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Jul 12 2017 12:00pm

What Will Be Sansa Stark’s Greatest Revenge? We’re Hoping It Will Be a Happy Ending!


If anyone deserves an epic romance on Game of Thrones, it's Sansa Stark...

It's addictive to speculate about what will happen next on Game of Thrones. That's the appeal. We all have ideas about what we think will happen. It's endless entertainment to talk about it.

What makes it more fun, we rarely guess right. The show has taught us one thing: expect the unexpected.

I've been fantasizing about what I'd like to happen for Sansa Stark. 
After being traumatized myself by the abuse she suffered at the hands of Ramsay in Season 5, my way of coping was to figure out what I'd like to happen next for Sansa. Though I have no delusions that what I want will actually happen. 

That she orchestrates Ramsey’s death at the end of Season 6 was fabulous. His death—being eaten by his own dogs—was a great revenge for Sansa. Many believe it was the best she could ask for. And I think the creators intended it that way. But I disagree. 

She deserves so much more.

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Jul 7 2017 12:01pm

Robin Lovett Excerpt: Deceiver

Robin Lovett

Deceiver by Robin Lovett

The plan was to ruin a man’s life. Not seduce the man’s daughter. But sometimes, the unlikeliest of people becomes the target. And sometimes revenge can make a man vulnerable in ways he didn’t know existed…

I’m bored. Tired of my meaningless life. The garden parties, the white sundresses, and politely saying “no” to the sliver of cake—it’s the life my mother and father wanted for me, worked tirelessly for me to have. And the monotony makes me reckless.

But when I go to Blake Vandershall’s party, his dark, menacing eyes and his hard, unyielding stare make me want things that have never been offered to me before. He’s the type who would ravish you in your father’s law office. The kind who would lie without blinking an eye in order to get what he wants.

And the repressed bad girl in me wants to give him what he needs.

Get a sneak peek at Robin Lovett's Deceiver (available July 11, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter One

Should I do it . . .

My finger hovers over the button that will rain chaos over everything. It will ruin the hors d’oeuvres, the women’s couture, the men’s linen suits. But most importantly, it will ruin his party.

He’s been staring at me all night, those coal dark eyes saturated with ambition and disturbingly wicked ideas. They follow me around his gardens like I’m some model on display for his visual pleasure.

It pisses me off. Enough to want to make him sorry for it. Enough to make sure he knows staring at me is not okay. And most important, enough to ensure this party will end and I can get out of here.

His sprinkler system is my new partner in crime.

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Jun 16 2017 9:30am

Is It Hate or Is It Love? The Closeness of Fear and Desire

Stranger by Robin Lovett

Today we're thrilled to welcome Robin Lovett (Stranger) to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Robin writes dark, gritty romance, and knows a thing or two about about the line between love and hate, fear and desire. Today she's here to talk about that fine line. Thanks, Robin. 

That enemies to lovers trope that so many of us love…

Why does that work so well?

They say opposite personalities attract, but I say opposite emotions attract too. The passion that comes out of a relationship that begins with mutual dislike can turn explosive.

The “I hate you. This changes nothing,” declared during a love scene creates the ultimate experience of the forbidden, which gets a lot of us going and turning pages like mad. I can’t get enough of the high stakes game wondering, when will this shouting match turn into a hot-and-heavy?

But why? From intense hatred comes life changing love? It doesn’t make sense—at first sight (pun intended).

But it makes a hell of a lot of sense, if you really think about it.

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Jun 14 2017 1:30pm

Romance in the Age of the Trigger Warning: Do Readers Need to be Warned?

Source: Shutterstock

The presence of Trigger Warnings has been fast growing. We see them more and more. Sometimes clear, sometimes vague, but always—in my opinion—helpful.

I wish there were more of them.         

But not everyone feels the way I do. Some complain they’re annoying, and they’re spoilers. It’s true. They do let the reader know what to expect. But for those of us who need trigger warnings, it sometimes makes it possible for us to read at all.

Many gravitate toward romance because it’s a safe space. We know the happily-ever-after will come. That love will triumph over evil. That no matter how bad it gets, it will all be okay. They provide a security no other genre can give us. In our real world, where HEA is not guaranteed in any part of our lives, romance novels are nothing short of priceless.

For the most part, our heroines and heroes won’t be harmed, assaulted or abused between the covers of the books. Usually, there won’t be any graphic violence or offensive slurs. These days, we expect consent in all romantic situations, unless of course it’s a character’s particular kink. In which case, a warning to the reader that this will be the case is polite.

I need my trigger warnings. I depend on them.

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Jun 13 2017 12:00pm

Dark Romance Sampler from Robin Lovett, May Bridges & Sherilee Gray

Robin Lovett, May Bridges and Sherilee Gray

They're dark and brooding, they're sinful, they're lawless. If dark romance is your cup of tea, then these authors are ones you won't want to miss. Come on over to the dark side and get exclusive sneak peeks from Robin Lovett's Stanger (June 13, 2017), May Bridges' Killing June (July 4, 2017); and Sherilee Gray's Shattered King (June 27, 2017) with these three excerpts!

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Jun 6 2017 9:30am

Every J.R. Ward Fan Should Be Reading Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Blue aliens, you say?

My dear friend, romance reader and writer, Alexis Daria, sends me a screen shot of text from her Kindle, with mad giggly faces all around it: Do you know what kinds of private parts blue aliens have?

I must admit I was amused and intrigued.

I’ve been on a contemporary binge for a while now. Years ago, I was hard into paranormal, but I drifted toward new adult then deep into erotic rom, but now…

This blue alien thing—I was hearing it from more and more people—I had to try it.

So I did, and it’s been a blast from the past. I haven’t fallen for a series this hard since first reading J.R. Ward’s Dark Lover.

It’s been like diving into a blue team version of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Replace the lessers with little green men, replace the fangs with horns. And yes—remember that talk about private parts?—give the males a spur. Curious yet?

Move the setting from the decadent mansion in Caldwell, NY to a Neolithic cave in an arctic climate, and welcome to Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon. (Amazon)

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