<i>Demolished</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Demolished: Exclusive Excerpt Cathryn Fox "She’ll have to decide if she can trust Sean with her heart—and her life." <i>Suspicious Behavior</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Suspicious Behavior: Exclusive Excerpt L.A. Witt and Cari Z "They find themselves on the tail of a prolific serial killer who’s about to strike again." <i>An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors</i>: Exclusive Excerpt An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors: Exclusive Excerpt Curtis Craddock "She unravels the lies of her enemies and discovers a truth..." <i>Love Another Day</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Love Another Day: Exclusive Excerpt Lexi Blake "It might be her own personal demons that could destroy them both."
From The Blog
August 19, 2017
ICYMI: Romance’s Most Likely, Author Recs, Historical Best Bets, and more!
Team H & H
August 17, 2017
Helena Hunting's I Flipping Love You Promises "Shenanigans and Sexy Times"
Team H & H
August 17, 2017
The Delicious Angst of Sci-Fi's Tortured Heroines!
Heather Massey
August 16, 2017
Romance's Most Likely: Nominate Your Fictional Faves!
Team H & H
August 14, 2017
34 Romance Authors Nominate the Best Reads of 2017... So Far
Team H & H
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Aug 18 2017 2:00pm

“Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Sultanah is ready

Sultanah in Alyson Chase Excerpt: Disciplined by the Duke

Oooooooh a historical BDSM, now THAT'S what I'm talking about!!!

[+2 more comments of the week]

Aug 17 2017 11:05am

Helena Hunting’s I Flipping Love You Promises “Shenanigans and Sexy Times”

I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting

We've been loving the trend toward romantic comedy that's been happening lately. No author does it better than Helena Hunting. We fell in love with the hijinx of Shacking Up and now can't wait for the next Shacking Up book, Hooking Up to come out in November. Hunting isn't one to leave us waiting too long though, because before Hooking Up even hits shelves, she's giving us the scoop on her standalone book set in the Shacking Up world, I Flipping Love You.

In the announcement on her Facebook page, Hunting said the book would follow two people working in real estate who find themselves bumping heads when they vie for the same property. We have a feeling animosity will turn to love soon enough, especially when you take Hunting's talent for the rom-com and this delightful promise:

“Yes it will be a romantic comedy, yes there will be a hot hero, yes there will be shenanigans and sexy times!”

Helena, you have us sold on this already! 

Bookmark this page—we'll be updating it as more news becomes available for this book! 


Learn more about or order a copy of I Flipping Love You by Helena Hunting, available May 29, 2018: 

Buy at Amazon




Aug 16 2017 1:50pm

Romance’s Most Likely 2017: Nominate Your Fictional Favorites!

Romance's Most Likely banner

School may be (nearly) back in session for the kiddies, but master classes in romance are held year-round. Which is why we've decided it's high time to spotlight some of the past year's best and brightest romance characters through superlative awards decided by you! Nominations are now open for Romance's Most Likely, and we can't wait to hear who's top of the class for you!

So how will this all work? Like with any superlative contest, it's time to nominate your favorites. There are only two rules:

1) The character, couple, or group nominated must have been featured in a book between September 1, 2016 and August 31, 2017.

2) Only one choice per category—and don't forget to include the Author and Title the characters were featured in so we know exactly who you're talking about!

Look over the categories below and for each title make your choice. Nominations will be open from August 16-August 23, so get campaigning today and make sure your favorite characters get the opportunity to fight for their title! Romance's Most Likely voting will start on August 30, with winners revealed on September 13 in the H&H weekly newsletter. Since newsletter subscribers will be the first to learn the results, make sure you're on the list now!

Let the nominations begin!

Can’t see the form above? Here are the categories. Enter your nominees in the comments below!

  • Best First Kiss (couple)
  • The Characters Who Most Need to Make Out Already—But Haven’t Yet (couple)
  • Best Ensemble (e.g. Dumbledore's Army)
  • Most Likely to Charm Your Pants Off
  • Best Redemption Arc/Most Changed
  • Best Secondary Character
  • Most Likely to Save Us from the Alien Invasion
  • Best Road Trip Buddy
  • Most Likely to Rescue a Wounded Bird
  • Most Likely to Miss Their Own Wedding
  • Most Resourceful
  • Most Likely to Make You Laugh Until You Cry

Aug 16 2017 11:30am

Ilona Andrews’ Reveals Magic Triumphs Cover, Last Kate and Curran Book!

Magic Triumphs by Ilona Andrews

Ilona Andrews fans rejoice! The cover for the final book in Andrews' Kate Daniels series, Magic Triumphs, is here! Kate and Curran's story may be drawing to a close, but don't fear, Andrews doesn't intend for the Kate Daniels universe world to end just yet. Find out what's to come as Kate prepares to save the world.

Kate has come a long way from her origins as a loner taking care of paranormal problems in post-Shift Atlanta. She’s made friends and enemies. She’s found love and started a family with Curran Lennart, the former Beast Lord. But her magic is too strong for the power players of the world to let her be.

Kate and her father, Roland, currently have an uneasy truce, but when he starts testing her defenses again, she knows that sooner or later, a confrontation is inevitable. The Witch Oracle has begun seeing visions of blood, fire, and human bones. And when a mysterious box is delivered to Kate’s doorstep, a threat of war from the ancient enemy who nearly destroyed her family, she knows their time is up.

Kate Daniels sees no other choice but to combine forces with the unlikeliest of allies. She knows betrayal is inevitable. She knows she may not survive the coming battle. But she has to try.

For her child.

For Atlanta.

For the world.

[Read more...]

Aug 15 2017 2:00pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from May McGoldrick, Andie J. Christopher, Sabrina York, and Lecia Cornwall

The city or the highlands—how about both?! Take an early look at upcoming romances from authors May McGoldrick, Andie J. Christopher, Sabrina York, and Lecia Cornwall.

Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

Hugh Pennington—Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts, hero of the Napoleonic wars—is a grieving widower with a death wish. When he receives an expected crate from the continent, he is shocked to find a nearly dead woman inside. Her identity is unknown, and the handful of American coins and the precious diamond sown into her dress only deepen the mystery.

Grace Ware is an enemy to the English crown. Her father, an Irish military commander of Napoleon’s defeated army. Her mother, an exiled Scottish Jacobite. When Grace took shelter in a warehouse, running from her father’s murderers through the harbor alleyways of Antwerp, she never anticipated bad luck to deposit her at the home of an aristocrat in the Scottish Borders. Baronsford is the last place she could expect to find safety, and Grace feigns a loss of memory to buy herself time while she recovers.

Hugh is taken by her beauty, passion, and courage to challenge his beliefs and open his mind. Grace finds in him a wounded man of honor, proud but compassionate. When their duel of wits quickly turns to passion and romance, Grace’s fears begin to dissolve…until danger follows her to the very doors of Baronsford. For, unknown to either of them, Grace has in her possession a secret that will wreak havoc within the British government. Friend and foe are indistinguishable as lethal forces converge to tear the two lovers apart or destroy them both.

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick, available November 14, 2017:

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[+3 more covers ahead]

Aug 14 2017 2:00pm

34 Romance Authors Nominate the Best Reads of 2017... So Far

Team H&H's Heather Waters and Jennifer Proffitt were at the Romance Writers of America conference in Orlando, Florida and the hottest topic—as usual when you get a bunch of book lovers into one room—was what was the best book of 2017... so far! These writers have landed on many of our lists for the best read of the year, so dive in and see what books they were loving! 

Sabrina Jeffries, author of The Pleasures of Passion
(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

Sabrina Jeffries nominated A Lady's Code of Misconduct by Meredith Duran

[Read more...]

Aug 11 2017 2:00pm

“What I love is browsing and coming across unexpected treasures”: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

rubymydear loves the library experience

rubymydear in When Was the Last Time You Went to a Library?

I went yesterday! And our librarians know us and are great and the collection is housed in a wonderful old building. What I love is browsing and coming across unexpected treasures—books I read a long time ago and remember enjoying, or new, exciting titles. It's a different experience from going online to find something specific.

[+3 more comments of the week]

Aug 8 2017 1:30pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Donna Alward, Violetta Rand, Rose Lerner, Tara Leigh, Jessica Linden, and Elizabeth Hayley

Team H&H has 6 covers from upcoming romances. You'll be finding your future favorites among these books like Donna Alward's Christmas novella Deck the Halls, Violetta Rand's knight on shining motorcycle One Chance with Starlet, Rose Lerner's historical “office” romance A Taste of Honey, Tara Leigh's modern marriage of convenience Deal Breaker, Jessica Linden's enemies-to-lovers Trust in Me, and Elizabeth Hayley's fake relationship The Proposition. Take a look!

Deck the Halls by Donna Alward

With shades of It’s a Wonderful Life, one man must face his past to find his future this Christmas.

In the last year, George's life has drastically changed. The formerly homeless veteran now has a job he likes, a family in the residents of Darling, VT, and for the first time in years, a home. But while his present is good, he's still haunted by the past, a past that appears shortly before Christmas when the older sister of his brother-in-arms hunts him down and finds him in Darling, working at the Ladybug Garden Center.

Amy’s looking for closure for her family after her brother's death in the Middle East, but the serious man she finds working in Vermont doesn’t resemble the soldier she remembers from years before. This man is hardened and yet somehow fragile, too, and in her desire to find out what really happened to her brother, she learns more about George than she ever expected.

With a little Christmas magic and the whole town supporting them, can these two bruised hearts make a future together?

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Deck the Halls by Donna Alward, available October 3, 2017:

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[+5 more covers ahead]

Aug 4 2017 2:00pm

“I want to feel like I’m dying”: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Jessie E can’t get enough angst

Jessie E in Do You Prefer High Drama Intensity or Light and Fun Fluff?

I want to feel like I'm dying my heart hurts so bad from the angst.

[+2 more comments of the week]

Aug 2 2017 1:30pm

H&H Quickies #20: Megan Frampton—Prompt Me!

Lady Be Bad by Megan Frampton

If you can never get enough of your favorite authors (and who can?!?), you are going to love H&H's author writing challenge, H&H Quickies. Not only will you get to read fun, original scenes by awesome romance authors, but said awesome romance authors will be writing those scenes based on YOUR prompts!

Following up on wonderful Quickie scenes by Nicole MichaelsSusan AndersenRebecca ZanettiKerrigan ByrneLora LeighValerie BowmanAnne CalhounTessa Bailey, and more (see all the Quickies here), we are pleased to announce that Megan Frampton will be the twentieth author to participate in the H & H Quickies challenge! Here are the details:

For the next week, H&H readers are invited to leave comments on this post with writing prompts/ideas for Megan Frampton with a historical romance theme. Once the prompting period is over next week, Megan will read over all the prompts and pick at least two that she finds inspiring, and use them to write a short original scene. H&H will then post the scene for everyone to read and enjoy (yay!), as well as reveal which prompts Megan used for the scene (woo-hoo!) for bragging rights. 

[Ready to get prompting??]

Aug 2 2017 11:00am

Helena Hunting’s Got Sexy Covered with Hooking Up

Hooking Up by Helena Hunting

Last month, we introduced the heroine of Helena Hunting's next rom-com Hooking Up. She's best friends with Shacking Up's heroine, Ruby, and she's here with her own story and sexy new cover!

Amalie's story is coming in November—get a taste of what's to come:

Amalie Whitfield is the picture of a blushing bride during her wedding reception–but for all the wrong reasons. Instead of proclaiming his undying love, her husband can be heard, by Amalie and their guests, getting off with someone else. She has every reason to freak out, and in a moment of insanity, she throws herself at the first hot-blooded male she sees. But he’s not interested in becoming her revenge screw.

Mortified and desperate to escape the post-wedding drama, Amalie decides to go on her honeymoon alone, only to find the man who rejected her also heading to the same tiny island for work. But this time he isn’t holding back. She should know better than to sleep with someone she knows, but she can’t seem to resist him.

They might agree that what happens on the island should stay on the island, but neither one can deny that their attraction is more than just physical. 

Filled with hilariously scandalous situations and enough sexual chemistry to power an airplane from New York City to the South Pacific, Hooking Up is the next standalone, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from Helena Hunting, the New York Times bestselling author of the Pucked series and Shacking Up.

[+Find out more in the Shacking Up novella...]

Aug 2 2017 9:30am

Lora Leigh’s Collision Point Prologue is Revealed!

Collision Point by Lora Leigh

Today we're so thrilled to get a first taste of Lora Leigh's Collision Point. Last month we revealed the brand new look for the Brute Force series, which would be launching with the story of Rory Malone, and now we get to share the beginning of this story with the prologue of Collision Point. Learn more about Rory's story before diving in to an excerpt below!

Riordan “Rory” Malone is a force to be reckoned with. A member of the Brute Force Protection Agency and an operative working with the Elite Ops, Rory is the fiercest of warriors and protectors.  Honed from the strong Irish stock of their grandfather and sharpened to a razor’s edge, Malone men live for one single purpose: to protect the women who own them, body and soul. From the moment he saw Amara Resnova, he knew she could be that woman.

But Amara, daughter of an alleged notorious crime lord, is a force in her own right. When she betrays her father, she’s finds herself in the arms of a man who is dangerous for her body and soul.

Can Rory keep Amara safe while protecting his own heart? Can Amara trust Rory not to break hers even as the danger mounts, threatening to take them and their passion to a breaking point?

Get a sneak peek at Lora Leigh's Collision Point (available March 27, 2018) with an exclusive excerpt of the Prologue!


“What took you so long?” The words rasped from the young woman’s swollen, split and bleeding lips.

The beauty she had been weeks before was marred by the heavy fists that had landed repeatedly on her fragile face.

Her once long, inky black hair was chopped off to only a few inches that covered her scalp, and the clothes she wore were stained with far too much blood.

[Keep reading...]

Aug 1 2017 2:00pm

Cover Tuesday: Exclusive Reveals from Christmas in Kilts Historical Anthology, Laura Carter, L.A. Witt, Lauren Smith, and Sherilee Grey

Team H&H has 5 covers from upcoming romances including a Scottish historical holiday anthology from authors Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, and May McGoldrick. As well as reveals from L.A. Witt, Laura Carter, Lauren Smith, and Sherilee Gray. Take a look!

Christmas in Kilts by Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, and May McGoldrick

Christmas in Kilts by Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, and May McGoldrick

Tis the season to fall in love! These five bestselling authors bring you great tiding of highlanders and romances this holiday season!

A HIGHLANDER'S HOPE by Terri Brisbin
A village harlot who would never dream she could have a different life meets a Highlander who visits for the holidays and brings with him an offer and hope.

When a snowstorm forces a charming lass hiding a broken heart to take shelter in a castle with three fine Highland lairds just days before Christmas, there’s a game afoot—who will be the first to win a kiss and maybe her heart.

She's ready to embrace her life and future as a spinster, he's trying to have one last hurrah before he gives into his family's wishes and proposes marriage to his neighbor, but fate has other ideas when the lady and the Scot meet at a holiday house party in the wilds of Scotland.

What happens when a highlander finds himself stranded, maybe kidnapped, with an English lady around Christmas... maybe the mistletoe will help answer that question.

An encounter between an English officer and a desperate aunt trying to keep custody of her young niece leads to a little magic during the holidays.

Learn more about or pre-order a copy of Christmas in Kilts by Terri Brisbin, Lecia Cornwall, Bronwen Evans, Lavinia Kent, and May McGoldrick, available October 31, 2017:

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[+4 more covers ahead]

Jul 28 2017 2:30pm

“I’m constantly looking to learn new things”: Comments That Made Our Week

We at Heroes and Heartbreakers are so proud of and thankful for this wonderful community. Thank you for always adding a little extra sparkle to our week. In honor of Fan Friday, we want to give a special shoutout to a few of our favorite comments, and the readers behind them. We love your work!

Althea Claire Duffy loves edutainment

Althea Claire Duffy in Do You Like Your Reading to be Edutaining?

Yes!! I'm constantly looking to learn new things. I'm also a big fan of books with a lot of setting detail and atmosphere, and the author's research is an important part of that.

In particular, I love historicals that go beyond the usual drawing rooms and Almack's circuit. I've only dipped a toe into Beverly Jenkins's work, but I love how she works in neglected aspects of American (especially African American) history, and I'm certainly planning to read more.

[+2 more comments of the week]

Jul 28 2017 1:00pm

9 Romances H&H Reviewers Loved in July 2017

Our reviewers give us the scoop every day on the books they're loving and share their opinions here on Heroes and Heartbreakers. However, each month, we ask them to make a tough decision and recommend the best thing they've read over the last month! It doesn’t have to be a new book, as evidenced below; just something that made the month sparkle a bit more.

Without further ado, here’s the installment for July 2017 (and if you’ve missed any, be sure to check out past recs via the Related Posts section at the bottom of the post):

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon

Rachel Kramer Bussel:

I was utterly charmed by YA romance When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) When the title pair meet at a summer camp for computer programmers, he's expecting to woo his future wife; she throws coffee on him. From there, the story is filled with each of them figuring out, separately and together, what role art and duty and love play in their lives. This is such a fun and sweet story that I was almost sad to see it end.

Darlene Marshall:

My Best of July is The Red by Tiffany Reisz (Amazon | B&N | Kobo):

Some erotica just hits all the right notes: the sex is smokin', the writing is crisp, the characters are engaging and the story is engrossing. The Red is one such novel. The always entertaining Tiffany Reisz has done it again, proving that she can transition between stand-alone novels, short fiction, fantasy, erotica and erotic romance while still maintaining her unique voice.

The Red is absolutely not for the faint-of-heart. Mona Lisa St. James promised her dying mother she'd run the family art gallery, but The Red is in the red and it's going to take a miracle to save it. But instead of an angel, what Mona gets is a devilish offer: become a man's whore (his words) for one year, allowing him to use her sexually in whatever fashion suits him, and he'll pay off the debt. She's tempted by the mysterious Englishman, but how far is Mona willing to go to save her legacy?

Reisz calls the book “a fantasy” and there's a hint of the paranormal as well as the fantasy sex, but it's masterfully done. I highly recommend The Red for readers who aren't afraid of adult themes and situations, and who like their sex scenes written for an intelligent audience.

[+7 more recommendations ahead!]

Jul 27 2017 11:48pm

2017 RITA, Golden Heart, and Lifetime Achievement Award Winners Announced by RWA!

Once and for All by Cheryl EtchisonRoll the Academy Awards and the Emmys into one and you have an idea of how big the RITA Awards are in the romance novel world. Every year at their national conference (this year being held in Orlando, Florida), the Romance Writers of America* recognizes excellence in romance across a variety of categories, including historical, paranormal, and contemporary. Tonight, we and our fellow RWA attendees watched with hearts in our eyes as each winner of this prestigious award was announced and gave an acceptance speech, and we know you'll be just as excited to see who was honored.

In March, we brought you a list of the nominees. Now, read on for a complete list of the 2017 RITA and Golden Heart winners, as well as the recipient of this year's Nora Roberts Lifetime Acheivement Award!

*Romance Writers of America is a nonprofit trade association for romance writers. Each year, RWA awards the RITA, for published fiction, and the Golden Heart, in unpublished fiction, to authors writing in a variety of genres.

2017 RITA Winners

Best First Book

Once and For All: An American Valor Novel by Cheryl Etchison (Amazon | B&N | Kobo)
Avon, Impulse
Priyanka Krishnan and Rebecca Lucash, editors

[+See who else won!...]