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November 21, 2017
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November 21, 2017
How to Advocate for Happily Ever Afters
November 20, 2017
Insight into MaryJanice Davidson’s Deja New
Lucy Dosch
November 19, 2017
Helena Hunting: A Sexy, Angsty, Funny Superstar
Nicola R. White
November 17, 2017
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Nov 20 2017 9:30am

Insight into MaryJanice Davidson’s Deja New

Deja New by MaryJanice Davidson

MaryJanice Davidson asks that age-old question in her latest novel, Deja New if you give birth to your mother, does that make you your own grandmother?

Leah Nazir is one of the world’s top Insighters. She helps diagnose why your life is such a mess because she can see what you screwed up in every one of your past lives. She knows who you were and why that makes you act the way you do now. And it is not just everyone else’s past lives she can see, she is fully aware of all of her own past lives and each of those lives has included the one person she can never, ever get along with—her own mother.

Time and again Leah and her mother have been at odds. Lifetime after lifetime things have not gone well between them. It is not just simply that they never get along, in some lives her mother has been responsible for Leah’s death.

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Oct 7 2017 12:00pm

Marie Harte’s All I Want for Halloween Celebrates Halloween with a Romance Twist

All I Want for Halloween by Marie Harte

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just speak whatever was on your mind? Well, you get a chance to see how crazy it can be in Marie Harte’s All I Want for Halloween.

We have met Sadie Liberato and her brother, Elliot, in prior stories.  These two are brash, snarky and always say exactly what they are thinking.  Neither holds back their opinions of each other or anyone around them.  While they are never hurtful, they do tell it like it is.

While Elliot is outgoing, Sadie embraces her introverted-ness and is quite proud of her dislike for people in general, or worse being forced to speak with them.  That’s why they keep Sadie in the back in the kitchen.  Sadie helping customers is never a good thing for the success of a growing business.

“You’re not a fan of people, are you?”

Sadie gave her a grim smile.  “No.”

Sadie works with her siblings at Sofa’s bakery and catering which gives her plenty of time to torture both of them with her clever witticism and bits of wisdom that only a big sister could provide.

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Sep 28 2017 1:00pm

In Dianne Duvall’s Blade of Darkness, Loneliness Can Be Dangerous

Blade of Darkness by Dianne Duvall

Dianne Duvall has given us another electrifying page-turner filled with romance, non-stop action, and suspense. 

Loneliness can make some people do desperate things, such as, um…break into classified files in order to find a date. A few years ago, Aidan O’Byrne, Scottish Immortal Guardian broke into the headquarters of the Network, those mortals who have sworn to protect the Immortal Guardians, and searched through their confidential files.  Did he do this in order to provide information to an enemy?  No.  He did this in order to search for names of women who, like him, had the advanced DNA of a gifted one.  Why would he risk the wrath of a man who Aiden has called his friend for centuries?  Because Aiden has spent almost 3,000 years alone.  And, like most of the Immortal Guardians, he has noticed that the Network offices in North Carolina have become the Match.com for Immortal Guardians as almost a dozen Guardians have found wives in the last few years.   While his odds of finding a love-for-a-lifetime from his nighttime scavenging might be astronomical, they were better than sitting alone in his Scottish castle.

After centuries alone, Aidan simply wanted a woman to share his life with.  Maybe it wasn’t the best idea he’s ever had, but Aidan’s plan had basically been to make a list of potential female gifted ones who he could—let’s not call it stalking, but casually bump into at the grocery store, fix a flat tire for, or merely find an opportunity to talk with so that he could see if there was any attraction between them.  While he knew the odds of finding a woman this way were not great, it gave him a glimmer of hope that he wasn’t destined to be always alone. 

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Sep 23 2017 10:00am

First Look: Cecy Robson’s Of Flame and Fate (September 26, 2017)

Of Flame and Fate by Cecy Robson

Cecy Robson
Of Flame and Fate (Weird Girls #2)
Cecy Robson / September 26, 2017 / $3.99 digital

Cecy Robson shows us that Fate and Destiny are not one and the same in her latest Weird Girls novel.  In Of Flame and Fate, Destiny and Fate collide. No, really.  Like BANG, right into each other.  The seer of Destiny—known as Destiny—and the seer of the Fate—known as…um, Johnny—actually collide at a rock concert. 

Well however they meet, it is not a good thing. Whenever a seer of Fate or Destiny are born at the same time, very bad things happen. Very bad! Cataclysmic! That could be why the forces of evil are suddenly swarming on Lake Tahoe.

“What’s the problem with having Fate and Destiny?”  I ask, seeing that there obviously is.  “Aren’t they the same thing?”

“They are, and they’re not,” Gemini replies, his expression darkening further.  “They’re not supposed to coexist.  They can’t actually, not in the same lifetime.”

“Because they’re anomalies?” I ask.  That’s my guess.  But there’s more, obviously.

“In part,” he answers. “But it’s what happens when they’re together that’s the real issue.”  He releases a harsh breath. “According to mystical beliefs, their powers brutally clash, interfering with the natural balance of the earth and triggering the start of unspoken evils.”

Everyone thought it was simply Destiny’s prophecy that Celia and Aric’s child would destroy all evil which is causing demons and shapeshifters to swarm the area bringing mayhem and death.  Maybe it’s not. 

If a Fate or a Destiny already exists, the witch’s law states that the second child born with the same power must be killed within its first year of life. Johnny’s parents knew this so they took their son and ran, raising him among the humans and keeping him away from any paranormals who would have sensed his powers. The law only decrees that Johnny should have been killed before he turned one. Since Johnny is now 20, the various counsels are at a loss as to what to do. 

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Sep 20 2017 8:30am

First Look: Nalini Singh’s Archangel’s Viper (September 26, 2017)

Archangel's Viper by Nalini Singh

Nalini Singh
Archangel's Viper (A Guild Hunter Novel #10)
Berkley / September 26, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Venom has to be one of the most intriguing characters introduced by Nalini Singh in her Guild Hunter series so it is only fitting that he be given a heroine who is as unique as he is.

Venom is one of Archangel Raphael’s seven; his most trusted circle of advisors, protectors, and friends.  He is a vampire who was made by Neha, the Archangel of India, also known as the Queen of Poisons and Snakes, and as his name suggests, Venom’s bite is toxic.  It is not just his bite and his cool demeanor that makes him so captivating.  There is no confusing Venom for any other vampire since there is only one man alive with eyes like a snake. He knows how to use his unusual gaze to unbalance his opponents and captivate women.

Wraparound mirrored sunglasses obscured his eyes. Holly still hadn’t figured out if he wore the sunglasses because his eyes were sensitive to light, so people wouldn’t freak out, or simply because he was an asshole who like to look impenetrable.

She bet on the last.

A character as unusual and unforgettable as Venom needs a heroine who can stand up to him and not fade into the background whenever he is around. She has to be someone who can accept him and his odd characteristics.  Neither he, nor the fans of the series, would be satisfied with a demure woman, and Nalini doesn’t fail in giving us all just what we need in Holly Chang.

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Sep 5 2017 8:30am

First Look: J.D. Robb’s Secrets in Death (September 5, 2017)

Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb

J.D. Robb
Secrets in Death (In Death #45)
St. Martin's Press / September 5, 2017 / $27.99 print, $14.99 digital

Secrets. We all have them. We all keep them. Little ones. Big ones. But knowing someone else’s deepest, darkest secrets might just get you killed. 

The latest novel in J.D. Robb’s In Death series is all about secrets and what people with do to keep them buried. Someone has killed Channel 75’s top entertainment reporter, Larinda Mars at a trendy NY bar, even though Lt. Eve Dallas was only tables away. Eve isn’t sure what is pissing her off the most: that the murder happened under her nose or that the murderer gets out before she can shut down the scene.  

During her investigation, Eve finds out that Mars was an expert in more than just digging for celebrity gossip. Was it poetic justice that someone let Larinda bleed to death since she has spent the past few years bleeding rich people for money?  Blackmail is an ugly business and Mars was an expert on squeezing the beautiful people.  Was someone tired of paying, or were they so afraid their secret would leak? 

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Sep 4 2017 8:30am

First Look: Katie Ruggle’s On the Chase (September 5, 2017)

On the Chase by Katie Ruggle

Katie Ruggle
On the Chase (Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit Series #2)
Sourcebooks / September 5, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital 

Katie Ruggle has brought us some intriguing mysteries so far, but in her latest Rocky Mountain K-9 Unit novel, even the characters aren’t sure what is happening and who is truly in danger.

Grace Robinson (not her real name) is in hiding in the small town of Monroe, Colorado, because of a dinner party gone wrong.  No, she didn’t use the wrong fork.  Grace thought she had met a real life Disney prince until she got lost looking for the bathroom and stumbled upon a nightmare hiding in the beautiful mansion.  That one wrong turn has her abandoning everything, changing her name and running for her life from a powerful man who has people everywhere, including the local California police department.  

Right before they reached the end of the corridor, the cop steered her toward a door marked Stairs.  Just as she’d known she wouldn’t survive if she’d gone back into Martin’s mansion, Kaylee knew, deep in her gut, not to enter the stairway with L. Javanovic.

Leaving everything she worked so hard for is bad enough.  Now she is forced to share a run down house and one bathroom with five other people. And since she can’t use the several degrees she worked so hard to earn, she should be just happy she has a job even if it is cleaning up poop at the local kennel in this teeny, tiny town.  Right?   It has to be better than being dead.  At least that’s what she keeps telling herself.

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Aug 18 2017 8:30am

First Look: Kerrelyn Sparks’ So I Married a Sorcerer (August 29, 2017)

So I Married a Sorcerer by Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks
So I Married a Sorcerer (The Embraced #2)
St. Martin's Press / August 29, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Kerrelyn Sparks delights readers with her newest fantasy novel which leaves us laughing and crying, and sometimes both at once. 

When seven-year-old Prince Ulfred swore an oath to protect the baby girl who would someday be his bride, he had no idea just how life changing his oath would be. In a country constantly torn by civil war, King Manfrid of the House of Trepurin agreed to the betrothal of his oldest son to the young daughter of the House of Grian to the South. This should have been the first step to uniting the warring clans, but Brigitta’s father betrayed the newly forged trust by murdering the King and Queen, stealing the crown and setting the stage for a sensational adventure of love and revenge—but only one can prevail.  

Prince Ulfred barely managed to survive the ambush which killed his father. After years of hiding in fear of discovery, he now sails the seas known only as the pirate Rupert. Rupert is Embraced and has the ability to harness the winds, making his fleet of ships unstoppable. Rupert has plagued the Tourinian Navy and their King, capturing their ships and stealing their gold. Bankrupting the current king, Brigitta’s brother Gunther, is Rupert’s first step in his strategy to take back the Kingdom.

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Aug 3 2017 12:00pm

Molly Harper’s The Accidental Sire Delivers the (Second) Most Embarrassing Way to Get Turned into a Vampire

The Accidental Sire by Molly Harper

In what is quickly becoming known as the second most embarrassing reason to become a vampire, just behind Jane Jameson-Nightengale being mistaken for a deer, Meagan Keene was the victim of an ultimate Frisbee accident when she is smooshed by a forty-five-pound free-weight being tossed around by vamps.

In Molly Harper’s latest novel in her Half-Moon Hollow series, Meagan was just your typical college student finishing up her degree at the University of Kentucky and sharing the now vampire-friendly campus with her new classmates.  Her biggest concern used to be homework and boys and suddenly it’s curbing bloodthirst and not biting her classmates. 

Yet from the very beginning, they could tell that something isn’t right about Meagan’s turning, starting with the fact that she awoke two days early and turned a fellow student with just a bite, not a true blood exchange.  She hasn’t been a vampire for 24 hours and already she is a sire, responsible for another vampire.

“We don’t know what to tell you, Meagan.  We’re flying blind here.  I’m not sure you’re a real vampire.”

What did that mean?  Was I some sort of supernatural freak? A vampire-shark hybrid?

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Jul 12 2017 2:00pm

First Look: Thea Harrison’s Spellbinder (July 18, 2017)

Spellbinder by Thea Harrison

Thea Harrison
Spellbinder (Moonshadow #2)
Thea Harrison / July 18, 2017 / $14.99 print, $5.99 digital

With her Moonshadow series, Thea Harrison gives us new and vibrant characters set in the comfortably familiar world of the Elder Races. Spellbinder creates for us a world full of magic, but I believe the real magician here is Thea Harrison.  She weaves a spell with words and we are helpless to be anything but mesmerized by her storytelling.

Morgan le Fae has been feared for centuries. He is a powerful wizard, the Captain of the Hounds and the enforcer for Queen Isabeau of the Light Fae. He has performed atrocities at her command.

I built her an army of monsters and command it.  If you become the Queen’s enemy, I am your worst nightmare.  If she tells me to do a thing, I will not stop, ever, until it is done.

But as fables say, it is music that soothes the savage beast, and so it does for Morgan.  Sidonie Martel weaves magic of her own.  But it is not spells that she casts, Sid is a master violinist and seduces the crowds with her masterpieces.  Morgan stumbles upon Sidonie’s concert tour and follows her through Europe.  Now it is Morgan who is falling under a spell.  Morgan develops a weakness, an obsession with Sid’s music, and for the woman herself. 

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Jul 2 2017 12:00pm

First Look: Marie Harte’s Just the Thing (July 4, 2017)

Just the Thing by Marie Harte

Marie Harte
Just the Thing (The Donnigans #2)
Sourcebooks / July 4, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital 

For the Donnigans their prank wars are now in full swing. It was a family tradition. Not only do you need to out prank the competition, you also need to unmask your prankster so you know who to keep an eye on (and who to retaliate against). 

In Marie Harte’s latest, Just the Thing, middle son, Gavin has just returned from combat on a medical discharge. He needed something to focus on besides his time at the gym and the friends he lost in combat.  Gavin has always been the most laid back of the Donnigan siblings. He was always friendly with a ready smile and a joke, but since returning home, Gavin has been overwhelmed by grief and survivor guilt.  He was starting to drown his pain with booze and women but no more.  He is trying to rescue himself from that emotional spiral. Therapy is helping but it is not enough. A distraction is needed. Time to bring on the pranks.

The war had most definitely resumed. A Donnigan family tradition—pranking on each other until someone cried.  Well, it wouldn’t be him.  And now he had a valid excuse to retaliate on one unlucky Donnigan.  Hell yeah.  He just had to figure out which one of them pulled this stunt.

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Jun 5 2017 8:30am

First Look: Katie Ruggle’s Run to Ground (June 6, 2017)

Run to Ground by Katie Ruggle

Katie Ruggle
Run to Ground (Rocky Mountain K9 Unit #1)
Sourcebooks / June 6, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

When you are a fugitive on the run, it is probably not the best decision to invite a cop into your life, let alone fall in love with him.  In Katie Ruggle’s new Rocky Mountain K9 Unit series, Juliet Young has escaped to the tiny town of Monroe, Colorado to hide with her siblings but after running afoul of the law, she can’t help but run right into the arms of Officer Theodore Bosco.

Juliet, now hiding under the name Julie (Jules) Jackson, tried to be a good, law abiding citizen.  She tried to go through the courts to get her siblings away from their abusive step-mother, but as her money ran low with no end in sight, her former employer pointed her towards her only real option – grab the children and run.

Now they are all on the run and hiding in a slightly, run down house on the edge of Monroe, a quiet mountain town in Colorado.  It seemed like a great choice.  It was a quiet, out of the way, small town, but as Jules comes to learn, small towns take notice of new arrivals and they like to ask questions. 

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May 18 2017 1:00pm

First Look: Cecy Robson’s Feel Me (May 23, 2017)

Feel Me by Cece Robson

Cecy Robson
Feel Me (The O'Brien Family)
Cecy Robson / May 23, 2017 / $12.99 print, $3.99 digital

In Cecy Robson’s latest O’Brien Family novel, she turns the spotlight on the O’Brien who truly enjoys his time there, and expects his name to be one everyone’s lips.  Declan O’Brien has always been the most serious brother of the crazy clan.  Not that he doesn’t have his own collection of outrageous stories growing up.  It is just that after his father’s death, while his older brothers went to work to support the family, Declan felt it would be up to him to shoot higher for the family’s success.  Nothing has gotten in the path of his life plan until Melissa Fenske stepped in the way and he has been tripping over his own feet ever since. 

After law school, Declan joined the District Attorney’s office.  He plans on taking over the Homicide Division and someday replace his mentor, Miles Fenske, and become the youngest District Attorney in Philly.  And his goals don’t stop there.  Declan plans to become Mayor and eventually even Governor someday. 

Everything in his life is planned out with each goal in mind.  The one thing Declan O’Brien does not plan for is love and romance.  He doesn’t believe in either and after watching his womanizing father crush his mother’s love slowly and painfully, Declan knows he has no time or desire for a woman in his life.  A beautiful woman on his arm for a formal function and maybe a night of hot sex is necessary from time to time but he only bothers with women who understand that his interest wanes with the coming dawn.

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May 6 2017 11:00am

You’ll Want to Stand the Heat in This Kitchen in Rachel Goodman’s Intercepting the Chef

Intercepting the Chef by Rachel Goodman

Chicken wings and football go together like Bert and Ernie, but not if Chef Gwen Lalonde has anything to say about it.

In Rachel Goodman’s latest novel, Intercepting the Chef, Gwen has lost her job at the top restaurant in San Francisco. She is a top trained chef and managed to earn Brindille the prestigious three star rating in the Michelin Guide.   But as a reward for all of her hard work trying to keep her boss/boyfriend’s restaurant running successfully, and award winning, while he was busy trying to become the latest Food Network sensation, she was tossed out of the restaurant and as good as run out of San Francisco.

Being accused of trying to steal another chef’s kitchen doesn’t exactly open doors for a chef. So Gwen tries to tell herself she was backed into a corner and had to accept a position as the head chef at the new steakhouse owned by Colorado Blizzard’s Quarterback Logan Stonestreet.  She might have returned home to Colorado to lick her wounds but that doesn’t mean that Gwen has to turn in her knives and accept a menu of mozzarella sticks and wings covered in Fred’s Five Pepper Insanity sauce…from a bottle.

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Apr 28 2017 1:00pm

First Look: Emmy Curtis’ Aces Wild (May 2, 2017)

Aces Wild by Emmy Curtis

Emmy Curtis
Aces Wild (Elite Ops #1)
Forever Yours / April 30, 2017 / $19.99 print, $3.99 digital

One thing 1986’s Top Gun proved to us is that we love smug, hot shot, Air Force pilots and we simply can’t get enough of their phenomenal acrobatics.  Emmy Curtis’s new Elite Ops series starts with Aces Wild and she takes us to the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada for this year’s Red Flag exercises. These exercises help train NATO pilots in advance aerial combat by simulating combat situations. 

As the pilots and their crews arrive, representing the various nations, they believe this year will be just like every other year teaming the various fleets against the Aggressor Squadron made up of an elite team of pilots.   Securing an invitation to perform in these topflight training games is already impressive, but standing out as an exceptional pilot is something which both Royal Air Force pilot Dexter Stone and U.S.A.F. Major Eleanor Daniels are counting on since both their futures might just be riding on how well they perform in these games.

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Apr 24 2017 8:30am

First Look: Elle Kennedy’s Midnight Target (April 25, 2017)

Midnight Target by Elle Kennedy

Elle Kennedy
Midnight Target (Killer Instincts #8)
Berkley / April 25, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

In her final book of the Killer Instinct series, Elle Kennedy gives us a novel so full of danger and heart-pounding excitement that I would recommend making sure you can finish it once you start because putting it down is not an option.

Cate Morgan is in a South American city which is on the verge of implosion.  She saw something she shouldn’t and gets caught in the cross hairs of one of the bloodiest cartels. Jim Morgan takes his team in to bring his daughter home and as shots are fired between the mercs and the drug lords, lives are lost and the hatred and retaliation grows as both sides refuse to stop until the other is destroyed.  

As this series draws to an end, Elle Kennedy brings us not one romance but two in Midnight Target. The last few books have left us panting for the resolution of these problematic romances and in doing so she also makes us pause and question how often we live our lives making decisions to please others rather than ourselves.  

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Mar 6 2017 11:00am

First Look: Kerrelyn Sparks’ How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days (March 7, 2017)

How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days by Kerrelyn Sparks

Kerrelyn Sparks
How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days (Embraced Series #1)
St. Martin's Press / March 7, 2017 / $7.99 print & digital

Fans of Kerrelyn Sparks who have been mourning the loss of Ms. Sparks’ literary wit for the last year can finally rejoice.  In the same style as The Princess Bride, Kerrelyn has created an entire new world for us to savor with all of the marvelous characters and sparkling humor we have come to expect.

She has created a world where the night sky shines with the light of twin moons.  Here there are five kingdoms and the four that share borders are constantly at war.   But no matter which kingdom you hail from, any children born on a night where the two moons are intertwined in the sky are born Embraced.  Those who are Embraced are born with a special ability and are much feared in all the kingdoms.  How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days gives us our first introduction to those who are Embraced. 

The current King of Eberon is so greedy to own all the land in his Kingdom that he sets nearly impossible goals for this Lords and failure to succeed at the King’s demand can be a death sentence for you and your family.  And his demands on his own family is even harsher.  Leofric of Benwick is the Lord Proctor of the Realm tasked with keeping their enemies from crossing the borders.   Leo knows that he was given this position since the King hopes that Leo will be killed in a skirmish with their enemies which is a much simpler way to get rid of a possible successor to his throne then simply killing Leo outright.  Not that he could kill Leo in a fair fight. 

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Mar 3 2017 9:30am

First Look: Samantha Young’s Every Little Thing (March 7, 2017)

Every Little Thing by Samantha Young

Samantha Young
Every Little Thing (Hart's Boardwalk #2)
Berkley / March 7, 2017 / $15.00 print, $5.99 digital

Enemies to lovers is one of the most electric tropes in romance.  There are no two people on the planet who are trying their utmost not to fall in love.  But never have two E2L’s wanted a round of hot, angry sex more desperately than in Samantha Young’s newest novel, Every Little Thing.

Bailey Hartwell, owner of the quaint bed and breakfast, didn’t believe there was any place on the boardwalk for the slick hotel and conference center that NYC hotelier, Vaughn Tremaine, was planning on putting up.  So for three years she has been the antagonistic thorn in his side.  First, she tried to keep the City Council from approving his plans.  Then as the building went up and it wasn’t the eyesore she feared, Bailey kept provoking him mostly out of the desire to keep the handsome and charming man from her thoughts, especially when he never chose never to be nice to her.

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Feb 28 2017 12:30pm

First Look: Kresley Cole’s Shadow’s Seduction (February 28, 2017)

Shadow's Seduction by Kresley Cole

NOTE:  A re-read of Shadow’s Claim is recommended and would help put all the background of this story and the characters fresh in your mind.

Kresley Cole breaks new ground in her Dacian/Immortals After Dark series by writing her first male/male romance, and just like all of her previous stories, she knows how to keep our anticipation high until we are all but crying for their HEA.  I don’t normally reach for a m/m romance, but as a longtime Kresley Cole fan, I had to see how she would deal with this new dynamic.  For those who hesitate to give it a try, I can only say that KC doesn’t disappoint in bringing both the sweet and the sexy to this new exotic pairing.

In the IAD/Dacian world of the Lore, these immortals sometimes spend centuries waiting to find their fated mates. Time and again, we have watched the males search for their females, and try to convince her that they are meant to be.   Demons search for their Lovers, while vampires search for their Brides. Can two males of different species accept their unusual pairing and find the same bond we have come to expect?

Shadow’s Seduction begins just as natural-born vampire Prince Mirceo Daciano is about to turn thirty and be frozen in his immortality.  He will lose his heartbeat and his ability to have sex until his body is reawakened by his fated mate.  But until that time, Mirceo plans to indulge all his hedonistic desires. He has been at the New Rome Pleasure Palace for hours (days? weeks?) indulging in pleasures of the flesh with males and females alike, but never the same partner. His time for pleasures is growing too short to repeat a performance not when there are new delights to be sampled.

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Feb 27 2017 3:00pm

Are J.D. Robb’s Eve and Roarke the Best Couple in Romance?

Why Eve and Roarke deserve to win the title of 2017's Swoonworthiest Couple!

We're almost to the end of the Swoonies 2017 as our final round is prepared to launch on Monday. In honor of our EPIC Couples Battle, The Swoonies, we asked two of our bloggers to make their case for why our two champions should be crowned The Swoonworthiest Couple! In the final match, which is between J.D. Robb's Eve/Roarke and Penny Reid's Cletus/Jennifer, Lucy Dosch is Team Eve/Roarke. Here she makes her case for why they should win the Swoonies 2017!

(Are you Team Cletus/Jennifer? We've got you covered too!)

Apprentice in Death by JD Robb

What makes them work?

Eve and Roarke both come from brutal beginning. They were raised motherless with a father that abused them physically. They understand the need of the other to become more than what they once were; Eve by becoming a police officer, and Roarke by succeeding in business.  They also understand that sometimes the pain of the past sneaks back up on you no matter how hard you try to outrun it. 

It is not just their brutal beginnings which makes them such a perfect pair.  Roarke might have spent his youth on the wrong side of the law, but to keep ahead of the police, he had to outthink them.  His ability to “think like a cop” allows him to step in with his fancy tech skills and assist his cop in her investigations whenever he can. 

What might be their undoing?

Eve and Roarke have literally walked through blood together but the hardest thing they faced together was Eve’s past.   Once Eve found Roarke, her subconscious finally allowed her to remember her childhood.  Eve was continuously beaten and raped by her father and caused his death during one violent rape.  Hearing how badly Eve was hurt and not being able to do anything about the past, caused a wound in Roarke that he can’t heal since there was no one for him to take it out on.  When, during an investigation, Eve and Roarke found out that Eve’s father was under surveillance and that the government agents were well aware that eight-year-old Eve was continually being raped by her father, Roarke set about finding the men who allowed it to continue so as not to ruin their ultimate goal.   Roarke tracked them all down and had plans of painful revenge upon those who sat back and allowed Eve to be brutalized, but he stopped his plans upon Eve’s pleas.  The cop in Eve couldn’t stand back and allow Roarke to kill in her name, not without destroying all they were building together.  Roarke chose Eve over vengeance, but if he ever tried to go forward with those plans, that would definitely be their undoing.

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