Feb 24 2011 8:45am

For The Love Of . . . Heidi Montag?!?

Yesterday, Heidi Montag tweeted, “Thinking about writing a supernatural romance novel. Would you read?” and she continued to tweet about it through the day, even giving it its own hashtag (#HMRomNovel).

Yes, because apparently writing a “supernatural romance novel” (which is what, exactly, Heidi?) is as easy as hiring a surgeon to systematically reshape your body so you have none of your original parts.

But who wants to bet she gets a deal, Snooki-style?

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Natasha Carty
1. WickedLilPixie
It will be the first time I have a book burning party. How much do you wanna bet her vampire sparkles?
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
I don't wanna take that bet. I would lose. But I wonder if she'll actually let her heroine have sex with her vampy-boy hero?
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
Her Vampires won't sparkle, they'll shine from all the silicone! They'll have Louis Vuitton caskets to sleep in. They'd probably be the first tan vampires, she'd have hers spray tanning every day. They won't have fangs, those will be removed by a comestic dentist. They'll have there blood in Crystal bottles and served in glasses.

Sad thing is she looked beautiful before, more natural. Super sad.
4. EvangelineHolland
I think it's interesting that psuedo-celebrities are beginning to say they want to write a romance. Usually, when a star "writes" a book, it's a roman-à-clef, or some serious piece of litterachure. So...yay for romance?
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