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Oct 3 2016 11:00am

Undead and Done: Exclusive Excerpt

Undead and Done by MaryJanice Davidson

It had been a well-kept secret for centuries, but now the existence of vampires is all over the news, thanks to Betsy Taylor’s half sister (and the frustrated former Antichrist), Laura. Life for the undead will never be the same, and it’s up to Betsy to do some damage control. But her interview on the local news doesn’t exactly put out the fire. It more or less pours kerosene on it.

With all the added attention on supernatural beings, the werewolves are more than a little agitated (never a good thing) and demand that Betsy gets her interview skills, and her family, in order. And while things go from bad to worse in the world, Hell continues to be hell—especially when Betsy’s new parole program becomes about as complicated as you’d expect.

With a PR team launching a vampire-friendly campaign, the devil at large and out to make trouble, and mermaids on hand to see who falls—and how hard—the end isn’t just near. It’s here. And if anyone knows how to go out with a bang, it’s the queen of Hell.

Get a sneak peek at MaryJanice Davidson's Undead and Done (available October 4, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

“And we’re back, talking this morning with St. Paul resident Betsy Taylor, who was outed a few weeks ago as an honest-to-god vampire.  Yes, you heard that right.”  The anchor looked away from the camera, straight at me.  “We can say ‘god’, right?”

“It’s your show,” I replied, and got a smile for that one.  “Yes, of course.  Vampires aren’t at all what people assume.”  Except when they were. 

[Read the full Undead and Done excerpt...]

Aug 2 2013 8:30am

Undead and Undermined: Exclusive New Scene

Undead and Undermined by MaryJanice DavidsonWe're pleased to offer you a special never before published excerpt from MaryJanice Davidson's Undead and Undetermined, the tenth book in MaryJanice's delightful Queen Betsy series. The twelfth book, Undead and Unsure, releases next week. Thanks for sharing this peek at Betsy, MaryJanice!

And now for a reminder of what misadventures Betsy is getting in this time...
(in which Betsy wakes up in Chicago, is rescued by the gang in a Super RV, has rowdy RV sex with Sinclair, then ponders their future while the country slips by their mobile bedroom window)

“Watch! Look how the telephone lines look like they’re moving...swoop! Up and down...swoop! But we’re the ones moving. Isn’t that amazing? Doesn’t that blow your mind?”

“No.” My husband was removing the tatters of clothing from his long lean yummy body, tsking at the state of his dress shirt, his slacks—I’d even shredded his socks. Me, I was naked and didn’t give a rip. I’d woken up naked in a morgue, been rescued while shoeless and wearing a too-tight t-shirt by the gang driving a mansion on wheels, and now was naked again. Clearly God wanted me to spend the day nude. God, or the devil. Hmm. Best not to think about that.

“Darling, you understand the telephone lines aren’t actually moving, right?”

[Continue on to see what other antics Betsy and Sinclair get into and scroll to the bottom to see where else MaryJanice stopped by this week...]

Feb 29 2012 12:00pm

The Government Gets Me Hot: MaryJanice Davidson Dishes

Martin Sheen in Apocalypse NowThe Long Title: How the Government Improves Sex Lives, or The Finance Committee’s Budget Proposal Is Getting Me Hot

Writers are weird and nobody knows what the government is up to.

No, wait. That’s backwards:  governments are weird; nobody knows what writers are up to. Especially romance writers: everyone knows we’re a sneaky bunch. Now that I’m giving it some thought, I think they’re interchangeable.

Which brings me to slush funds, taxes, Stephen King, and the hotness that was Martin Sheen in the ’80s. Because where else would it lead to?

Some of my favorite books across genres feature the government as the hero...or the villain. And like all heroes and villains, some of them are terrifying and some of them are hot and some of them are both.

[Does that make them scarily hot?...]

Feb 21 2012 5:00pm

Yours, Mine and Ours: New Excerpt

Yours, Mine and Ours by MaryJanice Davidson

It’s Christmas season, a holiday Cadence adores. Her relationship with Patrick has been progressing nicely, and they are beginning to wonder if it might be time to bring things to the next level... unprecedented in Cadence’s life. That is until she meets the completely dreamy Dr. Max Gallo and he throws Cadence and her sisters for a tailspin.

And if the threat of Dr. McDreamy weren’t enough there is a new BOFFO employee, Emma Jan Thyme, whose reputation precedes her. She has a doctorate from Harvard, speaks seven languages, and is a remarkable actress. But she’s harboring a secret of her own.

In addition to adjusting to a new co-worker’s foibles, shopping for her Secret Santa, and trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for Patrick, a new serial killer appears to have blown into town. For four Junes in a row perfectly ordinary fourteen year olds have disappeared. The only things the victims have in common are their ordinariness...and it’s up to Cadence to figure out the case before another innocent teen dies.

Get a sneak peek of Yours, Mine and Ours by MaryJanice Davidson (available February 28, 2012) with an excerpt of chapters 1-9.

(And be sure to enter for a chance to win a copy of the book!)

Chapter 1

"—doing in here?’’

I blinked at the woman across from me. She was not pleased, not even a teeny tiny bit. Her hair, which was once probably a lovely brunette pageboy, now looked as though the woman had been combing it with a wire whisk. Her face was red and shiny. Her clothes were a mess—a run in her pantyhose, her blouse untucked, one shoe missing—and she was standing ankle-deep in a drift of snow. Her brown eyes were really, really starey.

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