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Nov 10 2017 12:00pm

First Look: Lecia Cornwall’s Enchanted by the Highlander (November 14, 2017)

Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall

Lecia Cornwall
Enchanted by the Highlander (Highland Fairy Tale #4)
Swerve / November 14, 2017 / $3.99 digital

Lecia Cornwall’s latest in her Highland Fairytale series, Enchanted by the Highlander, is exactly that: Enchanting. The story flows, and the romance buds until the leads have their HEA. I found chills erupting all over my skin several times and it involved moments where the Hero, John Erly, and the Heroine, Gillian MacLeod didn’t even kiss. You see, Gillian MacLeod is the shy MacLeod. The one whom all her sisters’ feel they must talk for and protect. But beneath her shy façade is a woman capable of protecting herself, a woman who knows her mind, and until recently felt silenced.

Everything changes when she falls for John Erly, the Sassenach. Her father, the fearless Laird MacLeod of Glen Iolair, would never allow his daughter to marry an Englishman. Yet, that is who owns her heart. Though not because John pursues the lass. Rather, he tries in vain to avoid her, because he knows he’s not worthy of her love.

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Nov 1 2017 2:00pm

First Look: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Pawn (November 3, 2017)

Pawn by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff
Pawn (Mr. Rook's Island #2)
Mimi Jean Pamfiloff / November 3, 2017 / $11.99 print, $3.99 digital

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Pawn has it all. There’s something for every lover of romance's sub-genres in this book: Paranormal, contemporary, and historical, virgin-trope, murder-mystery, and semi-erotic themes. For those fans who love a western romance, don’t fret, there’s mention of a cowboy fantasy at Rook’s Island, where women can have any and all fantasies, mind no one gets truly hurt.

Yes, I can’t say enough about Ms. Pamfiloff’s second book in her Rook Island trilogy. The pacing is quick and the story sucked me in until I was vigorously turning the pages. The mystery of Rook and his island unfolds effortlessly and once his “secret” was revealed, I thought, aha, I know how this ends, until Mimi Jean Pamfiloff leaves us with a twist at the very end. Thus, we must wait until the final book in the trilogy is released to find out how our Mr. Rook and Stephanie get an HEA.

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Oct 21 2017 10:00am

Kian in Tracy Wolff’s Royal Pain Goes from Playboy Rake to True Royal

Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff

What is it about royalty? We—or at least I am always a sucker for royalty romance. Maybe it’s because I can think maybe something like that might happen to me? Hey, it happened to the princess of Denmark who famously met the crown prince at a bar in Sydney, Australia. She was a commoner, too. Though of course, don’t worry. Even if I were to be picked up in a bar, I’d remain true. But I digress…

Royal Pain by Tracy Wolff features the “spare” of the Wildemar throne who is a twin. Kian falls in love with Savannah Breslin just when his twin is kidnapped. Yup. And what’s more, Savvy has a history with the heir. It makes for an interesting reunion after they finally extract Garrett (the heir) from kidnappers. Just what their history is, you’ll have to read to find out.

The story is sound, and as we leave summer, this is a fantastic beach read. I wanted to know about Savannah and how the two twins reconcile their relationship. And I can’t wait for Garratt’s story. But now it’s Kian’s. And I love his transformation from playboy rake to responsible twin. He’s layered and real. And provides just enough reality to make him believable. We are able to sympathize with him by the end. He is made to be a real person.

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Oct 12 2017 1:30pm

Pema Donyo’s Stars in Their Eyes is the Bee’s Knees

Stars in Their Eyes by Pema Donyo

Pema Donyo's Stars In Their Eyes is a beautifully written gem and bonus, it stars an Asian-American heroine as the lead. This historical novella takes place in the 1920s and follows the story of an Asian American actress Iris Wong, and the aspiring Caucasian writer boyfriend, Owen Matthews, she had in the United States. Owen had dreams of moving to Paris to hopefully find more work and get his name out to more influential people. Iris and Owen break up as he heads to Paris and she resigns herself to small roles such as the housekeeper or helper of the main character. Fast-forward a few years later and she has moved to Paris herself in search of more starring roles. Currently, she is working for a director named Pierre in a starring role for the lead actress focusing on an Asian-American heroine who doesn’t succumb to stereotypes of Asian women. It’s a role with meat and will show her acting prowess, one that doesn’t have her reenacting negative and hurtful stereotypes.

Little does she know that the screenwriter is none other than Owen, her ex. A man she knew she’d never see again. Yet fate has brought them together again. Try as they might they are still very attracted to each other and can’t resist one another even though time and cultural differences threaten their renewed relationship.

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Oct 2 2017 8:30am

First Look: Nicole Edwards’ Bad Reputation (October 3, 2017)

Bad Reputation by Nicole Edwards

Nicole Edwards
Bad Reputation (Bad Boys of Sports #1)
LoveSwept / October 3, 2017 / $4.99 digital

What do you get when you combine a hot hockey player and his best friend? Why Bad Reputation by Nicole Edwards.  This contemporary romance has it all. A story that keeps you turning the pages, something on the more realistic side of friends to lovers, and of course the fantasy that we all love reading romance for…that something extraordinary could happen to the every-day successful woman.

Bad boy of hockey, Chase Barrett, aka Sin, is the guy who doesn’t want to settle down. He’s a player, literally, for hockey and a beast of muscle standing at six foot five. He also has been quite vocal that he’s not the marrying type. But what we all know is that the perfect woman for him is already there. Yep. His best friend Cassie Derosiers. She was his tutor in college and they’ve never been anything but platonic best friends since. He’d do anything in the world for her and she loves his company but has never thought of him as a potential love interest. She’s in her late twenties and going places with her business executive job.  Eventually, she’ll settle down but she’s not even close to that right now. A relationship would only muck things up for her.

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Sep 27 2017 12:30pm

First Look: Kerrigan Byrne’s The Scot Beds His Wife (October 3, 2017)

The Scot Beds His Wife by Kerrigan Byrne

Kerrigan Byrne
The Scot Beds His Wife (Victorian Rebels #5)
St. Martin's Press / October 3, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital 

Kerrigan Byrne has done it again with her latest release, The Scot Beds His Wife. The story is involved, it has many twists I didn’t see coming, and the flow of the story keeps my attention. Gavin St. James is the Earl of Thorne and the second born legitimate Mackenzie, though he has spent his whole life trying to disassociate himself with his father and that name. You see, Gavin’s father, the Marquess, is or was a terrible man. He was abusive and enjoyed hurting others both physically and mentally, including his own family. Gavin is so close to disowning the name and getting the little piece of land in his possession, that he will never have to rely on the Mackenzie’s again. That is until Samantha Masters, posing as Alison Ross, denied Thorne the land.

What? You say? Samantha Masters is an American wanted for the murder of her highway-robbery husband and she saves the life of Alison Ross. Thus, Alison Ross tells Samantha to become her and take over and reclaim her lands back in Scotland, the very land that Thorne wants. However, she promises to never let a Mackenzie have the land because the laird Mackenzie (Thorne’s father) killer Alison’s father. Yet Thorne needs that land in order to make his severance from the Mackenzie’s complete, though his father has since passed. The name Mackenzie still haunts Thorne from his father’s grave. Sam Alison's alibi to start a new life.

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Jul 21 2017 8:30am

First Look: Lucy Farago’s A Necessary Lie (July 24, 2017)

A Necessary Lie by Lucy Farago

Lucy Farago
A Necessary Lie (Search and Recover)
Lyrical Press / July 25, 2017 / $15.00 print, $3.99 digital

Lucy Farago is my go-to for romanctic suspense. Why? Because the story is excellent and the writing isn’t too shabby either.  It’s almost like the reader is drawn into the story line and oh yeah, there’s romance to boot. The romance is a pleasant surprise and it encapsulates what I love about reading. I love getting lost in a well-written story and I love a well-written romance where the reader grows with the characters. By the time the characters are ready to be in love, the reader is right there with the characters and ready for the romance.

This is what I love about a Lucy Farago novel. We know who the love characters will be but getting lost in them is part of the fun. The novel doesn’t start off as a romance but the chemistry and all the ingredients of a romance novel are there.

Enter A Necessary Lie. We know that Cowboy is the main hero and Grace is the heroine. And we know they have a connection. Obviously. Jessie is missing and she is Grace’s friend. Jessie and Cowboy have a history as lovers when they were much younger. And now Cowboy must watch over Grace as she finds Jessie. Phew. Yes Relationships are messy:

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Jul 10 2017 12:00pm

First Look: J. Kenner’s Wicked Grind (July 11, 2017)

Wicked Grind by J. Kenner

J. Kenner
Wicked Grind 
Martini & Olive / July 11, 2017 / $15.99 print, $4.99 digital

Wicked Grind by J. Kenner is wicked good. Seriously.  There are so many things I love about this book I thought I'd list them: because there are plenty.

1. I love that this love is from a childhood love and twelve years they come back together.

2. The heroine is innocent in the book, but she is multi-faceted.

3. He's from Hollywood royalty and she's the girl next door.

4. The flip-flop of time from past to present works in this story, partly because of how adept Kenner is at writing and bringing people along for the ride.

5. The sexual tension is scorching...I'm recovering from a brain injury, not stable to read last week, and I couldn't put this story down last night. I read straight through and forgot I even had an injury!

6. Kelsey Draper and Wyatt Segel's back-stories make sense and they don't overreact given what happened and their life experiences.

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Jul 7 2017 8:30am

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Mr. Rook Left Us Craving More Pirates!

Mr. Rook by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

In one word, Mr. Rook (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) is awesomesauce. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a master at writing about chemistry.  And she does not leave us hanging in that category. The chemistry between Mr. Rook and Stephanie is perfection, Unfortunately, we are left with another type of cliff hanger and the finale to our story which will have to wait until book two in Mr. Rook’s Island.

I closed the door and pressed my back to, it, feeling hot and wet in all the wrong places. Rook had some crazy sexual power over me. He’s like a dammed drug. And I wanted more and more, even knowing how dangerous it could be for my heath.

I wanted nothing more than for this story to be complete and we know how I dislike books in a series that haven’t been written yet. But I agree with Ms. Pamfiloff, some stories are just better written in two shorter ones versus one long one.

Until Ms. Pamfiloff is done writing the sequel, I leave you with a few pirate books to peruse in the meantime and hope this will satiate you until she releases Mr. Rook’s Island part deux.

Valerie Bowman: Never Trust a Pirate

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

I love this book and I love this author! #7 in her Playful Brides series, it can also be a stand alone. There is so much to recommend this book if you are a lover of historical romance. Which, I definitely am. There’s intrigue, spies, pirates, and of course, a rake and romance.

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Jun 21 2017 8:30am

First Look: Manda Collins’ Duke With Benefits (June 27, 2017)

Duke with Benefits by Manda Collins

Manda Collins
Duke with Benefits (Studies in Scandal #2)
St. Martin's Press / June 27, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

It’s no secret I love Historical Romance and Duke with Benefits by Manda Collins fits the bill perfectly.  It’s the second in the Scandalous Studies series and I’m already hooked. We first meet with the Duke of Maitland, Dalton Beauchamp, and Lady Daphne Forsythe in the first book. And I already love our heroine, quirks and all. She is a bit on the Asperger’s scale, needing to learn social interaction. However, she is not mean spirited and a wiz at math. Despite her inability to navigate social interactions, like Maitland, we can’t help but love her. She is beautiful, of course, but her beauty goes beyond the skin and we quickly realize how eager she is to learn about her social quirks, and how aware she is of her social faux pas.

And don’t we all want a man as patient and loving as Maitland? Add to this a mystery—a childhood acquaintance to Daphne is killed and the pages turn rapidly.

“I am not angry with you, Daphne,” he said moving to kneel before her, which should have made her uncomfortable, but instead made her heart beat faster. “I am angry with him. For making you feel threatened. “For using you to make money because he was too damned lousy with a hand of cards to make up for himself.  But I am most enraged at him because he forced you to blackmail him in order to protect yourself from being sold like a brood mare to the highest bidder.”

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Jun 19 2017 8:30am

Top 10 Lorraine Heath Historical Novels

An Affair with a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath is becoming a Queen among Historical Romance writers because it seems she can do wrong. Each story that comes out has it all. I’m talking chemistry, a hero who is battered but not broken, a strong and multi-layered heroine, and a love that conquers all!  Below is a very opinionated opinion of her top 10 historical romances, in honor of her newest, An Affair with a Notorious Heiress.  At first I thought this would be easy but I love all of her books. How to rank, then?

10. Waking Up With the Duke

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

Duke of Ainsley is known for his bedroom prowess. But he’s also been charged by his injured best friend to make a baby with said wife. Everything about this scenario shouldn’t work, but it does, thanks to Heath’s brilliant storytelling. And how will this end up with a happily ever after?

9. An Affair with a Notorious Heiress

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

The Marquess of Rexton has spent his life trying to attain respectability after suffering from the ununusual parentage of his common mother. Now he’ll stop at nothing to attain the Lady Lansdowne, even if he has to fake court her sister, despite the Lady’s scandal….

8. Surrender to the Devil

(Amazon | B&N | Kobo)

Frannie is a pickpocket and street thief, not a lady. Yet she can’t deny the attraction to the Duke of Greystone, despite his selfish desires to only bed her not wed her. Note: these are the parents of #9 the Marquess of Rexton.

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Jun 15 2017 12:00pm

First Look: A.M. Madden’s Vanishing Act (June 20, 2017)

Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden

A.M. Madden
Vanishing Act
Loveswept / June 20, 2017 / $4.99 digital

If love at first sight is your thing, then Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden is just the book for you. Bonus, the heroine is biracial and her family fled from racial discord in Apartheid South Africa. This is not your usual cute-boy-meets-cute-girl and falls in love story. Rather, there’s deception and depth to these characters, which makes the story interesting.

Landon Price is famous. He has won an Oscar already, and after his latest film is wrapped up, he needs an escape. Thus he travels with an alias for a name and heads to a little unknown island in Hawaii. Here he meets Zara Jobert, eight years his junior with looks that could melt him into a puddle. Only she doesn’t know she’s beautiful. WHAT? How can a modelesque twenty-three-year-old not know how beautiful she is?

Well, that is part of her backstory.  Without giving too much away, we learn early on that her father was very political and black. Her mother was ten years his junior and a blonde beauty from Europe.  This interracial union might seem uneventful here, but back years ago when Apartheid was toppled in South Africa, interracial unions were unheard of and dangerous. The Jobert’s felt this danger firsthand with a crime resulting in the death of Zara’s sister. Hence Zara was sheltered to the greatest degree. And why we understand why Zara can be so clueless.

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Jun 7 2017 1:00pm

First Look: Lauren Layne’s I Knew You Were Trouble (June 13, 2017)

I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne

I Knew You Were Trouble is quintessential Lauren Layne. Her witty banter is why this author never seems to get old. I’ve been following the lives of the workers at Oxford for awhile. And even though many are not front and center like they were in other books, the characters are still there on the side reminding us of this world Layne has created, a world where everyone knows your name.

What do I love about Layne’s books so much? It’s the wit in the conversation. Hell, if I could say have the things that Layne’s characters say, I’d have my own sit-com. Alas, I am but the reviewer. A very happy and amused reviewer at that.

This is your classic enemies to friends trope and lets add once more of my favorites, roommates to lovers. Which makes this the enemies and roommates to lovers. Does it get any better than this?

Nick Ballantine is a drifter of sorts. Not one to stay put, he thrives on his independence. Hence he repeatedly turns down offers to work at Oxford and opts for the flexibility of contract work and his job at a bartender. Oh, and he’s a bit shaggy, not shaving and letting his hair grow a bit too long.

The exact person that Taylor Carr goes for. She’s fairly new at Oxford and looks and appearances are everything. But opposites attract! Did I mention this other fun trope that makes it into this novel? Yep. Taylor and Nick are opposites. And despite the attraction between them, the timing for them dating is never right. Either one or the other is taken.

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May 23 2017 8:30am

First look: Graceley Knox’s Mark of Truth (May 23, 2017)

Mark of Truth by Graceley Knox

Graceley Knox
Mark of Truth (Wicked Kingdoms #1)
Graceley Knox / May 23, 2017 / $5.99 digital

If you like your heroine strong, sassy, and sarcastic, then Ever is your girl and Graceley Knox's Mark of Truth is your fantasy romance. She's been raised among humans but her kind has not been secreted from her. In fact, she goes around and hunts messed up fae and brings them back to their world. 

But a prophecy years ago talks about how a girl with fire red hair will eventually rule the realm of the fae. Also years ago, a decree was created that made it illegal for the different type of fae to marry.  Yeah, we're talking purification of species. And Ever is of course tied to everything. Even she may not be what she seems, being of half Elf and half human.

Ever Leath Cine knows her mother is Elven loyalty. She’s no nonsense and has come to love her role hunting messed up fae. Part human and part Fae, she roams the earth and protects us from fae gone bad.  That is until thee goblins decide they must protect Ever, convince her she’s the daughter of a lost goblin king. Which would make her half-goblin , not human. She’s not quick to embrace this new stature since it implies a death sentence. Apparently, when the light elven king purified the races, it also made offspring like her illegal.

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May 20 2017 11:00am

First Look: Lorraine Heath’s An Affair with a Notorious Heiress (May 30, 2017)

An Affair with a Notorious Heiress by Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath
An Affair with a Notorious Heiress
Avon / May 30, 2017 / $7.99, $6.99

Lorraine Heath returns with a historical romance that touches on all aspects of love. We understand why the hero is jaded, why the heroine is shunned and why these two should be with each other.

Alistair Mabry is the Marquess of Rexton and he has had the unfortunate reality of growing up under the scandalous union of his common mother and the Duke of Greystone. Hence after he has built a prestigious life over the years, and she the scandal, the last thing he wants is another scandal. Nope. The future Mrs. Mabry must be of the utmost stock of aristocracy, untainted and innocent and pure.

Of course, we know that love is not so simple.  

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May 5 2017 8:30am

Alex and Eliza: A Love Story’s Young Love in the Colonial Era

Alex and Eliza by Melissa De La Crus

Society is abuzz with Hamilton. Namely, the musical that will take years for me to ever secure tickets. Thanks to the brilliance of Lin-Manuel Miranda, Hamilton has become a hip household name. Romance buffs like me, however, wonder…what about the story of how Hamilton fell for Elizabeth Schuyler? A love not encapsulated by time, but one transcending generations? Well, wait no further. Melissa de la Cruz offers up a fictionalized account of their love, based on letters, writings, and history.

As soon as the book starts, we are gifted with a letter from Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler, dated August 1780. The man can write—and if we’re not already twitter pated by his amorous words—prepared to be by the end. So thoroughly engaged in their romance, I felt as if I transported back in time, romanticizing the period. New for me, since the late 1700s in America—with wigs and powder—never ignited any desirous tendencies…until now.

Hamilton is portrayed as a true romantic. A man who courts and never takes no for an answer, despite their awkward and unfortunate initial meeting. You see, Hamilton was responsible for delivering news of General Schuyler's court-martial. The same evening of the ball held for the General's three daughters. Overhearing the dreadful news, Eliza treats the Colonel without any respect, giving him the cut direct. Instead of letting that day destroy any hope of being with Eliza, Alex convinces himself her lack of interest was intended to induce more interest. If anything, Alex wins the award for persistence.

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Apr 28 2017 8:30am

First Look: Janna MacGregor’s The Bad Luck Bride (May 2, 2017)

The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor

Janna MacGregor
The Bad Luck Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses #1)
St. Martin's Press / May 2, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

So much to get excited about with The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor. One, she’s a new author! Huzzah! I always like cheering for a new author. Two, since she’s a new author, this is the start of a very promising series centered around the Canvensham family. Three, Ms. MacGregor knows how to steam the veggies, if you know what I mean. While the plot is interesting and keeps the reader turning the pages—more on that later—it’s the intimate scenes that honestly sealed my love for this book. I’m not sure what it was about them, seeing as how I’ve read my fair share of *ahem* scenes over the years, and many of them start to blend together. But something stood out of for me with this story.

Perhaps it was the voices of our hero and heroine, or that I could sense how the intimate acts brought the two together despite the initial terrible reason behind the coupling. Deception and revenge are never good bedfellows when love is the ultimate prize. Yet the scenes helped me see a softer side to the Marquess, and understand how Lady Claire might fall for the insensitive cad despite his machinations to ruin lives.

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Apr 26 2017 8:30am

First Look: Valerie Bowman’s Never Trust a Pirate (May 2, 2017)

Never Trust a Pirate by Valerie Bowman

Valerie Bowman
Never Trust a Pirate (The Playful Brides #7)
St. Martin's Press / May 2, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Valerie Bowman has morphed into an automatic buy for me. Why? Because the woman can write a story that lures me along until the final HEA. You ask, is Never Trust a Pirate just as good as her others? The answer is a demonstrative, Hell, yes. This one has everything. Undercover espionage, pirates, a strong female heroine, a smoking hot male lead, twists in the story, and chemistry. Oh, and I can’t forget the mystery as we read along while Cade Cavendish figures out who the Black Fox is.

You see, we have not one, but two spies, unbeknownst to each other. And ultimately, they’re both after the same person. Though Danielle LaCrosse’s current assignment is none other than the pirate Cade Cavendish, twin brother to Rafe Cavendish. (You’ll remember Rafe and Daphne from the Irresistible Rogue, Playful Brides #4). Posing as a Lady’s maid to the new Viscountess Daphne, Danielle is charged with learning as much as she can about the rogue twin brother, thought to be dead, who has apparently has risen from the grave and is staying with Rafe and Daphne.

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Apr 14 2017 8:30am

First Look: Lauren Layne’s Walk of Shame (April 18, 2017)

Walk of Shame by Lauren Layne

Lauren Layne
Walk of Shame (Love Unexpectedly #4)
LoveSwept / April 18, 2017 / $4.99 digital 

Lauren Layne is back with another stand-alone in her Love Unexpectedly series. Walk of Shame is everything we have grown to love about Lauren Layne. It’s fast-paced, the characters are layered, and the chemistry always smolders. Yes, I said smolders. It’s true. It’s what I love about a Lauren Layne book.

This story incorporates some of my favorite tropes—opposites attract and enemies to lovers. Georgie Watkins is a socialite who’s not as shallow as we initially are led to believe. Yes, she loves to stay out late and party, shop, and enjoy a good time. But she’s got depth and Layne does a nice job of peeling away Georgie's layers.

This unfolding works perfectly, because we need to understand why Andrew Mulroney—the protoype workaholic divorce lawyer—would be interested in someone like Georgie. Likewise, why would Georgie, who’s holding out for a happily ever after have a fascination with a man who is waking up when she’s heading to bed, and solidifies the end of happily ever afters for a living? Everything about these two screams collision. They’re so opposite I scratched my head at the first couple chapters. Would this be the first Lauren Layne book I might not like? Blasphemy, I know.

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Apr 11 2017 11:30am

The Greatest Love Stories That Didn’t End Happily

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

What love stories didn't end happily?

(In case you couldn't guess from the post title, we will be talking about the endings of books... especially books that didn't end happily. Spoilers abound)

So often in romance, we demand our Happily Ever After. I know I crave a happy ending and am devastated when a book I read doesn’t have one. Unless I’ve been warned. There are certain times in my life when I need a good cleansing cry, and these books fit the bill beautifully. So, without further ado, here is a highly opinionated list—in alphabetical order by author—of some of the greatest love stories without a happily ever after. One more thing...while classics like Romeo and Juliet create the foundation for tragic love stories, this list will focus on more recently written tales.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Yes, it’s a book about teenage cancer. No, it doesn’t end happy. Yes, we’re lead to believe there could be an HEA. No, it still doesn’t end happy. I suppose the one shining light is how hope, despite the crappy ending, does still resonate. Yes, I was bawling at the end, but I knew the story can’t end there. And that perspective gives me a little optimism. A bonus? You will be swept off your feet by Augustus’s wooing of Hazel. So many sweet acts of kindness and trust.

[Now for a few more surprising endings...]