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Aug 7 2017 2:00pm

4 Romance Novels to Read If You Love Grumpy Heroes!

Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein

Step right up, step right up, get your grumpy male heroes here! We’ve got your circus grumps, your broody gay grumps, your shifter grumps, and your hermit grumps. Each and every one of your favorite antisocial grumps is here!

Charlotte Stein has a whole harem of grump-humps to select from, ranging from the cold, sharp Halstrom in The Professor to the disapproving Artie in Restraint. However, my preferred Stein grump is Cyrian in Sweet Agony (Amazon | B&N | Kobo). Sweet Agony is the most unusual of courtships because the hero is so messed up (and grumpy) he can’t bear to be looked at, let alone touched. This sees the hero and heroine initially progress their relationship through correspondence (despite the fact they share a house where she’s the live-in housekeeper) which progresses from the hero’s criticism of her sweeping technique to playful letters about hair thievery. And, in a reverse of the usual order of intimacy, the first encounter between hero and heroine is a rather kinky (yet at the same time distant) encounter, and from there they gradually work up to more “normal,” but risky (for the hero), things like kissing.

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Apr 13 2017 8:30am

First Look: Viola Carr’s The Dastardly Miss Lizzie (April 18, 2017)

The Dastardly Miss Lizzie by Viola Carr

Viola Carr
The Dastardly Miss Lizzie (Electric Empire #3)
Harper Voyager / April 18, 2017 / $15.99 print, $9.99 digital 

Viola Carr has written another dastardly good read with her third book in the Electric Empire series. The Dastardly Miss Lizzie picks up from where The Devious Dr. Jekyll left off—with Dr. Eliza Jekyll still battling her dark alter ego Miss Lizzie Hyde for control. However, since book one in the series Eliza has gained a husband as well as a reputation for solving crime.

As for Miss Hyde, she remains the bane of Eliza’s life and the source of much conflict. I admit to liking Lizzie better than Eliza. Sure, Eliza is sane while Lizzie’s a foul-mouthed ghoul, but Lizzie is a fun ghoul, a marvellous mistress of mayhem with an in-your-face energy, and quicker to snap than a steel trap.

I SCREECH, AND SLITHER OUT LIKE A SNAKE. OUR bones crackle, bright agony. Our reflection in the mirror contorts, our eyes darkening, me-her-me-her-me. Our cheekbones jut, my chin sharpens, our lips swell in a saucy cherry pout. My hair bursts from its pins, no longer blond but rich dark mahogany.

“Why, hello, Miss Lizzie!” I waste no time in tossing away her stupid spectacles—I can see just fine, thanks—and wriggling out of Eliza’s wet clothes. I kick her dull gray dress aside, break out of her corset with its stupid flat chest. Even her chemise is wet and moldy-smelling. My set’s much more accommodating, and thank bleeding Christ for that. A woman’s allowed to have boobs. I push ’em up real nice and yank the laces tight.

Urgent claws rip at me, desperate for pleasure. This new elixir’s got a punch, all right. Everything’s louder, stronger, brighter, and I’m thirsty for flavor, famished for every dark sensation. But despite my craving, bright relief staggers me. I can’t breathe in your uptight body, Eliza. Like Newgate’s foul cells in there, it is, rusted bars and stenches and ugly darkness. If I lose my marbles, like you’re always saying—mad like Eddie Hyde, Lizzie, and you’ll be the end of us, boo hoo!—it’ll be no one to blame but yourself.

I admit a weakness for ‘bad’ heroines who don’t do what they should and leave a trail of fall-out in their wake and Lizzie does a great job of that. For example, she takes over Eliza’s body to throw a vase at Chief Inspector Reeve for suggesting Eliza should be too busy planning her wedding to solve crime. Lizzie also spits out some very creative curses.

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Mar 12 2017 11:00am

5 Rugby Phrases That Sound Dirty But Are Legit Sports Terms

Source: Shutterstock

Rugby is the new black in romance, with rugby heroes popping up between book covers everywhere.

But what’s the poor reader to do who doesn’t know the difference between a scrum and a ruck?

Luckily, many countries take their rugby very seriously—so seriously that the World Rugby published a guide called Laws of the Game: Rugby Union where you can even take an online test and download a personalised awareness certificate (!). Aside from assisting followers to understand the game, the guide is also unintentionally hilarious for dirty-minded romance writers like myself.

Here’s five terms which while they sound like they belong in an erotic romance are actually culled from real rugby commentary and rules.

[Get rucked!]

Mar 2 2017 9:30am

Workplace Romance, with a Twist: Between Boardroom And Bedroom

Between Boardroom and Bedroom Anthology

Ah, the workplace romance. While every grown-ass woman knows she should never fish off the company pier, dip her pen in the company ink, or buy from the company catalogue, sometimes hormones and the taboo of workplace fraternization just make it too darn hard to resist. 

If you’ve so far resisted the urge bang a colleague, indulge your curiosity the safe way with this collection of three full-length novels about what happens after business hours between colleagues. Between Boardroom And Bedroom bundles the stand-alone books Insecure by Ainslie Paton, Driving in Neutral by Sandra Antonelli and Risky Business by Amy Andrews.

These stories work well together as three authors are all polished writers and infuse their writing with banter and humor. Saucy humor. Likewise, all three books feature characters quitting their jobs (which is one fantasy I can totally get down with), however, the characters and plots differ enough that there’s no risk of too much same-same. For example, each book has a very different workplace setting, ranging from a high tech start-up to a second-hand bookstore.

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Jan 23 2017 1:30pm

First Look: Amy Andrews’ Playing the Player (January 30, 2017)

Playing the Player by Amy Andrews

Amy Andrews
Playing the Player (Sydney Smoke Rugby Series #3)
Entangled / January 30, 2017 / $3.99 digital

Psst, can I interest you in some steamy locker room sex and a plot that subverts the sexual bet trope?

Sports romance lovers will devour this book which is the third in Amy Andrew’s Sydney Smoke rugby series, and for those who like their romance red hot, this book offers some very fine lady-boner fodder indeed.

If you’re not very familiar with Australia or Australian sport don’t worry, Amy Andrews takes the hard work out of her Australian football series for non-Australian readers. There’s a glossary of Australian terms at the end of her novel, and she renders her hero’s language intelligible to all instead of baffling readers with the type of statements commonly made by Australian footballers. Wallabies winger Nick Cummins (nicknamed the Honey Badger) is so famous for his Australianisms that entire news articles have been devoted to translating his media quotes which include:

“I just saw the line, pinned me ears back and ended up bagging a bit of meat in the corner there, which was tops!”

“You gave a lot of pill to the Badge ... which was good of you.”

Rest assured, however, that this novel’s hero is no Honey Badger and that the Australianisms have been used sparingly in this witty, fast-paced romance about a jock wooing a lady nerd.

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Dec 18 2016 1:00pm

A Murderer and a Thief Get in Bed Together... The Unlikely Pair That Is Good Behavior’s Letty and Javier

Good Behavior on TNT

I discovered the television series Good Behavior just a couple of weeks back and I’m loving it for many reasons but mostly the oh-so-wrong and yet so-very-right relationship between single mom, parolee, former junkie and all-round bad decision maker Letty and Javier, a mysterious Argentinian hit-man with heart.

There’s no ‘meet-cute’ between these two, more of a ‘fucked-up meet.’ Letty, a leggy looker with a penchant for wigs, lying, and the finer things in life, is robbing Javier’s hotel room when he returns unexpectedly. While hiding in his closet she overhears his conversation with a client about the arranged hit on the client's wife.

Things get really interesting when, despite being a thief and junkie, Letty is troubled by what she’s heard and does her law-abiding duty as a citizen. That is, she stalks and picks up Javier in a bar, enjoys a long, flirty dinner with him and then bangs his brains out in a booze-induced haze before snooping through his things while he’s enjoying a morning-after shower.

(Note to self: Civic duty is a bitch.)

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Oct 5 2016 2:30pm

First Look: Ainslie Paton’s Sold Short (October 5, 2016)

Sold Short by Ainslie Paton

Ainslie Paton
Sold Short (Sidelined #3)
Ainslie Paton / October 5, 2016 / $3.99 digital

Friendship is overrated.

This is the story of a woman moving on with her life and the man she almost leaves behind

Sarina Gallo is on a timeline.  Graduate with a top degree and start a business with friends. Check. Rock that business so hard it’s made her a Silicon Valley identity and seriously wealthy. Check. Fall in love and start a family . . . Cross, because the man she’s been in love with forever is more comfortable falling asleep in front of a movie than making a move on her.

Dev Patel has been friends with Sarina Gallo since he tripped over her in college and they started a business together. He likes to cook. She likes to eat. It’s the perfect relationship for two busy people, and if Dev would rather sleep with Sarina than fall asleep next to her, that’s tough luck, he’s not willing to risk their friendship over sex he can have causally with others.

Until Sarina announces she plans to have a baby with a donor and her decision challenges everything Dev thought he knew about their relationship.

Question: How do two people who love each other find a way past friendship to become family?

I’ve been loving this series and the third book didn’t disappoint. Set in Silicon Valley, the stories focus on the lives and loves of four best friends and founders of start-up tech company.

One of the reasons I’ve enjoyed the series so much is that Ainslie Paton's books have more hooks than the average bait and tackle store. In Offensive Behaviour we met a billionaire virgin hero wooing an ex-gymnast exotic dancer. Then, in Damaged Goods, we met a hero was not only unable to get an erection or orgasm but also suffering an addiction to pain meds—which the heroine calls him out on. The story hooks are a little less outrageous in book three, Sold Short (which is essentially a friends-to-lovers romance), but the opening chapter is still a doozy, with the heroine planning a date with an escort to ensure that she doesn’t suffer culture shock when re-entering the dating scene (or worse, have a sexual partner find dust bunnies in certain unused places).

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Sep 22 2016 1:30pm

One Hell of a Lover: Demons in Romance Novels from Kenyon, Brook, Langlais, Cole, and More!

One Silent Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon

“O what a black, dark hill is yon,

”That looks so dark to me?“

”O it is the hill of hell,“ he said,

”Where you and I shall be.”

—From The Daemon Lover, a Scottish ballad.

Ballads, poetry and fiction are rich with demon lovers, and even Fox Television is getting in on the act with Lucifer, a series which Geek Speak Magazine delightfully describes as full of ‘implied orgies’. But the orgies are important, folks, because the thing about demons is that their grace, danger and beauty enthralls whether they’re good, bad or a bit of both. Yes, the truly compelling demon lover ensures that the biggest burning (yes, I went there) question on a reader’s mind is when the demon sexy times are going to show.

Luckily, readers are blessed when it comes to infernal dalliance as there are more demons in romance than you can poke a pitchfork at, and when not frolicking around Hell, they can generally be found booty grazing or roasting the broomstick.

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Aug 21 2016 10:00am

Our Love of The Magicians Won’t Pull a Disappearing Act

As anyone who’s watched The Magicianwill know, there’s a boat-load of ‘shipping material in that show. Plus, there’s also enough eye-candy to leave your average viewer in a diabetic coma, and yet the series is so much more than pretty faces. But that’s a whole separate post, this post here be all about the ship and nothing but the ship. (For those who haven’t yet watched season one, beware the spoilers.)

Alice & Penny of The Magicians

At the top of my ship list is Penny and Alice. Penny has been rocking the bad boy ‘tude since day one (hence his hook up with Kady), whereas Alice (daughter of the most sex-crazed parents you’ll ever meet) is dressed to repress and super-uptighty. So when these rode the bus to pound town (a revenge fuck following Quentin’s infidelity to Alice) I was beside myself with shippy joy.

However, if Quentin and Alice get back together, I’d love to see Penny paired with Professor Sunderland. There’s a smoking hot scene when he tries to seduce her, saying there’s things they can ‘teach each other’. Goddamit if I didn’t have to rush my ovaries to the freezer to save them when they caught on fire because those two have chemistry coming out the whazoo. Abracadabra, indeed.

[A shippers sci-fi paradise...]

Aug 10 2016 3:30pm

Roller Derby in Romance—Get Your Skates Ready!

One Skid Mark by April Ryder

If you’ve watched Whip It more than once, can tell a blocker from a jammer, and know how to fall small, the odds are that you don’t mind a little roller derby in your romance.

After all, nobody makes a better romance heroine than a roller derby dame. Derby chicks are brave, tough, athletic, have their sisters’ backs and play to win. Plus, there’s an awesome poetry to the sport, the sort that sees events titled Bruise Cruise and Summer Smackdown, and team players named everything from Fannie Tastic to Flustercluck. Some of my favorite registered derby names include Ova Bearing, Katniss EverMean, “A” Cup Annihilator, 5 Scar Jeneral, A Fist Called Wanda, A'Maiming Grace, Baron von Punchausen and Charm School Reject.

The names alone make it pretty clear that derby chicks have a healthy—if somewhat bloodthirsty—sense of humor. They also have a code of honor since during the game there’s no tit punches, no king-hits, no eye-gouging, no kicking, no chokeholds, no locks, no fish-hooking, no bush pushes, no twat shots, no boob blocks, no cooter stomps, no beaver cleavers or titty take-outs allowed. That’s some Camelot-style chivalry right there.

[Get your skates ready...]

Jul 24 2016 10:30am

First Look: Ainslie Paton’s Damaged Goods (July 29, 2016)

Damaged Goods by Ainslie Paton

Ainslie Paton
Damaged Goods (Sidelined #2)
Supervised by Cat / July 29, 2016 / #3.99 digital

Jesus Heist, this book—which follows Offensive Behaviour, book one in the Sidelined series—is great.

Here’s why it kept me turning pages way past oh-shit-I-have-work-tomorrow o’clock.

I love that it challenges the ‘a-hard-wang-is-everything’ myth of sexuality. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against wang and I’ve met plenty of hard wangs in romance that I’ve loved. But I’ve also always been a little uncomfortable with the notion (frequently found betwixt book covers) that all one needs for great sex is a boner that a dog couldn’t chew through and the stamina to vigorously apply it Mixmaster or Ditch-witch style to the heroine’s nether regions.

Anyone with a basic acquaintanceship with human sexuality knows that this is rot, and yet much of our culture (and Viagra sales) is built on the notion that a hard wang is both the ultimate symbol of masculinity and essential for fun times in the theme park known as Bonking World. There’s also an unstated (but almost universal) assumption that both parties must orgasm or they may as well as have spent their time knitting instead. (No disrespect to knitting intended.)

For those reasons alone it was very refreshing to meet a hero unable to get an erection or have an orgasm, and to meet a couple sensible and inventive enough to work on making their sex lives satisfying without those things. What delighted me was the way Paton’s writing translated those differences into sex scenes that will leave readers reaching for their asbestos underwear. A sample:

[It's not so hard...]

Jul 3 2016 1:00pm

Romances to Read if You Like Supernatural—An Impala Full of Recommendations

Supernatural starring Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, and Misha CollinsSupernatural is pure television crack streamed straight into your veins. With plenty of hot eye candy (I hope there’s a special breeding program to preserve the genes of Sam, Dean and Castiel), intentionally suggestive dialogue and paranormal whoop-ass, what’s not to love? But if you’re stuck between seasons or episodes without a fix, try the following fiction substitutes.

Are you drawn to Supernatural for its bromance-a-thon qualities? For example, the way the Winchester brothers sissify Dean’s black four-door 1967 Chevy Impala by having yet another long-winded debate about whether brotherly love makes them stronger or weaker hunters. If so, you may be a bromance addict. (By the way, no one really cares who the better hunter is, guys, we just like to look at you because you’re both so damn pretty.) If bromance is your cup of angst then you’ll love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward. Sure, they’re not biological brothers but they have bro-angst down pat. If you prefer your bromance between siblings (but not in an incesty way) try Lorelei James’ Rough Riders series. One of the Wyoming McKay brothers—whether it’s Colby, Colt, Carter or Kade—is bound to please. Do they come complete with cowboyish bro-angst? Sure, butt-loads of it.

[Bros? Bros.]

Apr 19 2016 8:30am

First Look: Charlotte Stein’s Never Sweeter (April 19, 2016)

Never Sweeter by Charlotte Stein

Charlotte Stein
Never Sweeter (Dark Obsession #2)
Loveswept / April 19, 2016 / $3.99 digital

Second chances are sweeter than ever in Charlotte Stein’s steamy Dark Obsession series—perfect for fans of Katy Evans—as a self-reliant college girl falls for a reformed bully who’s desperate to make up for lost time.

Letty Carmichael can’t believe her eyes when she catches a glimpse of her high school tormenter, wrestling champ Tate Sullivan, on campus. College was supposed to be her escape from Tate’s constant ridicule. Now he’s in her classes again, just waiting for his chance to make her life hell. But when Letty and Tate are partnered up for an assignment—on sex in cinema, of all things—she starts to see a kinder, gentler side of him. And when she realizes Tate knows more about sex than she could ever guess at, he soon starts making her blush in a whole new way.

Tate Sullivan is haunted by regret over his cruelty toward Letty. So when she agrees to work with him, he seizes his chance to make amends. He can’t blame her for not believing he’s for real, but soon Tate starts to break down her wall. She wants to know about passion, desire, lust—topics he is well versed in. And in return she offers the one thing he always wanted: the chance to be more than just a jock.

Letty is shocked by how sensitive Tate can be. Still, desiring him feels ludicrous. Loving him is impossible. Craving him is beyond all reason. So why can’t she stop?

At the end of Never Sweeter is a dedication “For all of you everywhere who know what it’s like.” The dedication refers to a key theme of Never Sweeter, that of bullying, and I confess that the theme was one of the reasons I liked this book so much (because I do know what it’s like) and throughout the story we learn the various ways that bullying has affected the heroine, with the author displaying considerable insight into that experience.

[Nothing is sweeter than this ...]

Apr 18 2016 12:30pm

This is a Slut-Free Zone (Romance Without Slut-Shaming)

The Shameless Hour by Sarina Bowen

Slut. All sibilant and guttural, it’s a word ugly to the ears, which is only fitting given the oft ugly intent behind its application—the control of female sexuality through slut-shaming

Others (Dear Author, Smart Bitches & Trashy Books, Romance Novels for Feminists) have talked about slut-shaming in romance before, and there’s been a whole lot of online discussion of the issue since January, but I was prompted to write on the subject for my own reasons. The first was my experience of being slut-shamed as an author of romance this year, and then being directed by another author (Ainslie Paton) to a wonderful research paper on that subject which can be found here. That paper really helped me to refine my thinking about slut-shaming in romance writing, and of romance writers.

[Who are you calling a S-L-U-T? ...]

Mar 30 2016 10:00am

First Look: Ainslie Paton’s Offensive Behavior (March 31, 2016)

Offensive Behavior by Ainslie Paton

Ainslie Paton
Offensive Behavior (Sidelined #1)
Ainslie Paton / March 31, 2016 / $0.99 digital

Everyone is virgin at something

This is the story of a man who’s never done it, and a woman with the experience to teach him how.

Reid McGrath is drunk and intends to stay that way. It’s what a man does when the world he built gets ripped out from under him. He’s staked a claim on the back booth at Lucky’s where he can fixate on a dancer who makes him wish things were different.

Zarley Halveston dances under shimmering lights in a barely there costume, but it’s not the gold medal life she trained for. She expected to stand on an Olympic podium, instead she glitters under disco lights, gyrating on a chrome pole.

Zarley can’t see the brooding man in the back booth, but she knows he’s there. He’s toxic, but it’s not her job to care, until the night he collapses at her feet and she has to choose to step over him or help him up.

Reid thought he’d hit bottom when he was fired as CEO of his own company, but knowing he’d needed the kindness of a stranger, and realizing she was the dancer he’d lusted after was a new low.

Question: What do a fallen golden girl and a sacked tech tycoon have in common except humiliation and failure?

Answer: The reawakening of a champion competitor and the sexual education of a frustrated geek.

Can I interest you in some crazy sauce?

How about an ex-gymnastic golden-girl pole dancer and a virgin billionaire hero?

[Q&A time ...]

Mar 7 2016 1:00pm

Gender Swap: When The Woman Is “The Beast”

Seven Sons by Lili St Germain

Usually in Romancelandia, the heroine is a kind, smart, and emotionally intelligent creature while the hero is a bitter, destructive rage monster. Sure, he has his upside (the smiting of enemies) but she’s almost a freakin’ magician when it comes to the way she brings out the best in him and helps him to see good in the world.

But what about novels where the heroine is the beast? She’s Miss Haversham-meets-the-Hulk, and it ain’t just because the communists are in the summerhouse.

Lili St Germain's Gypsy Brothers series features one such heroine (but I’d like to issue a major trigger warning about rape.) While motorcycle club (MC) romances are not my thing, many readers enjoyed this dark MC series and Juliette is the poster girl for bitter, destructive rage monster. Thus, in Seven Sons, the first book in the series, we see her planning some good old-fashioned revengicide on her attackers (a motor cycle gang who also murdered her father) and it’s hard not to admire her dedication to the cause.

Confucius said, ‘Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.’ I planned to dig seven. 

It’s hot, and I can feel sweat beads starting to gather between my new breasts. It’s funny, I’m still getting used to actually having something decent on my chest. It kind of sucks not being able to sleep on my front, though. Once this is all over, I’m definitely getting them reduced.

That’s right, Juliette has had her front bumpers enhanced as part of her revenge plan. That’s dedication. It’s not really the case that Jase (the youngest brother of the seven that Juliette gradually whittles down) redeems her, but he does offer the hope of a happier future for her.

[These women are beast and they are on fire ...]

Jan 18 2016 2:00pm

Is Feminist Romance an Oxymoron?

It sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? To talk about feminists writing and reading romance, or of romance novels having the potential to be feminist texts.

But it only sounds that way if you have a certain view of both feminism and romance writing.

True, some feminists have decried romance (usually along with pornography) as the kind of moral yarn that produces the evil socks worn beneath the jack-boots of patriarchy. But feminism is continually changing, and third-wave feminists don’t share the views of second-wave feminists who saw readers as easily brainwashed by books telling them to ‘catch’ a man and have babies.

But surely any feminist who reads or writes romance must surely deserve a demerit badge for being a ‘bad’ feminist, right?

[Is there such a thing as Feminist Romance? ...]

Jan 13 2016 5:30pm

WWJD: 7 Reasons to Love Jessica Jones

There are several aspects of Jessica Jones that are not only rare as panda sex but very good news for viewers tired of superhero series and movies that depict women as either kung fu sex kittens or lobotomized hamsters who live to serve men.

1) Many female characters in superhero action movies and television series act like potential recipients of the Darwin Award. They’re so easily captured and used as leverage against the hero or heroine that you wonder how they manage to safely make themselves breakfast each morning. Thankfully, Jessica is not just physically but also mentally strong (and smart), and so are a good number of her supporting female roles (this is one of the few superhero television series where women take center stage rather than men). For example, we see Trish build a panic room in her apartment, as well as getting bullet-proof glass and other security measures installed. She learns self-defense. She asks to see identification before she opens her reinforced door. In a nutshell, she shows signs of brain activity and self-preservation.

[7 reasons to love Jessica Jones ...]

Jan 7 2016 5:00pm

Not in Your Job Description: When Couples Find Love at Work

Caught on Camera by Meg Maguire

When the job description says ‘must work well with others’, most of us know that ‘working well with others’ doesn’t include bumping pelvises on a regular basis. Why? Because sex leads to feelings, feelings lead to passion, and passion leads to…well, insanity. (Or unprofessional behavior, at least.)

The good news for readers who love the ‘oh no, we mustn’t screw because we’re the perfect team on the job’ trope is that it’s a trope that travels well across sub-genres. From historical to contemporary, from paranormal to romantic suspense, many a hero and heroine choose work harmony over bonking.

Here are six books where hero and heroine (or hero and hero) work together and fight the attraction because they don't want to screw up (pardon the pun) the work dynamic.

The first two books are from the contemporary romance category: In Caught on Camera by Meg Maguire, Kate is a camera woman and partner to the star of the television show Dom Tyler: Survive This! The show requires her to spend much of her time trailing Ty and his rugged good looks with a camera through the wilds. Though they’re great friends and the sexual tension between them is off the charts, neither is willing to put their professional partnership in jeopardy by messing around between the sheets. But a team of hard to handle huskies and a sled accident brings about some very hot new developments.

[We met on the job ...]

Jan 6 2016 9:30am

First look: Audra North’s Giving It Up (January 12, 2016)

Audra North
Giving It Up (Pushing the Boundaries #1)
Samhain Publishing / January 12, 2016 / $15.99 print, $4.99 digital

She dominates his body and his mind…but can he give up control without handing over his heart?

If Beatrice Lawrence didn’t know better, she’d swear the universe is out to make sure she is totally, completely screwed. It’s not enough her family’s restrictive rules drove her away from home at a young age. She had to go and fall for a guy whose mere presence heats her body like Death Valley.

Except he seems to harbor a special brand of dislike, just for her. He even seems intent on ruining one of her biggest wedding photography gigs by dodging every key shot to make a phone call.

It’s not that SWAT officer Warren Davis isn’t attracted to Beatrice. He is. God, he is. But between supporting his parents and helping raise his single-mom sister’s kid, there’s no time to build a relationship.

Besides, Beatrice is too innocent for some of his darker…appetites. Until she catches him on the phone with a professional Domme. He must be crazy to let her talk him into hiring her instead. Even crazier to risk letting their professional relationship get personal…

Warning: Contains an out-of-her-element, wannabe Domme who has no idea the power she wields, and a SWAT officer who can’t wait to show her just how deeply he needs her command. Buckle up and keep your safeword handy.

Warning! Beware smoke inhalation when your underoos combust due to the super-hot sexy times.

He was pulling at the restraints again, but this time it wasn’t in protest. His body was rippling over the bed with every press of his hips against the mattress. The slats of the headboard were actually starting to flex inward he was exerting so much force.

Oh my God, this was the hottest thing she’d ever seen. He was turned on by this. He liked this. He—

“Kiss me. Fucking shit, Beatrice. Kiss me again now.”


[You can keep fanning ...]