Feb 22 2011 8:45am

For The Love Of . . . A Romantic Comedy That Actually Looks Good?

This looks really cute! And, thankfully, it features neither Jennifer Aniston nor Katherine Heigl. The film is based on the book of the same name by Emily Giffin. Often rom-coms aren't romantic or comedic. It seems directors think us gals will be amused by seeing Gerard Butler brought to his knees by a woman. Which is fine, sure, but there has to be more to the rom-com oeuvre than that (like how we got all fancy and used the word 'oeuvre?').

What was the last great romantic-comedy you saw?

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Charli Mac
1. CharliMac
Letters to Juliet. More romantic than funny but I liked that. I actually teared up at the end. Awesome!
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
This looks like a lot of fun and why can't I think of the last one I saw? Must come back.
3. EvangelineHolland
The last rom-com I've seen was the horrid The Bounty Hunter (with the ubiquitous Jennifer Aniston and an unattractive Gerard Butler--sorry ladies, he just looks like a boorish schlub with a bad accent in these rom-coms), but the last good one was The Mating Season made in 1951 and starring Gene Tierney. I am, however, looking forward to Jumping the Broom, starring Paula Patton and Angela Bassett!
Olivia Waite
4. O.Waite
We are totally due for a cute, sappy tearjerker comedy in the classic mode. I hope this turns out as good as the preview promises.
Aliza Mann
5. AlizaMann
I think the last great romcom for me was Bridget Jones, yes, the original. I am sooooo synical at times that things seem really contrived for my tastes...
Ok, I did love ALL of the Shreks, but who didn't?
I do, by the way, want to see this almost as much as I want to purchase that overly expensive bag from teh Marc Jacobs Spring line....
Good find! Thank you @MeganF!
Charli Mac
6. CharliMac
@AlizaMann Donkey and Puss made that movie.

@O. Waite Letters to Juliet is awesome. Totally awesome. You will need tissues at the end.

@evangeline The Bounty Hunter's only redeeming quality was Butler. I love me some But...ler.

@Kwana See my message above to O. Waite
romance reader
7. bookstorecat
French Kiss was the last really excellent romantic comedy I saw. And I was still in jr. high school. Bridget Jones was enjoyable, of course. So that would make 2 decent romantic comedies in the past decade or so.

(singing) Hooray for Hollywood!
amanda mccabe
8. amanda mccabe
LOL. I do tend to avoid anything with Jenneifer Aniston (how is it she is still allowed to make films??). last romcon I liked was Letters to Juliet, and Leap Year with Amy Adams! Very fun, and exotic locales too :)
amanda mccabe
9. A.J. Wilson
I just finshed watching Letter To Juliet. Totally loved it. Can't think of the last time I watched a REALLY good rom-com, this one might do it!
Charli Mac
10. CharliMac
@amanda @AJ didn't you cry at the end of Letters to Juliet. When the oldies finally hooked up! Sigh.
amanda mccabe
11. Marg
I had no idea this was being made into a movie!
Louise Partain
12. Louise321
Letters to Juliet was great! Loved the scene with Vanessa Redgrave's love riding up on a horse of all things. Be still my 59 year old heart!
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