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Jan 3 2016 10:30am

“I Remember Everything”: 15 Defining Moments for Dawson’s Creek’s Pacey/Joey

Dawson's Creek Joey and Pacey

Everyone knows the rule: the hero gets the girl in the end. But as we all know, the ’90s teen drama Dawson’s Creek switched things up by having charming sidekick Pacey Witter win the heart of the fair Joey Potter, Dawson’s “soulmate.” But for those of us who were paying attention, there were clues right from the start about who the ultimate DC OTP was. Check out this roundup of 15 of their most epic romantic moments and we think you’ll agree that the powers that be made the right call.

1) The Meet-Cute (Season 1, Episode 1, “Pilot”)

Right from their first appearances on the show, Pacey and Joey had one of the key elements of any good romance: great banter. Forced into acting together in one of Dawson’s home movies, they splashed each other, all steamed up and squabbling about whether or not Pacey copped a butt squeeze in his swamp monster guise. Oh yeah, Dawson never had a chance from the start. 

[We fell in love with Joey and Pacey from the beginning ...]

Mar 17 2015 1:20pm

Zombie Girls Need Love Too: Ship Watch for iZombie

iZombie's Liv and her menThe undead don’t generally cut the most romantic of figures, what with all the rotting flesh and somnambulist shuffling. But the CW’s newest midseason offering could be the show to change that, as iZombie, premiering tonight, offers a surprising amount of shipping potential.

Starring Rose McIver as Liv Moore (Heh. Get it?), a 20-something medical resident who recently transitioned from breathing to not-so-much, iZombie is adapted from the successful DC Comics series of the same name by none other than Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars. Thomas and fellow Mars writer Diane Ruggiero-Wright penned the iZombie pilot episode, which is full of snarky voiceover, smart-ass banter, and plenty of amateur crime solving. When her job at the morgue leads to Liv discovering that gray matter tastes great with a dash of hot sauce—and gives her psychic visions of the last moments of the brain’s owner—she finds a new lust for life by helping solve their murders.  It’s a great setup for an offbeat, macabre program that could just shuffle away with your heart.

But it’s not just crime-solving and cerebrum-snacking going on here! Despite the pallid skin and raccoon-eyed look that Liv’s sporting, she’s got no shortage of sexy men standing by.

[And your bachelors are...]

Dec 22 2014 12:00pm

(Spoiler!) State of The Affair 1x10

Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of The Affair, including last night's Season 1 finale.

So we’ve seen ten episodes now of this fascinating (and recently Golden Globe-nominated) drama, but we seem to have just skimmed the surface of the secrets and scandals of The Affair. The finale was a bit trickier to navigate timeline-wise than most of what came before, and though the very ending was a fairly predictable conclusion (so Alison and Noah DID end up together), there are still plenty of burning questions left for us to mull over before season two comes around:

[Fire 'em up!]

Nov 24 2014 1:15pm

The State of The Affair: We Need to Talk About Cole

Joshua Jackson and Ruth Wilson as Cole and Alison in The Affair 1x07It’s Episode 7 of The Affair and the Lockhart Ranch manure has officially hit the fan. The affair is revealed to the spouses, the Solloways leave the island, and the drug trafficking problems get worse. But before we get to that…

—Did Joshua Jackson not absolutely knock it out of the park tonight or what? My interest in this show began with his casting, and I’ve been waiting for them to really give him something to chew on and oh boy, did he deliver tonight: anger, tears, confessions, chivalry, punching out the villain…whoo boy. Romance fans, is Cole Lockhart not the quintessential strong-but-silent alpha hero with a tender heart that we all swoon over? His confession about the pain he felt over Gabriel was just heartbreaking. I ask again, how could Alison cheat on this man? HOW!? He finds out he was cuckolded and still cares enough to make sure she doesn’t get her dress dirty sitting on a Manhattan curb (a total Pacey Witter move, by the way). Damn lady! You crazy!

[You deserve better, buddy...]

Nov 3 2014 10:35am

The State of The Affair: #TeamNoah or #TeamAlison?

Alison and Noah kiss in The AffairWe’re four episodes into —and almost halfway through the first season of—this ambitious prestige drama, and the skin has finally hit the sheets, folks. Yes, Alison and Noah have done the deed.

Of course, that’s about the only thing we know for sure at this point, as it seems to be the one salient fact our narrators agree upon. Last night’s episode broke from the dueling viewpoints format to show us contiguous versions of one day’s escape to Block Island for the furtive lovers.  For the first time, there was finally a sense of romance to this twisted tale.

Some brief thoughts on this interlude, the larger mysteries of the affair, and whether or not Alison and Noah have any true soulmate potential below:

[Let's dissect it...]

Oct 13 2014 10:39am

Should You Take a Chance on The Affair?

The AffairIn Romancelandia, there’s no greater taboo than infidelity. Cheating on a partner whom you’ve committed to—with whom you’ve already declared your happily-ever-after—defies all of the ideals that romance novels uphold. Yet, it seems more and more television shows lately have been designed around the core concept of unfaithfulness. The past year has seen ABC’s Betrayal come and go and USA’s Satisfaction come and…well, keep on coming, as it just got renewed for a second season.

Now Showtime’s newest prestige drama, The Affair, which premiered last night tackles the difficult topic…and it’s not without its unique charms. The premise is simple: Teacher/novelist Noah Solloway (The Wire’s Dominic West) and his wife, Helen (Maura Tierney of ER and Newsradio fame), are a long-married NYC couple heading to the Hamptons for the summer with their four nightmare kids (no, seriously—the cold open is pretty much a horrifying ad for birth control). He meets Alison Lockhart (Luther’s Ruth Wilson), a townie waitress, who is in a faltering marriage to surfer/rancher Cole (Joshua “Forever Pacey” Jackson) following the death of their young son. When Noah and Alison meet at her diner, an inexplicable bond/attraction is formed.

Critics have been praising it for weeks (it boasts an almost unheard of 100% positive reviews on RottenTomatoes.com) for its stellar cast and smart Rashomon-style storytelling. So even if cheating is so not your bag, these appealing aspects of the show just might make you think twice about dallying with The Affair.

[Let's rendezvous, shall we?...]

Sep 5 2013 8:30am

First Look: Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl (September 10, 2013)

Fangirl by Rainbow RowellRainbow Rowell
St. Martin's Press / September 10, 2013 / $18.99 print, $9.99 digital

Cath doesn’t think she’s good at life—but she’s really good at being a fan. She’s been writing fanfiction since she was twelve, and she’s gotten kind of famous in that world. But college is another “story.” She’s got a mean roommate (with a too-friendly boyfriend), her twin sister’s ignoring her, her dad’s a mess, her writing professor is pushing her too hard… She keeps having to rise to the occasion, but all she really wants to do is stay in her room and write. Is Cath ready to live her own life, write her own stories, and open her heart to someone? Or will she just go on living inside her fictional world?

As you’ve probably noticed, around these here parts, we really like our fangirl pursuits. Rainbow Rowell, who got some great buzz for her very touching YA Eleanor & Park, does a lovely job portraying the weird phenomenon of being “internet famous” in this coming-of-age story.

For the most part, she gets the fandom details pretty right. Cath is a BNF (big name fan) for writing a long-running story “Carry On, Simon!” about a (fictional) couple/book series that was obviously inspired by Harry and Draco from Rowling’s Potter novels. Cath’s stories are so beloved she gets hundreds of emails from readers clamoring for more, and even has fan art t-shirts based on her stories selling on Etsy.

[Fandom ftw!...]

May 24 2013 8:30am

Catching Up with Continuum (And Its Ships!)

Kiera in ContinuumWith season two of this Syfy drama rapidly approaching (it returns Friday, June 7, 10 pm), it’s a great time to catch up on the promising mystery/sci-fi hybrid series Continuum.

Rachel Nichols stars as über-capable cop Kiera Cameron, who was accidentally propelled back to 2012 from her spacecraft-flying, supersuit-wearing existence in 2077 when a shady criminal enterprise used a time-travel device to escape execution. The group, Liber8, was a terrorist cell fighting against the total control of society by corporations, the largest of which was run by Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen). When Keira lands in 2013, she quickly becomes part of the modern police force, partnering with Carlos Fonnegra (Victor Webster). Our fish-out-of-water heroine gets a little help from that high-tech supersuit and her futuristic “upgrades” which also put her in contact with Alec (his company made the suit), who is now a nerdy teen with a crazy computer grid in his family’s barn.

Got all that? Good. Because now we can get down to what’s really important—the 'ships! So technically, Kiera is married with a kid in 2077 and desperately wants to get back to that family. (Even if there are hints that her husband is shady and possibly in cahoots with Old Alec to do bad things.) Ahem. So the shipping is on the down-low and mostly implied at this point, but shipping is all about having faith when canon tells you not to! Or, uh, something like that. Anyway, here’s the down-low on the potential romances brewing for our kickass lady cop.

[To the ships!...]

May 18 2013 6:42pm

Orphan Black’s Sarah/Paul: Tainted Love

Orphan Black's Paul and Sarah

Note: This post contains SPOILERS for Season 1 of Orphan Black.

If you’re not watching BBC America’s Orphan Black (and you should be!), you’re not only missing out on a great mystery/sci-fi drama series, but also one very twisted love story. When our grifter heroine Sarah Manning (Tatiana Maslany) happens to witness the suicide of a woman, Beth Childs, who looks identical to her, she slips into her doppleganger’s life as a police detective hoping to score some cash. She gets more than she bargained for in all kinds of ways, but the most intriguing is Paul Dierden (Dylan Bruce), Beth’s live-in lover.

Streetwise punk-rock Sarah (who was previously dating a drug dealer) isn’t too impressed as she scopes out pics of the chiseled clean-cut guy, declaring to her buddy Felix that “If that was my boyfriend, I’d jump in front of a train too.” But hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. When Paul comes home unexpectedly, Sarah tries some distraction, in the form of stripping him for some sexytimes on the kitchen countertop.  (And this is cable, so there is skin. And thrusting. And moaning. Mmhmm.)

[From twisted beginnings come ?...]

May 16 2013 12:26pm

The CW Reveals 2013-2014 TV Schedule: Queen of Scots in Love, Originals, Robbie Amell, and More!

The CW's ReignIt’s that time of year again, when the major TV networks unveil their fall schedules and we get a little glimpse of what we might be obsessing about at the water cooler from September to May. Here’s a look at the schedule and, more importantly, new shows that The CW announced at its Upfronts presentations in New York City today:

The CW's Fall 2013 Schedule (all times ET)

8-9 p.m. — Hart of Dixie
9-10 p.m. — Beauty & the Beast

8-9 p.m. — The Originals (DRAMA) The Vampire Diaries’ first family head on down to New Orleans to stir up trouble. All your favorites, Klaus, Elijah, etc., will be there, and facing off with the sexy King of the city (and Klaus’ former protégé) Marcel (The Game’s Charles Michael Davis). Oh, and did we mention that undead Klaus is gonna be a daddy?
Ship Watch: Klaus/Hayley?

9-10 p.m. —  Supernatural

[What else is new to the schedule?...]

May 15 2013 4:20pm

CBS Reveals 2013-2014 TV Schedule: Buffy, Hostages, Will Arnett, and More!

Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Crazy OnesIt’s that time of year again, when the major TV networks unveil their fall schedules and we get a little glimpse of what we might be obsessing about at the water cooler from September to May. Here’s a look at the schedule and, more importantly, new shows that CBS announced at its Upfronts presentations in New York City today (the CW will present tomorrow):

CBS's Fall 2013 Schedule (all times ET)

8-9 p.m. — The Amazing Race 
9-10 p.m. — The Good Wife
10-11 p.m.— The Mentalist

8-8:30 p.m. — How I Met Your Mother
8:30-9 p.m. — We Are Men (COMEDY) –Left at the altar, a betrayed bridegroom (Paranormal Activity 3’s Chris Smith) moves into an apartment complex and gets advice from three older but-not-so-much wiser dudes  played by Jerry O'Connell (The Defenders), Kal Penn (House), and Tony Shalhoub (Monk).
9-9:30 p.m. — 2 Broke Girls
9:30-10 p.m. —  Mom (COMEDY) –The return of West Wing alums to TV continues! A newly sober single mom (Anna Faris) moves in with her own mother (Allison Janney) to get her life back together. With these two funny ladies on board, this might be the best of the surprisingly large bunch of sitcoms this season where adult kids move in with their parents (or vice versa).

[Clearly comedy is king on Mondays!...]

May 14 2013 3:00pm

ABC Reveals 2013-2014 TV Schedule: S.H.I.E.L.D., Wonderland, Tricia Helfer, and More!

It’s that time of year again, when the major TV networks unveil their fall schedules and we get a little glimpse of what we might be obsessing about at the water cooler from September to May. Here’s a look at the schedule and, more importantly, new shows that ABC announced at its Upfronts presentations in New York City today (CBS and the CW will present over the next few days):

ABC's Fall 2013 Schedule (all times ET)

8-9 p.m. — Once Upon a Time 
9-10 p.m. — Revenge
10-11 p.m. —  BETRAYAL (DRAMA) Twisty and infidelicious, this soap/legal drama hybrid follows a female photographer who has a torrid affair with a defense lawyer. But when he gets a big murder case, he has to go up against her husband, the prosecuting attorney, in court. James Cromwell (American Horror Story: Asylum), Henry Thomas (E.T.), Hannah Ware (Boss), Stuart Townsend (Night Stalker), and Wendy Moniz (Damages) star.
Ship watch: Sara/Jack

8-9 p.m. — Dancing With the Stars
10-11 p.m. — Castle

[What about the rest of the week?...]

May 13 2013 2:30pm

NBC & FOX Reveal 2013-2014 TV Schedules: Dracula, Rakes, Gillian Anderson, Robots, and More!

DraculaIt’s that time of year again, when the major TV networks unveil their fall schedules and we get a little glimpse of what we might be obsessing about at the water cooler from September to May. Here’s a look at the schedules and, more importantly, new shows that NBC and FOX announced at their Upfronts presentations in New York City today (ABC, CBS, and the CW will present over the next few days):

NBC's Fall 2013 Schedule (all times ET)

7:00-8:15 p.m. – Football Night in America
8:15-11:30 p.m. – Sunday Night Football

8-10 p.m. — The Voice
10-11 p.m. — The Blacklist (DRAMA) — With shades of FOX’s The Following, James Spader (The Office) stars as a most wanted criminal who will surrender and talk on one condition—he works only with one specific rookie FBI agent to whom he seemingly has no connection. It’s nice to see co-stars Homeland’s Diego Klattenhoff and Dollhouse’s Harry Lennix back on our TV!
Ship watch: Too soon to tell.

8-9 p.m. – The Biggest Loser
9-10 p.m. – The Voice
10-11 p.m. – Chicago Fire

[Is it fall yet?...]

Mar 14 2013 1:30pm

Recommended Reading for Nashville, Sons of Anarchy Characters

Tara in Sons of AnarchyReading is a quiet, mostly solitary act, so it’s rare to see beloved TV characters kicking back and cracking open a paperback. But….you can learn a lot from a book! Whether they’re cautionary tales, how-to manuals, or just plain fun, here’s some romances that those small-screen heroes and heroines might want to check out in their downtime:

Sons of Anarchy

Is Charming the sort of place to have a cute indie bookstore? If not, Tara might want to get herself to the library and check out Kristen Ashley’s Motorcycle Man, natch. The sexy story of normal girl Tyra who chucks her old life for her sexy, tattooed biker dude Kane might hit home for our doc, and even make her think about getting the hell out of Charming some more. If she were feeling especially charitable, perhaps she could even pick up a little something for her monster-in-law...

[What WOULD Gemma read? And Nashville's Juliette?...]

Mar 5 2013 12:00pm

The Bad Girls’ Club: Romantic Anti-Heroines

Katee Sackhoff as Kara Thrace/StarbuckConfession: When it comes to heroines, I have a definite type. I don’t particularly care what the hero is like (although alpha-holes need not apply), but I like my fictional women a little bit on the wild and unpredictable side. Prone to cursing, ready and able to throw a punch or deliver a cunning verbal smackdown, complicated and difficult. Independent and determined to take care of herself. Confident, ballsy, selfish. Ruthless in pursuing a goal. Not above illegal activity if the ends justify the means. Possesing a questionable moral code. Flawed…beyond the standard romance faults of, say, being clumsy or having unsightly freckles.

Yup, most of my favorite heroines are actually anti-heroines. Give me Faith over Buffy anyday. Watts over Amanda Jones, no question! Starbuck over….well, frak, Starbuck over anyone at all. I love a morally compromised, swaggering scrapper of a heroine. And I really like to see what these kinds of women do when they’re placed in the most vulnerable, most emotional scenarios—namely, when they’re in love.

But while you can’t swing a cat in the romance genre without hitting some kind of bad boy hero—be it a rake, rogue or domineering billionaire with a kinky side—it’s near impossible to find romances that feature anti-heroines. The romance genre seems to have an unwritten rule that heroines be nice, average, everyday kind of gals—relatable, recognizable, and most of all, likable. And maybe with good reason. I’ve seen a fair amount of bad reactions from readers to the sorts of heroines I favor, often stating the character was too bitchy, too difficult to the hero, too stubborn… too much.

But in the immortal words of  the '80s songstress Samantha Fox: “Naughty Girls Need Love Too.” So for those of us who do prefer a bit more spice than sugar in our fictional ladies, luckily there are some badass babes out there.

[Nice is so five minutes ago...]

Jan 17 2013 10:08am

Nashville Season 1, Episode 10 Recap: Fugitives from Love

Juliette Barnes in Nashville Season 1 episode 10

Everybody wants what they haven’t got on this week’s Nashville.

(Missed an episode? Catch up with Tara's recaps of the Nashville pilotepisode 1.02episode 1.03episode 1.04episode 1.05episode 1.06episode 1.07episode 1.08, and episode 1.09.)

The tour (brilliantly titled Red Lips, White Lies—though it irked me that Rayna wasn’t wearing red lipstick!) finally kicks off with an awkward press conference where Rayna and Juliette are barely veiling their snipes at each other, much to the reporters’ glee. But both ladies are preoccupied by the men in their lives. Sean won’t sign the divorce papers Juliette served him with, and in fact counters by serving her with a summons for an annulment hearing. Rayna’s trying to make the new guitar player into a partner on stage, quite obviously missing Deacon. She’s not really missing her husband on the other hand, as she decides not to fly home for the results of his suddenly impending election night.

[Finally, an election that sped right on by!...]

Jan 10 2013 10:44am

Nashville Season 1, Episode 9 Recap: Change Your Mind?

Rayna and Juliette in Nashville*******SPOILERS*******

We’re back! And hold on to your rhinestones, because more happens in the teaser before the credits in tonight’s episode than in all eight of the previous episodes combined, I think. This is Nashville on speed, y’all! Yeehaw!

(Missed an episode? Catch up with Tara's recaps of the Nashville pilotepisode 1.02episode 1.03episode 1.04episode 1.05episode 1.06, episode 1.07, and winter finale episode 1.08)

You know how we waited and waited for the damn tour to get off the ground? Well now it’s happening in THREE DAYS! Who knows how everyone is going to be prepared in that short of time since they seem to just be deciding it now, but hey, that’s television for you!

Rayna, who was only ever lukewarm on the tour, is suddenly just raring to go, but there’s a hold-up….that wacky Juliette is late to record the actual vocals for that kickass live duet they did. But she has a pretty good reason—she’s off in Vegas consummating her quickie marriage to QB1! Oh, those crazy kids. I bet you thought they’d drag that sucker out for the entire rest of the season, eh? Wrong! But our not-so-blushing bride assures Glenn that she’s not an idiot and there was a prenup. That’s my girl.

[You did have us worried for a second, though, Juliette...]

Dec 6 2012 2:42pm

Nashville Season 1, Episode 8 Recap: Trouble in Paradise

Juliette and Sean in Nashville season 1 episode 8*******SPOILERS*******

One step forward, two steps back. After last week’s quite good episode, this week’s midseason finale feels somewhat anticlimactic with not a lot of real forward moment and a pretty lame cliffhanger.

(Missed an episode? Catch up with Tara's recaps of the Nashville pilotepisode 1.02episode 1.03episode 1.04episode 1.05, episode 1.06, and last week's episode 1.07.)

Rayna’s riding high on the success of her duet with Juliette, even wrangling a promise from Marshall that he’ll release her next album. It’s all champagne dreams and caviar wishes until buzzkill Teddy comes in looking grim and the party’s over. He tells her they better go home and talk, where (in front of some seriously creepy portraits of their girls) he divulges that Coleman has some photos that look like he had an affair with Peggy, but he assures her he didn’t. She believes him, but is none too pleased.

[Don't blame her at all...]

Nov 29 2012 11:14am

Nashville Season 1, Episode 7 Recap: Affairs of the Heart

Rayna and Juliette duet in Nashville 1.07 Lovesick Blues**********SPOILERS**********

Nashville finally seems to be—forgive the pun—settling into a groove. The pacing is much quicker now, and even though some scenes do get a bit repetitive and bogged down, episodes six and seven have had a lot more forward momentum.

(Missed an episode? Catch up with Tara's recaps of the Nashville pilotepisode 1.02episode 1.03episode 1.04episode 1.05, and last week's episode 1.06.)

Rayna’s in the studio with Liam, jazzed about her new sound. So much so that she decides she’ll close the upcoming anniversary concert for her label at the legendary Ryman Auditorium with one of her new songs. She’s all sassy rebel and attitude. Well, yee haw!

Juliette, meanwhile, is jazzed about her new man. She and QB1 Sean are making out when Glenn pulls her aside to let her know Sean’s fans are holding her responsible for his poor passing. (Hey there, Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo circa 2007!). Marshall wants to see her personally. Poor Juliette. Everybody’s just pissing on her parade.

[And it only makes us like her more...]

Nov 15 2012 10:06am

Nashville Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: A Change Will Do You Good

Scarlett in NashvilleI love a good title. And this week's Nashville had a good one: “You're Gonna Change (or I'm Gonna Leave).” Since that kind of summed up my general disappointment with the show for the past few weeks, I'm so glad it took its own advice. For the first time since the pilot, last night's Nashville showed signs of growth and forward momentum, as well as both of its leading ladies being pretty awesome. Good job, show. More of this please.

(Missed an episode? Catch up with Tara's recaps of the Nashville pilotepisode 1.02, episode 1.03, episode 1.04, and last week's episode 1.05.)

We open with a refreshingly humorous scene at a fundraiser for the Nashville zoo. Juliette isn't pleased about three weeks of publicity penance, gritting through a smile to her publicist Makena, “If any of these adorable baby animals take a crap on me, I'm gonna be veeery upset.” Rookie NFL quarterback Sean Butler, basically the Finn Hudson of Nashville, is the host of this shindig and he introduces himself to Juliette, who's not feeling the goody-two-shoes image he projects. (She's even less endeared to him when he thrusts a small animal at her and it promptly tries to start eating her hair extensions.) Nevertheless Makenna notices Juliette's Facebook likes soar after her animal encounter and thinks Sean's a good prospect for a publicity date/fauxmance, sending them out for dinner together. Since our jaded Juliette can't get over the teetotaling, homebody Sean, she decides she needs to corrupt him, whisking him off to South Beach because...well, like she says, “We're young, we're hot, and I have a jet.” Hard to argue with that.

[So we won't!...]