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Nov 10 2017 1:30pm

That’s Our Spot: Arrow Season 6, Episode 5 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 5Show/Episode: Arrow Season 6, Episode 5 “Deathstroke Returns”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 6x05 Captain's Log

Councilwoman Pollard, the woman who introduced the anti-vigilante bill (the same one that’s being pushed to a citywide vote), is targeted by a sniper. Dinah spots the danger in time to save the councilwoman but the sniper gets away. Oliver is unable to handle the issue from City Hall because Slade is in town (and hanging out at his apartment no less!). Slade wants his help to locate his son, who goes by the name Kane. He’s been tracking him all across the globe, since last we saw him, and now in Kasnia, working for the Australian Secret Service but he was captured and is in prison. Slade needs Oliver to use diplomacy to help him, not the Green Arrow, so he wants him to go with him to Kasnia. Uhm. I’m getting a red flag here.

Felicity and Curtis are tracking the sniper who is… Vigilante. Dinah is investigating the sniper’s nest with Diggle. They all question why Vigilante would want to target Pollard. Samanda Watson shows up and has some questions about what Diggle is doing at a crime scene. She wants to interview him officially.

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Nov 3 2017 11:00am

“I Believe in You": Arrow 6x04 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow Season 6, Episode 4

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 6, Episode 4, “Reversal”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 6x04 Captain's Log

We see Laurel, in disguise, flirting with a guy at a bar. She makes out with him in the alley behind the bar because that’s classy. Also classy? He’s married. She kills him with a sonic scream because who needs redemption when you can just have her be a villain?

Oliver and Felicity are out on a romantic date. William was excited about the date, even wanted to join them! He picked out Oliver’s tie! Okay, that’s super cute. A lady at a nearby table interrupts to tell them she’s voting against the anti-vigilante measure and expresses delight that he and Felicity are back together again. You and everyone else, lady. Felicity asks to not have to join him at fundraisers, which, who can blame her.  She has too much to juggle right now. Plus, those things are boring. But Oliver is disappointed.

Felicity gets a call from the team so she has to leave the date early but not before peppering Oliver’s face with kisses. Again: SAME. Wow, this episode is so relatable. The team is investigating Siren’s latest kill… at least until Curtis finds out that Felicity had to leave her date with Oliver to come in. He promises her he can handle things and urges her to go home and have “dessert” with Oliver. He’s trying to redeem himself with fandom and I’m thinking he’s going a bit overboard. Dial it back, dude.

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Oct 27 2017 10:00am

Olicity is Pretty Cool: Arrow 6x03 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 3, Next of Kin

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 6, Episode 3, “Next of Kin”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 6x03 Olicity Captain's Log

There’s a lot happening in this episode. We’ve got John Diggle as Arrow, dealing with a nasty learning curve and a case of insecurity. There’s the baddie of the week which, admittedly, is pretty cardboard but you can’t win them all. The FBI is still a thorn in Oliver’s side. There’s William and his troubles with math. There’s the Olicity of it all.

John as the Green Arrow

Bless John Diggle. He’s been Oliver’s rock since almost the very beginning. He was there, every step of the way, encouraging Oliver. Now, the shoe is on the other foot and it turns out making the call isn’t as easy as it always looked. We start off strong with the team taking down Faust with much aplomb. Well, besides the fact that John isn’t using the bow to shoot any hours. Dinah and him have a little talk about it and he assures her that his tremor is gone. He’s much better now! Just like that? I have doubts. 

The team learns about the shipment and move to intercept. A bit hilariously, Dig arrives in Green Arrow gear and rides in the delivery truck with the driver and the security agent. Onyx stops the truck remotely, and the team is quickly overwhelmed by her and her buddies. Dig is unable to make a call in the heat of the moment and the baddies get away with the gas and blow up the truck and it’s basically a bit fat loss for Dig. The team is frustrated with him, especially Rene. Dinah backs Dig up and Felicity says they’ll have another shot. She found some intel and fills them in on what they need to know. 

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Oct 20 2017 11:00am

Compromised: Arrow 6x02 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 6, Episode 2, Tribute

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 6, Episode 2, “Tribute”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 6x02 Captain's Log

In the aftermath of last week’s bombshell reveal, where we see that someone leaked a hoodless, massless photo of Oliver Queen as the Green Arrow to Channel 52 news, we open with Oliver walking into city hall amidst a swarm of hungry journalists. Obviously, they all want to know what he has to say in the wake of that enormous bombshell. Oliver doesn’t even skip a beat. He charms the crowd, grinning and telling them that the photo was doctored. Heck, it could have been Bruce Wayne’s head on that body… if he was in town. Which he’s not. He emphasizes that if he was a mayor during the day and a crime-fighting hero at night, that would truly make him a superhero. But he’s just the mayor. There’s a twinkle in his eye and it occurs to me that when this inevitably gets blown open (you all know it will), there will already be a precedent for Oliver being a superhero. He may as well have just said: “I deserve a statue and a national holiday, thankyouverymuch.” I actually kind of wonder if that’s not the point. Hmm. 

So while they try to track who leaked the photo, Oliver has other business. The Markovian delegation and the SCPD precinct needs to be rebuilt. Oh yeah, that’s right. That one villain blew it up. God, she was the worst. 

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Oct 13 2017 10:00am

Unmasked: Arrow 6x01 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 6, Episode 1, “Fallout”
Ship(s): Olicity


Olicity Captain's Log

We begin five months after the island blew up. A ship is in Star City harbor with some sketchy figures on board. Suddenly, an arrow lands in one of the bad guys, laying him out. A really cool action sequence follows, where Oliver as the Green Arrow pops out of the water. He’s looking for someone named Faust. He was holding the city for ransom, threatening to fire a ballistic missile. We see Spartan and Wild Dog there with him as they take down the criminals in true Team Arrow fashion. We even see Mr. Terrific in action, taking out a rocket with one of his T-spheres. 

A flashback brings us back to Oliver telling Felicity over the comms to run for the supply ship. Slade abandons the group to save himself while everyone else decides to shelter in the plane. Samantha runs back into the forest to find William and Thea and Felicity race after her. Thea tells Felicity to go to the plane so she runs but trips, falling to the ground. Dig helps her up, telling her he’s not taking refuge without her. They run away from the blasts but it looks like Dig is caught by some shrapnel.

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May 25 2017 10:00am

Goodbye Lian Yu: Arrow 5x23, Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 5 Finale,

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 23, “Lian Yu”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x23 Captain's Log

We start where we left off, on Lian Yu, with Oliver asking Slade to help him. Slade is, understandably, confused why Oliver would come to him of all people. A guard interrupts them, refusing to let Slade leave or get on the ARGUS supply boat when Oliver urges him to do so. So Oliver knocks him out and lets Slade out of his cell. This is a different Slade than last we saw. The Mirakuru has worn off and he’s fully sane… and regretful. He did some terrible things to Oliver, namely killing his mother, so why would Oliver want to free him? Perhaps Oliver didn’t kill Slade so that he could be here now to help him when he needs him the most. He needs him to help rescue his friends and family… including his son. Oliver having a son is news to Slade. Oliver then offers Slade a thumb drive with information about how to find his son, Joe Wilson, after he helps Oliver. Seems a good deal and Slade is no dummy. 

They free Digger Harkness too and join a bickering Nyssa and Malcolm on the beach. They plan to get more weapons and ammo from the plane but just about then, an RPG slices through the sky and explodes the plane. So maybe not. Oliver sends Nyssa and Malcolm to find where the RPG was fired from and takes Harkness and Slade with him to find the rest of his team. He warns Harkness not to betray him. 

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May 18 2017 10:00am

Olicity Reunion Ahead: Arrow 5x22 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 22

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 22, “Missing”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x22 Captain's Log

We start the episode in a happy little lull.  Adrian Chase is locked up and everyone is feeling relieved. Except Oliver, perhaps. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. But in the meantime, it’s his birthday! And he tells Thea he has dinner plans with Thea. He’s hesitant to hope that it’s a date but it’s clear that he very much hopes that it is. 

Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the aww-factor, it’s not a date or dinner… but a surprise party! Oliver shows up at the loft and nearly takes Curtis out before realizing the ruse. It’s the first time he’s celebrated his birthday since before the island. We see him blow out the candles on an epic Lord Mesa designed cake (lovely fandom in-joke there!) and then there’s a champagne toast. Everyone talks about what they want to do with their summer vacation, with perhaps a little innuendo from Felicity. The looks she and Oliver kept sharing were loaded! And what does Oliver want to do? Buy socks. I’m not even kidding. 

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May 11 2017 10:30am

Living For Yourself: Arrow 5x21 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x21,

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 21, “Honor Thy Fathers”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x21 Captain's Log

Oliver arrives at City Hall to learn two very unfortunate things: 1) all of the cases Adrian Chase prosecuted have been overturned and the criminals are back on the street and 2) ‘Simon Morrison’ sent a giant crate to Oliver’s office. The bomb squad want Oliver to leave but Oliver isn’t having it and opens up the crate himself to reveal a dried up old corpse encased in concrete. He’s Councilman Henry Goodwin who was declared missing back in 2002. They can’t figure out why Chase would send this guy to Oliver and they need to find a connection. 

Derek Sampson is one of the criminals back on the street and Team Arrow (rightfully) doesn’t trust him so the b-squad goes to keep tabs on what he’s up to. Oliver asks Felicity how her search for William is going. She’s having trouble locating him but that gives Oliver hope. If she can’t find him, Chase probably can’t either. Hahaha, oh, if only.  Thea returns to City Hall and she and Oliver have a warm reunion. She came back at Oliver’s request, for her protection. But she wasn’t ready, she still feels all over the place about who she is. Quentin and Dinah have found out some info about the councilman; apparently the suspect for who killed him is Robert Queen. 

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May 4 2017 10:00am

Olicity Rising: Arrow 5x20 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x20, "Underneath"

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 20, “Underneath”
Ship(s): Olicity


Arrow 5x20 Captain's Log

Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker. Chase set off an EMP, electromagnetic pulse, that fried everything with an electrical circuit within the bunker; including Felicity’s biostimulant chip in her back. Which means she can’t feel her legs and is dependent on Oliver. He helps her into a wheelchair which they still had in the bunker (that’s handy) and they try to figure out how to get out of this mess. But the bunker is a literal fortress and as good as it is at keeping the bad guys out (is it though?) it’s just as good at keeping them in. And air is running out.

The episode saw the team on the outside trying to get in, to save Oliver and Felicity. It saw Dig and Lyla butting heads and trying to work through their issues, which mirror the issues Olicity is having on a larger scale. We saw Oliver and Felicity start out distant and snippy with one another (owing to their unresolved issues from last week) and grow closer and more understanding of one another. We saw Oliver admit his secret to Felicity, in a heartbreaking moment where he thinks they might die. We saw Felicity categorically deny that Oliver enjoys killing, that he’s a monster, because that’s not who she fell in love with. It was rather beautiful.

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Apr 27 2017 10:00am

Smoak vs Arrow: Arrow 5x19 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x19

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 19, “Dangerous Liaisons”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x19 Captain's Log

We start with the team on a mission to bring in Chase. They have him entering an arcade and no one has left since so it stands to reason he’s in there, right? Wrong. It’s just a fake out, but it’s rather cool how he rigged the arcade to “fight back” against the team and the ARGUS agents who came to bring him in. At City Hall, Oliver is falling short of adequate reasons why Chase has gotten away with everything so far. He has a lot of people, and families of victims, to answer to. 

Felicity goes to Alena and Helix, desperate for their help in finding Chase. She’s asked to hack ARGUS and they find an ARGUS agent who might or might not have helped out Chase. I don’t know, it seems like a convenient train of thought but Felicity is more than happy to follow it. The next scene, we see that same agent killed via rogue (hacked) elevator and Alena steps out to admire her handiwork. Uhm… that’s not cool, Alena. 

Oliver and Dinah are on site and they ask Felicity to grab the video from the elevator. They realize that it was the elevator that killed the guy. And that whoever did it, hacked it. Felicity realizes it was Helix, aka Alena and she rushes over there to confront her. Alena swears that it was an accident, that she’s never killed before. And yet again, I find the girl very disingenuous. She tells Felicity it’s all about a man named Caden James who is a world-class hacker that ARGUS has in custody, unlawfully, without trial. And she wants Felicity to help her find and free Caden. Because it’s him who has the technology Felicity needs to find Chase. 

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Apr 7 2017 11:00am

The Hate/Hate Relationship in Rebecca Brooks’ Make Me Beg

Make Me Beg by Rebecca Brooks

Make Me Beg is the second book in Rebecca Brooks’ Men of Gold Mountain series, but you don’t need to have read the first to enjoy the second. I was new to the series (and the author) myself, but now I find myself wanting to go back and read the first (and any and all that follow!) because the setting of Gold Mountain is compelling and inviting and I want to know more about this tiny resort town tucked into the Northern Cascades and the men (and women) that call it home.

I was sucked right into the story of Mackenzie Ellinsworth and Connor Branding. They work together at a failing bar/restaurant though they spend pretty much all the time in each other’s company sniping at each other and trying to get in the best burning insult. The two have a hate/hate relationship going, but with a hot, simmering undertone of sexual tension in all their interactions.

“See, that’s where you’re making your mistake. We man-whores are the ones who make life worth living.”

Mack rolled her eyes. “And yet somehow I manage to have a pulse without you.”

Connor slid her phone into his back pocket and stepped forward, one hand suddenly on her hip so she couldn’t get away. He pressed two fingers against her neck, where she was sure he could feel the leap of her pulse. And then his palm slid down to cover her heart.

Not quite her breast—he wasn’t that cheeky. But it was close.

“Would you look at that,” he said, head cocked, looking down at her as though making some fascinating, impartial observation. “Your heart is racing.”

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Mar 30 2017 10:00am

Earn the Hood: Arrow 5x18 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x18 "Disbanded"

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 18, “Disbanded”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x18 Captain's Log

This week’s episode picks up right where the previous week left off. Oliver has patched up the worst of his wounds and is shrugging on his grey zip up hoodie.  Felicity wants him to go to a hospital and see a real doctor. Oliver just wants them all to leave him alone. Curtis and Dig want details but Oliver isn’t sharing beyond saying that Chase is right that everyone around him suffers. Felicity tries to argue that whatever Chase said, he’s wrong. Oliver nearly breaks when he glances at her, the first time he has since his return. He ends up whispering for her (and the others) to just leave.

Dig wants to talk to Oliver and it’s his first attempt this episode to get through to Oliver that we see this episode. But Oliver has his walls way, way up. He’s not talking. Felicity tells the team what happened, saying she’s never seen him so broken. She’s clearly deeply upset about the state her former fiancé is in. Oliver has locked the team out of the lair, something Felicity could easily get past but it’s clear there’s bigger fish to fry at the moment. She wants to get Adrian Chase and goes to Helix to get serious about it. The rest of the team will continue to protect the city, sans costumes because they’re all locked down and being packed up in the lair.

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Mar 23 2017 10:00am

Confessions: Arrow 5x17 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x17 "Kapiushon"

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 17, “Kapiushon”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x17 Captain's Log

I must warn you all first that I’m out of town, staying at my parents' house. I have watched the episode but I’ve not been able to give it as close attention as might be able to when I’m at home. That’s not to say that I don’t have something to say about this amazing, difficult, dark and game-changing episode of Arrow. Because I do.

The majority of this episode takes place in the flashbacks, which doesn’t mean what happens in the present day isn’t important (it is… perhaps the most important present day action we’ve seen so far this year, in fact). It also doesn’t mean the flashbacks don’t tie into the present day perfectly, in a way they haven’t really since the great battle sequence between Slade and Oliver at the end of season 2.

The flashbacks show us, through the lens of Anatoly’s growing horror, just how far down the path of darkness Oliver has gone. They get enough information from a dying Gregor to realize that Kovar has some Big Bad Plans going on. Oliver dresses as the Hood, whom Anatoly tells Kovar is called “Kapiushion” and together with the remains of the Bratva, intercept a shipment that Kovar is after. A shipment of nerve gas, meant to help him take down and take over the Russian government. He’s being aided by an American businessman: Malcolm Merlyn. Of course he is.

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Mar 16 2017 10:00am

“They Are My Strength”: Arrow 5x16, Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, 5x16, Checkmate

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 16, “Checkmate”
Ship(s): Olicity

Captain's Log, Arrow 5x16

We begin with Oliver trekking across a snowy mountain top, headed for a monastery guarded by stone demons. This is the place that Felicity directed Oliver to, where he could find Talia. But Felicity isn’t available and Curtis is running comms. Inside, Oliver finds Talia and finds out a few uncomfortable things: first that Talia trained Prometheus because she sympathized with him wanting vengeance for the death of his father… because Oliver killed her father as well. She’s an al Ghul. She also tells him that Prometheus goes by the name “Adrian Chase.” Oliver is wrecked by this revelation and Talia is fine with this because she wants him to suffer.   

Back in Star City, Felicity is getting her first tour of Helix and is very excited but also stunned by the size of the operation. She sees that what Helix does is skirting the law. It makes her a little uncomfortable, but the possibilities let her set her concerns aside. Oliver goes straight to City Hall and finds Adrian Chase in the conference room discussing city business with some councilmen.  He won’t speak with Oliver so Oliver confronts him as the Green Arrow in the parking garage. Adrian isn’t concerned, in fact, Oliver is playing right into his hand even now. He lets him know that he has Susan Williams hostage and if Oliver kills him, she’ll die too.

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Mar 2 2017 11:30am

Who is Prometheus? Arrow 5x15, Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, Season 5, Episode 15

Show/EpisodeArrow Season 5, Episode 15, “Fighting Fire with Fire”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x15 Captain's Log


The mayor’s office is in a panic over the media report that there was a coverup involving Malone’s death. Oliver is certain that Prometheus is to blame and he suggests to Quentin and Thea that they tell the media the same story that he told Pike; that he worked with the Green Arrow and that the man is a hero. Oliver urges Thea to smooth things over with Susan and I fight to not roll my eyes too hard. Listen, what Thea did was bad, but Susan isn’t innocent. Before they can get into that too much, Adrian comes in and suggests he resign, throwing himself on the bomb so to speak, since it was his suggestion that they cover up Malone’s death in the first place. Oliver doesn’t like the suggestion and asks Adrian to sit in with him on the impeachment hearings… as his lawyer.

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Feb 23 2017 11:00am

Taking Out the Trash: Arrow 5x14 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Show/Episode: Arrow,Season 5, Episode 14, “The Sin Eater”
Ship(s): Olicity

Arrow 5x14 Captain's Log

Arrow was back in fine form this week so I believe last week’s lackluster episode was a fluke. We’re back into the main thrust of the season, trying to find out who Prometheus. Oliver travels to Opal City to visit Amanda Westfield, Justin Claybourne’s mistress and Prometheus’ mother. He tries to plead to her sense of morality in order to get a name for Prometheus but the woman actually has none. She’s upset that the Arrow killed Claybourne, but not that her son has killed innocent people. So, basically, she’s not a very nice lady.

Meanwhile, Liza Warner, Carrie Cutter and China White take over a prison transfer buss and kill the guards and head to Star City to cause some mayhem. Back at the bunker, Oliver hands a bit of tech to Felicity. He’d had it with him in Amanda’s house, to “sniff” out any information on any devices there. It worked, but it’ll take her a while to go through it all. Meanwhile, their business is with this girl gang. And Dinah is having her SCPD swearing in ceremony.

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Feb 16 2017 11:00am

No More Vicious Cycles: Arrow 5x13 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x13 "Spectre of the Gun"

Show/Episode: Arrow Season 5, Episode 13, “Spectre of the Gun”
Ship(s): Olicity (Oliver/Felicity)

Arrow 5x13 Captain's Log

Arrow takes a departure this week, talking about the very serious and real-world relevant topic of gun control. As such Oliver and Felicity’s relationship (or lack thereof) takes a bit of a backseat. Actually, most things Arrow related took a backseat.

On the upside, we had Thea back in town and she gave Oliver a (rightfully) hard time about his relationship with Susan. He tried to defend himself on that count, asking that Thea respect that he’s doing something serious with the reporter, but Thea seemed fairly firm on the whole thing make making her feel nauseous. We all feel you, Thea.

We did learn that Felicity is actively searching for the mother of Claybourne’s illegitimate child, the one they believe to be Prometheus. She’s gone off the grid so locating her is difficult, but Felicity is zeroing in on her, with the help of the Pandora drive.

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Feb 9 2017 1:00pm

“Welcome Back Hugs, Kisses, and Warm Feelings”: Arrow 5x12, Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, 5x12 "Bratva"

Show/Episode: Arrow, Season 5, Episode 12, “Bratva”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

Arrow 5x12 Captain's Log

Oliver is in the mayor’s office doing mayoring and Susan stops by and they flirt and a reference is made to the fact they haven’t had sex yet. I’m both glad they haven’t and grossed out that they talk about it and am SO GLAD that Lance chose that moment to show back up from rehab. Excellent timing, good sir and I missed Quentin so much. Oliver gives a quick press conference about Diggle being cleared of charges and then Susan gets a news alert that General Walker busted out of custody and is “in the wind”.

They learn that Walker is in Russia, trying to sell his nuke to terrorists there and Felicity insists on going because she feels it’s her duty to prevent another Havenrock. Oliver relents and Dig points out that the whole team should go because Walker has significant backup. They leave Rene behind to help Quentin prepare for an interview with Susan.

[Welcome to the Brotherhood...]

Feb 2 2017 11:30am

Meet the New Black Canary: Arrow 5x11 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow 5x10 Second Chances

Show/Episode: Arrow, Season 5, Episode 11, “Second Chances”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)

Arrow 5x11 Captain's Log

Oliver and Felicity are on separate paths for most of this episode. But that’s not to say that those paths don’t have value. After all, Emily Bett Rickards said recently that Oliver and Felicity need to grow apart before they can grow together. They’re both growing right now and this will make them stronger when they do finally come together again.

Oliver’s quest is about fulfilling Laurel’s final wishes; that he find a new Black Canary. But no one is good enough for him. He has very high standards that make me question if he is looking at Laurel through rose-tinted glasses. She wasn’t that strong a fighter and not as vital to the team as we’ve been lead to believe so far this season. But… absence makes the heart grow fonder. And more picky, in Oliver’s case. But Curtis has a line on a girl who can fight as good as any of them and who has a meta-human sonic cry. Felicity urges Oliver to go, and take a few of the boys, on a field trip to Hub City to hunt her down and recruit her.

[Recap ahead...]

Jan 26 2017 11:00am

Back from the Dead: Arrow 5x10 Olicity Heart-to-Heart

Arrow, 5x10 "Who Are You?"

Show/Episode: Arrow, Season 5, Episode 10, “Who Are You?”
Ship(s): Oliver/Felicity (Olicity)


Arrow 5x10 Captain's Log

The episode picks up exactly where we left off in December… with Oliver discovering Laurel in the bunker. She tells him a story about how Sara saved her on the Waverider and used the medical technology to heal her. It makes enough sense that Oliver buys it easily, mostly because he wants it to be true, he wants to believe the best. He hugs her, telling her its a miracle. Felicity arrives then and also engulfs Laurel in a hug, repeating that it’s a miracle while Oliver looks on fondly. The three of them talk and Felicity has a few more questions, her suspicions showing though she tries to hide it.

Felicity suggests they throw a “back from the dead” party and that’s when Felicity remembers her reason for coming to the bunker in the first place: to tell Oliver that Dig was arrested. Oliver goes to visit Dig and tells him about Laurel, and that Felicity and Lyla are working on finding Prometheus’ mother. Dig tells Oliver that he’s going to fight the charges this time, no breaking out. He needs a lawyer and Oliver just happens to know one: Adrian Chase.

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