalist’s Agent Wayne Rigsby, he has given us both smart and smartass; we’ve seen him both in love and heartbroken; we’ve seen restrained violence and fury unleashed; ruthless pragmatism and heartfelt remorse. Additionally, Yeoman’s palpable bromancey chemistry with co-star Tim Kang speaks volumes for his ability to properly convey Vishous’s burgeoning ambiguous feelings for a certain buddy of his as the series progresses. Plus, in real life? Yeoman’s father is an honest-to-goodness nuclear physicist. So, yeah—he surely knows a little something about genius.


Wentworth Miller as Zsadist and PhuryPHURY and ZSADIST

Wentworth Miller, in a remarkable dual role

Age: 39

Nationality: British/American

Known For: Underworld, Prison Break andResident Evil: Afterlife

Could Miller pull off the challenging dual role of twins Zsadist and Phury? Zsadist: guarded, haunted, and scary. Phury: Flamboyant, self-sacrificing, and  . . . celibate? No matter. We think he could handle it. We have evidence enough to know he can carry off Z’s scarred baldness, and we’re pretty sure Phury’s colored tresses would frame his face just charmingly. Plus he has the size and the look, and he was pretty damn good on Prison Break, acting a character within a character at times—a character who, in fact, got himself shipped off to prison for the sole purpose of rescuing his brother from Death Row. (That’s totally something Phury would do for Z.) The only thing we think might be an issue is the fact that audiences might have a hard time buying this guy as “celibate,” but—in all honesty—that would be an issue for any actor we would seriously consider for the role.


Jason O’Mara as ButchBUTCH

Jason O’Mara

Age: 35

Nationality: Irish

Known For: Band of Brothers, Men in Trees, Life on Mars (US), Resident Evil: Extinction

Brian “Butch” O’Neal is a tough police detective with the hots for our Beth and little regard for paltry things like the Geneva Convention. He’s a renegade and a rebel, beating up presumed-guilty suspects for fun and profit, until one day he finds himself suspended from the force . . . and forced to believe in vampires. To portray this conflicted soul we envisage the ruggedly appealing Jason O’Mara, known largely for his lead role as a quite different detective: Sam Tyler on the US version of Life on Mars. But it is his small role as über-villain Albert Wesker, from Resident Evil: Extinction, that really gives O’Mara his Butch-y vibe. With enormous subtlety and a certain smug seductiveness, he managed to make the genocidal Wesker an almost engaging character in that movie (which his replacement in the latest installment most certainly did not). Butch, for all that he has good intentions, is not the most stable nor sympathetic of second leads, and so needs all the help he can get to come off—in Dark Lover, at least—as an object worthy of our interest. Most especially because he insists on calling every woman of his acquaintance “baby” . . . it would take a special kind of yum to make that particular trait of his at all watchable, and we feel O’Mara’s just the man for the job.



MR. X, the evildoing, serial-killing lesser upper management: We can’t really picture anyone else but Paul Bettany in this role. Must be the albino thing. We know that Bettany’s not a true albino, of course, but his Da Vinci Code churchy evilness and moral superiority makes for such a perfect lesser that simply no one else will do.

MARISSA, Wrath’s frustrated wife: Marissa needs to be all gentle, deferential, and wraithlike, but also have a core of steel (and untapped sensuality) that you just know is there waiting to be unveiled . . . like, when she meets a certain human cop. We know Amanda Seyfried can play both doe-eyed ingénue and rapacious sex kitten—and we think she and O’Mara would bring the pretty together, too.

Cillian Murphy as HaversHAVERS, Marissa’s brother: Cillian Murphy, come on down, and wow us with your hypnotic blue eyes, your lovely high cheekbones, and your ability to portray good (e.g., his affection for Marissa) and not-so-good (e.g., trying to kill his own king) equally effectively.

DARIUS, Beth’s father: Darius exits stage dead early on, but whoever plays him would need to be believable as both a hardened warrior and a concerned father. David Boreanaz evokes both badassery and groundedness well enough to work in what would essentially be a cameo role.

Joanna Garcia as WellsieWELLSIE, Tohrment’s wife: We always liked Titian-haired Wellsie, although she has little to do in Dark Lover besides be friendly to Beth and smile adorably at Tohr. And Joanna Garcia, late of Gossip Girl and currently lighting up Better With You, does have a beautiful smile.

FRITZ, the Brothers’ servant: Wouldn’t it be a kick to see Lost’s Michael Emerson in the role? He’d be subservient, but a little sly. The only danger would be that he’d steal every scene he was in.

THE SCRIBE VIRGIN, timeless, ageless creator of the vampire race: Tiny, commanding, mysterious and volatile . . . could there be an actress alive that is a better fit than Christina Ricci? Her turn in Sleepy Hollow showed clearly that TSV’s studied cadence would pose her no difficulty, and the diminutive Ricci yet has enough presence that we’d feel her there, even under all the draperies mandated by my lady’s concealing taste in fashion.

Ian Somerhalder as John MatthewAdditionally, if we were to cast further ahead in the series, Joe Mangianello (werewolf Alcide, of True Blood fame) might be just about hot enough to take on the role of Zsadist’s eventual brother-in-law, Rhevenge, and for silent, beautiful John Matthew (the reincarnation of Darius), we propose The Vampire Diaries’ Ian Somerhalder—tragic as it would be to seal those wickedly witty lips. And we feel like there has to be a place in the BDB books, somewhere, somehow, for Chris Pine. We just haven’t found it yet. (Qhuinn, maybe?)


Rachel Hyland is the Editor in Chief of Geek Speak Magazine, of which Kate Nagy is also the Editor at Large. 

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I love the idea of Wentworth Miller as Phury/Zsadist. I always pictured him in my head looking like this, even. And def. down with the rest of the casting, although Ian S. is likely way too goddamn goodlooking to be John Matthew. But I'd still take him.
2. SuzanneJohnson
Hm...Kinda like this casting except for my favorite bro, V. C'mon. No. Really? I can't see it. Wentworth Miller is perfect for the twins.
3. stephanie h.
well done, though I find it hard to imagine casting for the BDB -- they are much better in my dreams :) -- I think you've done a fine job and thank goodness, not the usual suspects. Jason O'Mara is a good choice for Butch as is Mr. Wentworth and Mr. Murphy for Phury/Zadist and Havers, respectively. lovely. thanks for helping us get through the LOVERUNLEASHED frenzy. be well.
4. katortiz3
the brotherhood are big, beefy guys. none of these are that. my coworker and i want guys built likethe ones in wwe! to portray them.
Myne Whitman
5. MyneWhitman
Mesure in V is awesome! That scene was hawt, hawt, hawt. They had another one yesterday night, hehehe...
6. Nerwen76
Yeah, I agree Suzanne. I don't see V as wholesome looking. Sexy? One of the guys? Yeah, but wholesome and V just don't go togethe rin my humble opinion. I could totally see Ian Somerholder as Rhevenge. that bad boy image, but underneath a truly good guy? Yup...not to mention eye's extremely gorgeous! Other than that well done! Wish they would bring these out as movies, although the sex scenes would have to be cut down :(
7. skeleigh
You referred to Marissa as Wrath's wife - isn't she Butch's wife?
April Newton
8. lakelandpoet
I agree with most of the fantasy casting, but I'm not so sure about
Joe Mangianello as Rhev. As for the brothers, Tahmoh Penikett and Wentworth Miller are good picks but I don't know about the others. And I really don't see Somerhalder as JM. He just doesn't fit it. Joanna Garcia and Christina Ricci - Awesome picks! Both could pull of the roles beautifully. And look good doing it. Paul Bettany - YES! I can't stand Mr. X but then again I really couldn't stand Silas. Bettany made that character likable. He owned it. He would be a great Mr X.
April Newton
9. lakelandpoet
@ skeleigh Marissa was Wrath's first shellan but they ended it when he really fell for Beth. She and Butch got together MUCH later.
Rachel Hyland
10. RachelHyland
@ 1. MFrampton

No one is too beautiful to be John Matthew! (Okay, so maybe I kinda love him...)

@ 2. Suzanne and 6. Nerwen76

We knew Vishous was going to be controversial... maybe we should have also mentioned Yeoman's small but pivotal role as Lysander in Troy. He buckled his swash nicely in that one, and definitely gave a whole Brotherhood vibe... like we said, you have to look beneath the surface to really get our choice in that instance.

@ 4. katortiz3

If you can find us three WWE wrestlers who know how to act without a chair in their hands and don't have all the dramatic flair of a 3rd Grade pantomime, we'd be delighted to revisit our choices. (Okay, The Rock, but still... No.) We've done our best with big and beefy; you do realise Hollywood isn't exactly overburdened with tall guys, right? We were lucky to find six likely candidates over six feet!

@ 8. lakelandpoet

See above. Trust us, we know: the boys are hard to cast! But so glad you like Wellsie and TSV -- we're rather partial to those choices. And yes, Bettany's Silas made him a must for Mr. X.

No thoughts on Marissa or Havers? Or Beth?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
April Newton
11. lakelandpoet
I don't know Murphy. Haven't seen his work. Didn't even know who he was until now. Based solely on the picture above, I'd say he's a good match for Havers. It's the eyes. Those eyes show hurt and anger all at once, which pretty much sums up Havers. Amanda Seyfried is so-so. I think she could pull of the role of Marissa, but I just don't like her as an actress. The same with Lancaster.
Megan Frampton
12. MFrampton
@RachelHyland I feel bad for Cillian Murphy because he is such a good actor, but those crazyeyes get him cast as a crazyguy all the time. In Inception, they had him wearing specs, probably to diminish the eyes' effects.
But I think he'd be a good Havers.
Don't have much of an opinion about the ladies, because duh, it's all about the GUYS!
Remember Big Sexy/Kevin Nash from WWE? Back in the day he would've made an awesome Brother. Made Monday nights after work rather fun, if TOTALLY cheesy.
Lisa Hughey
13. LisaHughey
What fun! Wentworth is perfect. And Cillan Murphy as Havers is perfect. Problem with hollywood is most of these actors are too skinny. Also, Holloway is too scruffy for Rhage (although I do like him!). Put Chris Pine as Rhage. That would be way better. Eric Banna for Vishous. And Tahmoh is wasted as Tohr cause he'd barely be around. :)
14. Joyofbean
Looks-wise your suggestions work. But J.R. makes such a point of describing the BDB men with such huge physical body types - not many of the men listed fit this bill. It's hard to picture some of these pretty-boy slim-build types as our boys. Granted the BDB are metrosexual in all their fashion sense and designer duds, but that does not take away from their extreme alpha male sexuality. Physically the suggestions above fall short of how I've always pictured the guys. Perhaps a crop of newcomers and relative unknowns will better fit the bill.
15. Stef Raffel
Funny your calling Jason O'Mara as Butch. He is going to play the cop Morelli in the upcoming movie One For The Money (Janet Evanovich). Yeah, I can totally see him as Butch but not Morelli. You have Rhage nailed!
Mytoya Garcia
16. mgarcia488
Ok I love that Wentworth Miller as Phury/Zsadist but the others I don't know!!! I can't see Charles Mesure as WRATH he's to old looking. I just don't like the cast. But hey u never know until I see the show. I hope I am wrong about the cast.
17. Lovebite Diva
I would love to see Jensen Ackles as Vishous and for Zsadist/Phury... maybe Daniel Craig? Dominic Purcell could be Wrath... he's big and delicious...I love all the other suggestions though.
18. Stef Raffel
Jensen Ackles would make an awesome John Matthew . . . got a lotta boy-turned-man (er, vampire) look in him. I think Vishous would be the hardest to cast, but I think Ian Somerhalder with a goatee would be worth a look-see. Can anybody PhotoShop one on him along with the tats on his temple?
19. KateNagy
Vishous was definitely the most challenging to cast -- we went around and around and around about him. And @Joyofbean -- you're right -- there aren't a lot of actors (or, when you get right down to it, a lot of men) working the six-and-a-half foot solid wall of muscle look. Unless, of course, we tried casting the book out of the NFL (hey, there's a thought...) This is why principal photography would be preceded by a mandatory six-month intensive workout regimen coupled with a high-protein diet for all the BDB actors. Their efforts would be captured on film and could subsequently be packaged as "The Black Dagger Workout: Six Months to a More Lethally Seductive You" and sold in the ancillary markets. The boys appear en masse on the cover of Men's Health magazine, viewers everywhere use the video to get fit for beach season, and J.R. Ward uses the proceeds to buy her own private island. Win-win-win!
Rachel Hyland
20. RachelHyland
@ 12. MFrampton

Aye, there's the rub. "Back in the day". There were so many possiblities that were discounted due to being just that little bit past it, ageless vampire-wise. We were pushing things with Charles Mesure, but seriously, once Kate suggested him, I could no longer see anyone else in the role.

@ 18. Stef Raffel

Oooh, I love Ackles as JM! Although it would be even more tragic to seal his snarky lips than Somerhalder's. However, he's at least over six feet (unlike Somerhalder's 5' 10" or something) so he has that going for him, too. Ackles actually came up earlier in discussions -- as a potential V, as coincidence would have it, LovebiteDiva -- but his general deliciousness and untapped romantic lead potential was eventually put in reserve for a future Fantasy Cast.

@ 19. KateNagy

Genius! Also, the product placement people would have a frenzy with all of the boys' designer labels and name brand liquor, which would lead to further sweet advertising deals for the gang, and perhaps help fund such a large and desirable cast. (I love that you've taken a Fantasy Casting session and turned it into a Fantasy Synchronous Marketing session. Also, while we're at it, why not give us the imaginary exclusive interview with all of the actors over at Geek Speak?)
21. Blue
I always pictured david boreanaz as butch chris pine could be qhuinn
22. joyofbean
I just checked out Jason Momoa on IMDB (internet movie data base)as he is starring in the upcoming Conan the Barbarian, Game of Thrones (cable) and starred in Stargate Atlantis. Sorry don't know how to link a photo so you'll have to go to and look him up , but he is hot and could certainly play Wrath or Phury. Let me know what you think.
Trish Schmitt
23. Pickyme
Well.... you might like my take on the boys.. I have done a ton of artwork based on them.. :P V is my all time fave character.
24. Joyofbean
Pickyme - those are amazing!!! Very sexy and much like I pictured some of them. Will you do ones of Quinn and Blay?

And I misspoke I didn't mean Jason Momoa for Phury, but for Vishous - seems a better match of looks to personality.
25. Kinsey
Ok, I'm a huge Vishous fangirl, and I know we're picking guys who are still around, but I just had to chime to say that the late, wonderful Kevin Smith - Ares on Hercules and Zena - would've been the perfect V. Absolutely perfect. God that man was gorgeous, and a hell of an actor as well.

Among the living, I think Joe Mangiannello would work - he's dark and hulky and very tall and I think he could pull off the angst. If the lovely Cillian Murphy were more physically imposing, those badass eyes would make him a good V.

We'd need a young Brad Pitt type for Rhage.
26. TDrake
I agree that the guys are hot and the women are beautiful, but with the exception of Butch and John Matthew's characters, I'm thinking the rest just don't match. These supposed to be big, bad ass guys! Not scrawny wanna be pretty boys. I mean there is nothing wrong with them being panty-dropping hot but they need some muscle behind those sweet smiles to make them believable. That was one of my favorite parts of the series, was that the guys were just so damn cool! But at the same time hardcore and tasty! I think a few may have potential with a few snears and scowls thrown in. But...
Rachel Hyland
27. RachelHyland
@ 23. Picyme

Is that Vin Diesel as Wrath? I mean, beautiful work, don't get me wrong, those pictures are amazing, but... really? Or was it just Riddick's dark glasses that got him the nod?

@ 24. joyofbean

Jason Momoa... sure, he has the size, and there's no denying he's super-hot, but as a veteran of his almost five years on Stargate Atlantis... er. No. Not for V, anyway. I could maybe see him as Rhevenge though... and Rhevenge is my favorite brother. Hmm. Good thinking!

@ 25. Kinsey

Kevin Smith, absolutely, in his day -- and his day, of course, was pre-2002. Ares was without doubt the best villain Xena and Hercules ever had. He was potentially even Xena's best character, especially with Smith carrying him off so smooth-criminal-sexily. (Well, maybe it's a tie: Ares and Joxer.)
Trish Schmitt
28. Pickyme
@ JoyofBean.. Thanks.. Oh I have done Quinn and Blay too.. most of my work is on my public FB page.. search Pickyme
@RachelHyland... I don't use celeb pics, that was my orginal artowrk.. I painted the glasses on.. :P but he actually does look like Vin.. didn't even think about that before! LOL
29. Celaje
I love most of your choices! I think you really nailed Beth, Rhage, the twins, butch, Havers... really, awesome choices.
The only ones I didn't feel were Wrath and V.
Don't you wish they had a series or a movie or something? :)
Thanks for the fun.
30. Stef Raffel
@Pickyme . . . . Hey Trish! Wonderful presentation of our fav males, the BDB goodness! I am anxious to see someone do Wrath with his waist length hair, split down the middle with the wrap around glasses. You're the artist with all the talent . . . . making us love our heroes even more!
31. Stef Raffel
Okay, Joe Mangianello as Vishous!
32. Stef Raffel
Oh yeah, just one more that screams Vishous!
Carrie Strickler
33. DyslexicSquirrel
You know, I never really would have given much of a thought to Owain Yeoman for V (I've gotten too use to him as Wayne on The Mentalist), but giving it a second thought...

I kind of have to agree that I think he could pull it off.

And I wholeheartedly agree with the choice for Butch. Mmm, Butch.
Rachel Hyland
34. RachelHyland
@ 28. Picyme

Wow, I apologise. I had no idea; what tremendous talent you have! (Your Wrath still looks like Vin Deisel in Pitch Black, though, you must agree.)

@ 31. Stef Raffel

Yeah, just not seeing it. It's that whole... I dunno... dopey thing? I look into his eyes and I see cunning, perhaps, but I don't see intellect. Which is what makes Mangiello a pretty good Rhev... (Hot pics, though!)

@ 33. DyslexicSquirrel

Bless your cotton socks! You have just validated literally hours of thought given to that very topic. A thousand thanks. We realised it was out of the box thinking when we went there, but who just wants to see the same old, same old?
Trish Schmitt
35. Pickyme
@StephRafell.. here is the link if you have FB to the original wallpaper.. I did this years ago, my art has improved a tad.. LOL if you have FB.. you can see it here:
@Rachel, totally agree :P LOL Must have been channeling Vin!
Megan Frampton
36. MFrampton
@Pickyme, gotta chime in and say your artwork is gorgeous. Really captures the BDB's essence.
Courtney Cherry
40. clcherry2011
Kinsey-Wow you are completely 100% right about Kevin Smith. He would have been the perfect Wrath. I think JR Ward may have based Wrath off of him that's how close in appearance they are. I wasn't aware that he had passed away either, I loved Zena and Hercules, what a shame.
41. XEXH
i though is ok, but for Whrath i would propose Till Lindemann, althought he is not an actor, but he is just like whrath, and for Butch i would say David Boreanaz
42. Nick
The romance between Erica and Hobbes on V inspired me to Photoshop a fake book cover featuring the couple:
43. BeckyW
The BDB are massive and hardcore guys. None of these men you name fit that bill at all. I have them pictured in my mind and that is how I want them to be. And the guy you picked for V....come on now! Really? Hollywood would be hard pressed to cast anyone for any of them. At least the women would be easy to cast since there are so many gorgeous and talented actresses out there.
44. Irinetta
Cillian Murphy as Havers-I can see it.
I agree with the big and beefy comment made above but if Brad Pitt can muscle up for Troy ...
45. Sam Jam
I think all the actors are great but i beleive Wrath should be bigger and darker and more aggressive looking this guy is just not working for me. Maybe someone with the Javier Bardem look he would almost be perfect with long dark hair and shades :D
Carrie Strickler
46. DyslexicSquirrel
@RachelHyland: You are very welcome! He's a fantastic actor, plus he's hot to boot. What's not to love? Besides, watching the same people get the same type of roles gets kind of boring after a while.

....Unless it's Bruce Willis.
Mary Wallace
47. MMx4
Disagree with V. But do like Chris Pine for Qhuinn
48. Callysta
I do not like the Wrath or V,
Rhage....perfect!! As is Zsadist/Phury.
V I picture more like Colin Farrel/Ian Somerholder.
49. PMLucas
This is just awesome fun. All the picks are good, but kind of hard to tell without the hair. I especially LOVE the pick for John Matthew. I can't wait to see all the future picks! I've been hooked on these books from the very first.
50. Maxhy
The only two I agree with, Jason O'Mara and Cillian Murphy.
The brotherhood have to look extreme males. They give an overall image of a good 6'5" - 7' foot... None of these match... Worst idea?? Beth.

I personally think Beth needs to be a petite build - Like a Natalie Portman height and stature.. Beth is a queen, she nees the overall appearance.
Possibly Alexander Skaarsgard for Wrath or even Rhage - Rhage is a pretty boy.
Vishous... I would use Karl Urban, or even as Tohrment.
51. Momof4Boyz
Chris Pine as Quinn?? Yes, please!
52. Raquelle
?I'm sorry, but I find most of these people for BDB are horrible. I think the only ones who fit well are Sarah Lancaster as Beth, Jason O'Mara as Butch, and Johanna Garcia as Well As. The rest are absolutely pitiful. They do not do justice to the characters in BDB. The men need to be rougher, taller, and sexier! Please I know you can do better!!!
53. Jozee
If we are open to discussing people who have passed, the late, great Peter Steele (in the late 90s, early 2000s) would have made the PERFECT Wrath... Long black hair, muscles on muscles, attitude, 6'8", bright green eyes and all... That's who I see as Wrath. Nobody else could do it justice in my mind.
54. Jozee
If we are open to discussing people who have passed, the late, great Peter Steele (in the late 90s, early 2000s) would have made the PERFECT Wrath... Long black hair, muscles on muscles, attitude, 6'8", bright green eyes and all... That's who I see as Wrath. Nobody else could do it justice in my mind.
55. rachiebabe
I really argee that none of these guys are good enough for the brothers maybe Josh Halloway at a push for Rhage but thats it.They have to be more darker, dangerous and most of all hotter.The brothers are awesome xxx
56. CrazyForAGoodRead
I hate this cast pick! The only one I agree with is Wentworth for the twins! I believe the best Wrath character would be bald and blind and hot in leather ...who could possibly do this better than vin diesel?!?! I do not even know any of the other characters and they all look like horrible actors. This book series was way to good to be casted by unknown, and almost ugly actors. I think josh hartnett would make an amazing rhage. As for a sexy butch? Who would be better than brad pitt? I know I have a million people who would agree with me on vin diesel as wrath! But seriously who made this cast? They need to be educated on who is hot and who is not!
57. AubreyChilds
Aw I wanted to be Beth lol oh well but think some other actors should be viewed as well for the roles lol
58. Dianna
Oh my life revolves around these books, but they have to be taller 6' or above
Jessica Oliphant
59. BookNerd23
I am new on here....but I love J. R.Ward....She has a new book coming out on March 29th of this year...It is called "Lover Unleashed" I can't wait I habe read all the Black Dagger Brotherhood series....I can't get enough of it....If it helps I think that none of the brothers should goe against each other...but thats just me....When her new book comes out...You better believe that I will be getting it....
60. Callysta
I think Maksim from DWTS , Rufus Sewell, and Ted King should be in the running for Wrath or V. Still loving Wentworth as Zsadist and Josh as Rhage.
Jamie Kline
61. JamesterCK
I can definitely see Sarah Lancaster as Beth...that's pretty much how I had her pictured in my head. And Josh Holloway as Rhage, that I can see. The rest of the cast, eh...I really don't have any suggestions on who should play them but these guys don't really do it for me. The brothers are all very large and chisled, and although many of these guys are pretty buff it just won't work for me. Which is probably why they will never make a movie out of the series - it would just never live up to our expectations.
62. 4eversmiling
This needs to be bigger guys. You need to look at professional wrestlers to fill these roles. Like The Roc and Chris Jericho. Dont get me wrong some of the guys you pick are hot but not the right look at all!!!
63. 4eversmiling
Also the wrestler Edge!! He would be perfect for Rhage!
Rachel Hyland
64. RachelHyland
Here's what I don't get: picking the look over the talent. If you're going to watch people acting out your favorite roles, what would you rather compromise on: paltry things like excessive height and musculature, or the ability to act this all out effectively? Are people really positing that WWE wrestlers have the thespian wherewithal to portray conflicted, tortured, understated and yet utterly captivating romantic heroes? Frankly, I'd rather see the boys played by actors a little less Herculean on the outside but able to give a performance worthy of the name.

Of course, this is all just for fun anyway...

@ 58. Dianna

All of the actors chosen are, quite deliberately, over six feet -- except for Ian Somerhalder, of course, but we decided not to mind because he's IAN SOMERHALDER!

@ 52. Raquelle and 56. CrazyForAGoodRead

Just... rude.
Megan Frampton
65. MFrampton
Hey, guys, thanks for commenting, and for such a lively discussion. And, yeah, this is fantasy casting, and s'posed to be fun, as @RachelHyland said.
Look for more fantasy casting of other fave romance books in the future, where we will no doubt engage in some vigorous discussion then, too.
Becc Boland
66. Becc72
you've done an amazing job! I really had trouble imagining some characters...til now! loving Jason O'Mara as Butch xxx
67. Squirrel
Ah Oh EW on Christina Ricci as The Scribe Virgin. EWWWW no. I can't stand her.

When I read, I always picture Peter Garrett from the band Midnight Oil as Zsadist, in my head. Not only is he big and tall, standing 6 ft 5, he is sexy as well. ( in my eyes, anyway) or I see Mark Strong ( from "Robin Hood") who looks fabu with or without hair.

Funny that people see Cillian as Havers because that is always who I pictured as Havers. Excellent Call. Brilliantly done!
68. Kerith
I would love to cast myself as Jane, if not so many people would hate me (aka Jane). But then again I think having lovin scenes with V would make it worth it.
69. Zombiexkitten
I don't care for the pick of Wrath I've always seen Criss Angel or Steven Striaght and possiably Brandon Lee if he wasn't dead. RIP Brandon Lee but anyway I think Garett Hedlund would make an awesome Phury and Z I mean if you guys have seen Death Sentence he does a an awesome job and is still pretty hot bald. Far as Butch I've always seen Booth from Bones, Mark Whalberg or Sully Erna from the band Godsmack. But as for Fritz I picture Alfred from the 90's Batman movies, I agree with all the females and most of the other males.
70. Lisa JB23
I agree that the guys should be tall beefy guys, I've just started watching 'The Game Of Thrones' on HBO and the leader of the tharackians (the tall beefy god with the long black hair, married to the little white haired princess) should REALLY be one of the brothers...I don't know his name but he is scrumptious....and I agree that Joe Mangianlo from True Blood would be a great brother as well.....I LOVE the BDB series, I just read through them way to fast!!!
71. taviahope
I have finally stumbled upon the perfect V...Scott Elrod. Seriously, he has a little part in "The Switch" but watching him on-screen there he is obviously so physically right but also has a dangerousness that is essentail to V.
72. KckbxrSSM
I have to agree with the guys from the WWE being cast. From book one, I have envisioned Wrath as being portrayed by The Undertaker. He's tall, very large, and has long hair. Also, Randy Orton or John Morrison would be great in other roles. I work a lot of the WWE shows & these guys would be great!
73. Squirrel
Lisa , I think you mean Jason Momoa? Who will be playing the new Conan?
74. Squirrel

75. Kerith
Squirrel, I would totally love Jason Momoa as a brother, I would say either Wrath or V. I saw that scene on youtube from the game of thrones where he is naked. ;-)

I was also watching HP and I think that Jason Isaacs might be a great Wrath.

How about Eric Bana as Phury and Christian Bale as Zsadist? They could make good brothers.
76. Kerith
Gerry Bulter for Rhage. I love him, though he might be a little old, he could have the personality for Rhage, funny and full of himself. ;)
77. Squirre;

Yeah. When I saw Jason Momoa's butt I almost fell out of my chair. My old body can't handle too many of those shocks. Granted, they are wildly delicious shocks......
78. squirrel
Hi, my name is Squirrel, and I cannot SPELL to save my ass.

(( hi squirrel!))
79. susan769
I like Jensen Ackles for Rhage .

Josh Hollaway I can see as V.

I also picture Sarah Shahi and Oded Fehr for Bella and Rhev.
Ginny Doremus
80. FaeRhi
Ok, I finally found someone who likes Gerard Butler for someone (though it was spelled wrong so I had to find it. lol)

But I like Gerard Butler for Phury & Zsadist. He can pull off both long and buzzed/bald hair. He's got all the depth of the emotions (take a look at "Phantom of the Opera" -- as the Phantom, he's got tortured but sadistic down!). I would love to see him as that!
81. JodyK
Yeoman for Vishious....not. He is too straight laced looking.
82. Roxy
Okay, well, unfortunately, I haven't had much inspiration on who to play most of the brothers so, first of all, I thank you for that Canadian dude for Tohr! Not a scifi fan so, NEVER would have guessed! :) Anyway, second of all, not really sure about the other choices except for Sarah Lancaster (with nice blue contacts and hair dyed darker) for Beth and you certainly gave well-put reasons as to why she should play her (good job!). Also, no offense to your choice for our big man Wrath but, it has basically always been and will remain Jason Momoa for him in my mind (literally! It was nobody and then him!). That and my filmmaker aspirations (one of my BIGGEST being getting my paws on the rights to this bitch to adapt it to television; preferably Showtime; no bullshit!) and overactive imagination BOTH agree that they would look good together! ;)

Oh! And that Jason O'Mara seems like a considerably good choice for Butch. Nice.

And also, I've had reasonably better luck finding ladies for the shellans (but haven't stuck with one yet except for Lancaster) and Katie McGrath for Bella. For future reference.

And yeah, I'm not crazy. I just have too much enthusiasm for this whole thing.
83. Mazaranne
I was thinking Vin Diesel would make a good Butch. And, for some strange reason, whenever I picture V in my mind, he has Dave Navarro's face. Guess it's the goatee effect. Shannon Sossamon would make a good Payne, as she could easily be closely related to Navarro. I like Josh Holloway as Rhage. I don't know a lot of the other choices. I'm getting up there in age and have a hard time keeping track of up and coming actors. I picture JM as a Tom Welling type. I never saw Smallville, but saw pics. I would like to toss Timothy Olyphant into the mix somewhere. I also sort of picture a young Peta Wilson as Xhex. Anyhow, that's just my take on this subject. :-)
84. BDBroham
To be honest, none of these really match the description, except maybe Zsadist and Wellsie.

Rhage in my opinion would be like a Sebastian Rulli.
If you were to cast for Rehvenge he would be a Mark Selling.
Beth needs a little more of a smaller build than that especially before her transition. Though i wouldn't be able to recomend anyone at the moment...
As for Wrath - i would not have a better guy in mind than the male who plays King Arthur in game of thrones. Put a wig on the guy and i would find a suitable Wrath. To be honest it's hard to cast him, he's got a different look than most.
Right of hand i think that most of these characters doesn't fit the profiling look for what i had in mind for the characters of BDB.
85. BillyS
Vote here for your cast suggestions!
86. Susan Graham-Emerson
I vote Jason Momao as Vishous & Dwayne Johnson as Wraith. They both are tall & buff & can easily fill the shoes of the BDB. I always thought Vishous would be mean looking and Wraith looks like a bad mother f___er. Both actors can pull off the characters but I picture Wraith to be good looking & I think Dwayne Johnson fits the bill. If I remember correctly she described Rhage looking like Brad Pitt.
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