Feb 17 2011 8:50am

For the Love of . . . Canadians?

I love how the headline screams out that Wills and Kate are—wait for it—COMING TO NORTH AMERICA!

By which they mean Canada. As clearly stated in the first line of the article.

Can you imagine this brainstorming session, Mad Men-style?


“This Wills and Kate travel piece. It doesn't work.” Don Draper throws down his pen and goes to make a drink. “We can't say Canada.”

Peggy and The Copy Guy Whose Name Nobody Remembers exchange glances. Peggy gets that look like she's about to say something genius in a really soft, girly voice.  

She does: “What if we said North America?”

Silence. Then Don leans forward. Now he gets a look in his eyes. The one he gets when he's about to take Peggy's genius and make it sound geniusier without actually improving upon it.  In a booming voice he says, “We will say North America because Americans only want to read articles about themselves.”

Don downs his drink in one gulp.  Everybody smiles.


Meanwhile, back at H&H Headquarters, the team decides that the site needs to start a new collection for the Features section just to gab about the royal wedding. We'll need a good title for it. Now, where's Peggy?

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Natasha Carty
1. WickedLilPixie
Sadly, they are going EVERYWHERE in Canada but my province. *wipes a tear* I like Harry better anyways!
Liz Maverick
2. Liz Maverick
@WickedLilPixie It's funny how Harry used to be the not-so-cute one. Then they grew up.
Olivia Waite
3. O.Waite
My sister and her fiancé live in Vancouver, and are getting married this summer, and their first choice of date had to be changed when the royals picked the same date for the wedding. Is there a wedding equivalent of cock-blocking? Date-negating?
amanda mccabe
5. amanda mccabe
Ooooh, I do love a good "Mad Men" analogy! (or anything to do with "Mad Men" really)

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