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Bad Nights: Exclusive Excerpt

An exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Rebecca York's Bad Nights (September 3, 2013) is available on Heroes and Heartbreakers to members. Please log in or register at right to read the full excerpt.


You Only Get a Second Chance...

Private operative and former Navy SEAL Jack Brandt barely escaped a disastrous undercover assignment, thanks to the most intriguing woman he's ever met. When his enemies track him to her doorstep, he'll do anything to protect Morgan from the danger closing in on them both...

If You Stay Alive...

Since her husband's death, Morgan Rains has only been going through the motions. She didn't think anything could shock her—until she finds a gorgeous man stumbling naked and injured through the woods behind her house. He's mysterious, intimidating—and undeniably compelling.

Walking to the window, she eased the curtains aside with her free hand and scanned the woods beyond the house. At first she saw nothing in the fading light. Then a flash of something that wasn’t part of the natural environment made her go very still. 

She was seeing flesh. Not fur. Naked flesh.

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