Feb 25 2011 7:30am

For the Love of . . . Hot Bodyguards?

Someone in the office started a rumor that The Bodyguard was going to be remade with Beyoncé and Ryan Reynolds.  

Then someone said that Hugh Jackman  and Miley Cyrus were going to play the classic roles.

Needless to say, the place went ballistic.  

Part of the team felt Reynolds simply couldn't fill Kevin Costner's shoes (“Beyoncé needs a MAN!”) and part of the team became outraged on the basis that you can't remake the unremakable. (“It's like . . . it's like remaking Footloose!”)

No one was willing to discuss Cyrus in the same breath as our beloved Wolverine and our copy editor attempted to delete this sentence several times to make the idea go away.

After a giant sing-along of “I Will Always Love You,” we were still unable to identify two current movie stars who could make the idea of a Bodyguard remake palatable. 

Really, is there any duo in the world that can bring back the magic of 1992?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
How about Zooey Deschanel and Mekhi Phifer? She can sing, and he looks like he could bodyguard.
Nan O'Berry
2. Nan O'Berry
I have to admit, I didn't see the remake. I saw the Judy Garland verson. But If you are going to have Beyonce what about having Daniel Craig as the bodyguard.
Or reverse the rolls have a male singer and female body guard... in that case hum.....Tim McGraw and perhaps Jennifer Lopez?? or Josh Groban and Haley Berry?? or reverse the two women? Interesting what ifs
Nan O'Berry
3. Kim in Hawaii
This movie was released when I was working for NATO. So I saw it in Belgian theater in English with Flemish substitles. Those subtitles are forever imprinted on my brain whenever I hear "I will always love you ...".

How about a male singer and a female bodyguard?
Nan O'Berry
4. Alyssa Cole
Hm, how about Esperanza Spalding and Tom Hardy?
Liz Maverick
5. Liz Maverick
@Nan Okay, now I feel like an idiot. I didn't realize it was a Judy Garland remake!

@Kim I love the idea of a gender turnaround. It makes the whole idea of a remake less offensive!

@Alyssa Ooh, he'd make a great bodyguard. :)
Nan O'Berry
6. Nan O'Berry
Hey Liz.. not to worry... I'm just older than the average romance writer LOL. Now I might be in error. I thought the Body guard was a twist on the old movie A STAR IS BORN
So I might be wrong. UGH.. To me the story lines are somewhat similar.. singer involved.

Nan O'Berry
7. Terri Brisbin
Oh, I could sooooo see Ryan Reynolds as the bodyguard... Oh yes.

And there's a woman involved? Sorry got all caught up in daydreaming about Ryan....

Terri B
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