Feb 20 2011 3:32pm

More Anna and Bates for Downton Abbey Fans

Downton Abbey fans have something to look forward to, according to the UK's Daily Mirror:

Downton Abbey

The new series of Downton Abbey will see John Bates’s romance with head housemaid Anna Smith dashed when his wife turns up.
The period drama’s 11 million fans were captivated by the slow-burn love affair between kind Anna (Joanne Froggatt) and lame valet Bates (Brendan Coyle).
Producers said the next series, which starts filming at the end of the month, will star The Commitments actress Maria Doyle Kennedy as Bates’s errant wife Vera.
A show insider said: “Vera is back to claim her husband and that means trouble.”

The bottom of the article also has a bit more casting news, including the fact that an actor from Spooks (MI-5 here in the States) will be joining the second season.

Something tells me I'm really going to loathe Vera.   Anna & Bates, all the way!

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Keira Soleore
1. KeiraSoleore
Count me as another Vera loather.

Always fun when anyone from Spooks shows up anywhere. While completely unlikely, I admit, freely so, that my skipped a beat as I clicked over to check who from MI-5 is now going to be on Downton. (RA?)
Liz Maverick
2. Liz Maverick
I WISH. Iain Glen. Lovely man, I'm sure. No Richard Armitage. :p
Marsha Canham
4. Marsha Canham
I just discovered Downton Abbey...we can't get it back home in Canada, bummer...but I'm already hooked and since I'm in Florida until April 15, plan on catching every episode I can. PS took me 1 1/2 episodes to recognize the actor who plays Thomas...he was on Coronation Street for a couple of seasons.
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