Feb 17 2011 2:30pm

Bring on the Bloodlust: Top 5 Vampire Romancers

Who was your first? Your first vamp, I mean.

My interest was piqued by the cult classic The Lost Boys. My older sister took me to the movie with her—my first R-rated movie. I was too young, but here I am, over two decades later, addicted to those scrumptious bloodsuckers.

My first deep vampire love was Anne Rice’s Vampire Lestat. Not the Hollywood–Tom Cruise version, but my own drop-dead-Lord-have-mercy image conjured up over the summer of 1989 while reading one of the best damn vampire novels around. I read Interview With a Vampire first, then digested The Vampire Lestat. Oh man, it was the best book I’d ever stolen from my best friend’s mother!

Since that time, I’ve encountered many wondrous, magnificent, extraordinary vampirism-afflicted lovers. But the Vampire Lestat remains the epitome for me. He's fluid and steamy, one great body compounded by a beautiful smile that illuminates those fantastic lateral incisors. What’s not to love? So he’s a bit narcissistic—what great leader isn’t, I ask you?

But there are others. Creeping into the number 2 spot is an old and dear favorite—Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula. While I thought that young Jonathan Harker was cute, he didn’t hold a candle to Dracula, especially when wooing the sweet and innocent Mina. I think I really wanted him to win. After all, any good antagonist makes you secretly hope that he won’t be entirely thwarted. Oh, how I flipped through the pages, musing on his rich and dreamy expressions of love for Mina, however misguided. I thought Bram to be quite an author, considering I was still pining away for the sting of fangs against my le cou. I doubt any form of hypnosis would have been required. (To clarify, I am referring to the sexilicious version that appeared in England. Not the dude with the foul-breathed emissions that greeted poor Jonathan.)

A few centuries later, we meet my number 3 and Charlaine Harris' creation: Mr. Eric Northman. This was the first time that I was touched by a newcomer to the paranormal scene. I must say that I loved him the minute that I met him in Book 1. If you haven’t noticed, I have the teensiest, tiniest little thing for the bad guys. And in this case, he was the bad guy that actually was smooth enough to get the girl. He’s good enough to make you fall in love with the series. I’m attributing to pure Eric-love my dedication to the Stackhouse novels. My mother tried hard to keep me away from guys like him. Even his television image is a magnificent, megalomaniacal beauty.

Number 4, I am reluctant to tell you about. I feel a little disturbed that I’m intrigued by the man—er, using the term loosely. He is Dr. Carlisle Cullen. He’s smooth, and a little too down-to-earth, if you ask me, but when I read about Edward and he spoke of the gorgeous Dr. McDeady, I was all in, full throttle! I mean, he adopts children and cares for them, he’s a one-woman guy, he only takes vermin blood to spare us humans . . . he may just be the only good egg to make my listing. Still, too sexy to be alive . . . which explains a lot. It does leave you wondering, however, if there are any unattractive vampires aligned with the Volturi. Hmmm . . .

Finally, last but not least, my number 5 is Damon Salvatore of L.J. Smith's The Vampire Diaries. I told you that I have a thing for the bad ones, but I prefer to think of Damon as . . . misunderstood. The woman that he loved had obvious designs for someone else—like his brother—and he was killed maliciously by his father—what’s a guy to do, except spend the rest of his unnatural life wreaking havoc on humans and his vampire kin? If there were Vampire Therapists, I’m sure that Damon would benefit from a few hours in an open coffin discussing his inner corpse. The CW didn’t do a bad job of casting either. And how!

Well, there they all are, the great vampire lovers of my life. All smoking hawt and cool as a fan.

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Nancy McGregor
1. Jadedwolf
I'm highly embarrassed but my first book vamp was Edward Cullen *blush* If you tell anyone I shall never talk to you again lol! I was so in love with him. I now actually think he's a scary teen stalker.
No 2 Vamp I met was Simon from Mortal Instruments. I loved him because he was so sweet. Not exactly heart throb material though.
No 3 was a winner though Mircea from Cassie Palmer series and I discovered adult vamp fiction. Hot Hot Hot!
No 4 was back to teen fiction again Erik Night from the House of Night series. He was yummy.
No 5 was Bones from The Night Huntress series and wow what a hot sex god he was.
Kinsey Holley
2. KinseyHolley
I don't actually read a lot of vampire books - go Team Werewolf! But there are a couple of whom I love.

Lucan, from Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series, is handsome, suave, sarcastic and witty. His anger shatters glass and he has to wear velvet gloves because he can kill with a touch. He's not quite as bad as he used to be, but he's by no means good. And he's yummy.

And my all time favorite sexy bad boy vamp - Vishous. I love JR Ward's non-dead vamps and V is the best - tortured, f'd up, brilliant, and hothothothothot. Also has to wear a (leather) glove on one hand on account of it burns anything it touches. He is delish, true?
Annie Rengering
3. amrenger
How about Jean-Claude and the other vampires from Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake books?
Aliza Mann
4. AlizaMann
Hi guys! Yes, yes, yes! Every single one of them, absolutely dreamy! And don't forget about the Chicagoland Vampire Series - the entire Cadogen house is spectacular, but Ethan... oh Ethan! (Series by Chloe Neill)
Maybe we should do Top 50, right?
NC Theater Diva
5. NC Theater Diva
Well, I'm obviously a lot older than most of the folks here... my first Vamp love was Barnabas Collins. In his day, Barnabas was hot and Dark Shadows was full of enough plots twists to keep you coming back every day. And remember, never never go to sleep at Collinwood. You could wake up any where and any time.
NC Theater Diva
6. Romania
Oh, Gosh, it's a tough one, but I have to admit I've given it a lot of thought. Almost all my favorites were already mentioned, but here it is: Eric Northman is my first, LOL. I have some friends who read the books, but don't like Eric and I seriously don't understand them. Then there is Mircea from the Cassie Palmer series and the Dorina Basarab series. Girls, that is one hot vampire! Let's not forget Ethan Cadogan from the Chicagoland series, and Bones from the Night Huntress series. And last but not least, Stefan from the Mercy Thompson series. He's not even a love interest in the books, but you just have to love the Warrior. :)
Aliza Mann
7. AlizaMann
You know... I think on this early morning in Michigan, I'm off to write up a post on Ethan from Chicagoland, and another for Dark Shadows. I do remember that show. I was young and Mom thought I would have nightmares. Funny that I can only watch paranormal romance, but any type of horror scares the bejeevers out of me!
Thanks for your comments guys!
NC Theater Diva
8. Lic
Constantine in Sunshine by Robin Mckinley. Best vampire, best vampire book hands down, and much overlooked.
NC Theater Diva
10. RRRJessica
Great list. I would have totally been a Bill Compton fan until a few books into the Sookie series. Now I absoluely hate him. Eric all the way!

Also love Constantine.
11. scepter
Lic beat me to it but I agree - Constantine and his relationship with Sunshine. I love the way they were 'introduced' to each other.
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