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Sep 19 2017 3:00pm

No Faking in Mia Sosa’s Acting on Impulse

Acting on Impulse by Mia Sosa

I happen to know that Mia Sosa, author of Acting on Impulse, is one of the nicest people on the planet...so, imagine my surprise when I discovered that she writes scorching-hot sex scenes! Totally here for it, along with a lot of other things about this book.

Acting on Impulse stars Carter Williamson (aka Carter Stone), a sitcom heartthrob trying to break into serious film, and Tori “I don’t have time for your bullshit” Alvarez, a powerhouse personal trainer. The pairing of these two was super unexpected for me. Despite Carter being rich and famous, Tori wears the pants in their relationship from word one, and I’ve gotta say...I kind of loved it.

The book opens up in Carter’s point of view as he boards a plane, and right away I was treated to Sosa’s immersive settings. From every shuffling step as Carter waits for the other passengers to stow their luggage, to the claustrophobic feelings of being too big for a small space, I was right there with him. Even when he unapologetically checks out Tori’s ass, and internally declares that she’s going to be his wife someday. Oh, Carter.

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Apr 6 2017 12:00pm

An Audiobook Virgin Listens to Her First Audiobook—May McGoldrick’s Scottish Relic Series!

Much Ado About Highlanders May McGoldrick

I am an audiobook virgin. It’s not that I don’t like audiobooks—I’ve just never tried one. I know, I know, where have you been for the last decade. Happily devouring books with my eyes, that’s where. But I really wanted to dig into this story, and a few of my friends are fanatical audio book converts, so I decided to give it a shot and picked up May McGoldrick’s Scottish Relic trilogy.Historical, highlander pirate brothers, and a touch of magic? It’s like they wrote it just for me. 

Like any virgin experience, it wasn’t all candlelight and roses. The first hurdle I bumped into was that I kept getting visually distracted. Because I wasn’t focused on a page in front of my face, blocking out my view, I had to replay the first chapter a couple times to get into it. It helped that the first book in this series throws you straight into the action. Once I reprogrammed myself to see with my ears, I got sucked in. Before I knew it, I was in chapter six.

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