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Jun 16 2017 1:00pm

“Love, Magic, Reckoning”: A Beginner’s Guide to Madhuri Pavamani’s Keeper Series

The Keepers Series by Madhuri Pavamani

Everything you need to know to make The Keepers Series your next keeper

When you start a new series, quickly getting a feel for the setting is key, and that's never more important than when reading a paranormal. One of the most original romances we've read this year is Madhuri Pavamani's Keeper series, which introduces readers to the world of Poochas, Keepers, Deaders—and the hot romance between Dutch and Juma.

Want to know more? Of course you do! With help from author Madhuri Pavamani herself, allow us to present an introduction to Books 1 and 2 of the Keeper series, Dutch and Juma, as well as scoop on Book 3, Death.

First off, what are the important terms?

Poocha: Death’s reclaimers, those beings who help the dead cross back into life. Poochas have nine lives and are the archnemeses of Keepers. Death chooses who shall become a Poocha.

Deader: Nickname for the dead used by Death, her Poochas, and the Alighters.

Alighter: Alighters work with Poochas to assist in the reclamation of the dead. Fixers of memory and circumstance, they often work in teams around the globe to wipe memories and clear the way for a Deader to return to life.

Keeper: Deadly assassin of The Gate, trained to hunt and kill Poochas. Only Keepers may become Ren and lead The Gate.

Each of these roles is dependant on the existence of the others, Pavamani tells us, adding: “These three are intertwined by necessity more than desire—without deaders, there would be no need for poochas, and without poochas, there would be no need for keepers. Each is the reason for the other’s existence, a most twisted co-dependency based upon death, death, and more death.”

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Mar 31 2017 12:05pm

Madhuri Pavamani Excerpt: Dutch

Madhuri Pavamani

Dutch by Madhuri Pavamani

I've spent years holed up in the deepest, darkest parts of the city, fighting to keep Death and her Poochas from crossing the dead back to the living. My skill with a blade is bested only by my menace, my despair, my anguish - the strongest weapons I yield.

Then I meet Juma Landry and it all goes to hell.

She is beauty and love and sex and light, everything I am not. And she makes me want things I haven’t desired in years. But the monsters of my life, the evil lurking in the dark corners of my soul, those places craven and vile, bind me to a past I cannot shake free. As the most skilled Keeper for the Gate, nothing and no one can prevent me from excelling at a job I never wanted. I do it because it is my legacy, a fate I cannot outrun, but when Juma becomes my next assignment, each of her nine lives to be ended by my hand, I must decide: the legacy I never wanted or the love I don’t deserve.

Get a sneak peek at Madhuri Pavamani's Dutch (available April 4, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene from Juma Landry's point of view.

Ducking into the Franklin Street subway station, I heard the train pull in and the doors slide open. I ran down the proper side of the staircase, swiped my MetroCard, and jumped in just as the doors began to shut. I hated running for the train, but damn if I did not look good making that entrance, totally smooth and certain. I laughed to myself and caught the eye of the guy seated across from me.

He smiled. I took off my sunglasses and winked at him, probably making his morning with my quick flirt.

I loved helping others feel good.

[Read the full excerpt from Dutch...]