Feb 16 2011 9:08am

For the Love of . . . Shoes?

The new Victoria's Secret catalog has gone out.  

Nothing says, “I'm hot,” like a pair of shoes designed to make your legs look like they are engulfed in a giant fungus.

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Plus . . . so impractical! They've got peep toes, so you have to wear toeless socks, or something, when wearing them? Or maybe footless tights? Or you can only wear them with your delightful matching tanks-and-shorts outfit, like this gal (don't forget the belt!).
Laura K. Curtis
2. LauraKCurtis
And who photoshop-stretched all her body parts to deliberately make her look more anorexic than she probably is? This is one of the ugliest and most insane things I've seen in a long time.
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
I'll keep serving up the haterade on this super-skeletor.

Her feet are gonna reek! Ha-ha.

She looks like an insect with her legs bent like that. Half Insect-half twit, like out of some sci-fi show on the CW for models.

Hobo-fashion is back ladies. It looks like they wrapped cloth around baggies keeping her feet warm and tied them mid-calf.
Robin Bradford
4. RobinBradford
Megan, that goes along with the peep toe boots I've been seeing this winter. A loud and healthy WTF to that! I have no haterade for this chippy, though. Only sympathy. It used to be that porn was the worst thing a girl could do make an extra buck.......
Keira Gillett
6. Keira
Ew... what were they thinking? Fungus shoes is too nice a term for them. lol
7. amanda mccabe
Just what I need--shoes to stumpify my legs even more...
Natasha Carty
8. WickedLilPixie
Yep, I'm going out in a tank top, short shorts and fungi boots this summer. Umm wait WTH?!
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