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Belle Gone Bad: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Sabine Starr's Belle Gone Bad (March 20, 2014) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register to read the full excerpt.


A Little Scandal. . .

Belle Thompson will do just about anything to bring the murderer of her father and fiancé to justice. Even partner up with Mercy Huntingdon, a notorious artist known more for his scandalous sculptures than his skill with a six-shooter. But Belle and Mercy may have a common enemy, and if posing as his muse-a sensuous lady of the evening-will get Belle her man, the Texas beauty is up to the challenge. . .

Might Do A Girl Good. . .

Mercy Huntingdon needs Belle Thompson. Not only in his big, brass bed, but by his side as he tracks a kidnapper. Yet once he crosses into outlaw country with the gorgeous bounty hunter, all of his protective instincts go into overdrive-as well as a passion more powerful than the revenge that drives them both. . ..

A Message from Sabine Starr about Belle Gone Bad
I love the Old West. Naughty. Nice. And everything in-between. For naughty, I set Mercy, a sculptor of sensuous nudes, on a collision course with nice, a straight-shooting bounty hunter named Texas Belle. They’ve both loved and lost. They’re gun-shy. But they’re determined, particularly in the heady excitement of outlaws, gunfights, rowdy saloons and sizzlin’ love scenes.

1884, Delaware Bend, Texas

“Hey, Mercy, come see this!” Big Jim McMahon called from the batwing doors of the Red River Saloon.

Theodore Lafayette Huntingdon Jr. glanced up. Mercy. Lots of folks out West used a “summer name” instead of a birth name. But he hadn’t come up with an alias quick enough, so he’d been given one and it’d stuck.

“Now that’d sure make a fine painting.” Big Jim crossed muscular arms across his broad chest as he stared outside over the top of the doors.

Mercy sat at a round table by a front window where he could take advantage of the early morning light. He’d been sketching across white paper as he laid out the design for an oil painting that Big Jim had commissioned to hang over the Red River’s legendary bar.

“Get over here or you’ll be cussing and damning for days ’cause you missed her entrance.” Big Jim pointed outside.

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