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Mar 22 2017 12:30pm

Karen Booth Excerpt: The Ten-Day Baby Takeover

Karen Booth

The Ten-Day Baby Takeover by Karen Booth

A billionaire's baby deal!

One look into his infant son's trusting blue gaze and Aiden Langford knows his wild, carefree days are over. If only he can get Sarah Daltrey, his son's temporary guardian, to give him daddy lessons… Certainly the soft-hearted entrepreneur will agree to his ten-day proposal to stay as the nanny. Aiden just needs to keep his mind on parenting and off Sarah's seductive curves…

Being in the handsome tycoon's arms puts up Sarah's emotional defenses even as her body begs her to let go. But being a babysitter with benefits isn't on her agenda—especially for a father and son who might steal her heart…

Get a sneak peek at Karen Booth's The Ten-Day Baby Takeover (available April 4, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

This snippet is from the end of Chapter Two, when Sarah Daltrey, temporary guardian of Aiden Langford’s infant son, is negotiating with him about taking custody.

Of course, most single men, especially those who notoriously played the field, weren’t in a position to drop everything and care for a baby. But Aiden Langford wasn’t most men. Didn’t he have a pile of money to throw at the problem? “I used to be a nanny. Past tense. That’s no longer my vocation.” She stopped short of admitting that she didn’t have the stomach for it anymore. “You’ll need to hire someone. I wrote down the number for the top nanny agency in the city for you. One phone call and they’ll send someone over to help you.”

“So I’m not only supposed to work with a complete stranger to take care of a baby, but the baby is supposed to accept that, too?”

[Read the full The Ten-Day Baby Takeover excerpt...]

Dec 28 2016 1:01pm

Karen Booth Excerpt: The Best Man’s Baby

Karen Booth

The Best Man's Baby by Karen Booth

It's a second-chance baby!

Julia Keys has everything going for her—beauty, brains and a Hollywood career. So why does she keep ending up in Logan Brandt's bed? The sexy former pro baseball player has wreaked havoc on her heart for years. But when their latest fling ends with a plus sign on the pregnancy test, Logan makes the case for marriage.

Julia knows the only wedding in their future is the one they're both attending, no matter how hot the chemistry between them still burns. Can two high school sweethearts who've made a mess of love finally get it right…even if the baby isn't Logan's?

Get a sneak peek at Karen Booth's The Best Man's Baby (available January 3, 2017) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

In The Best Man’s Baby, former pro baseball player, Logan Brandt, and Hollywood starlet Julia Keys, are high school sweethearts brought together as best man and maid of honor in her sister’s wedding, set against the backdrop of a media firestorm with paparazzi in hot pursuit. Julia and Logan have a long history of trying to be together, most recently at their high school reunion. Now they’re both in a truly tough spot—Julia is pregnant, and the baby might be Logan’s, but he broke it off three months ago and Julia is done with having her heart broken.

[Read the full The Best Man's Baby excerpt...]

Dec 7 2016 10:30am

40 is the New 30: 10 “Seasoned” Romances Featuring Characters Who Are 35+

Today we're thrilled to have authors from the Facebook group, Seasoned Romance on Heroes and Heartbreakers! These 10 authors and bloggers of Seasoned Romance* pick their favorite “season romance” books. Do you see an old favorite or a new-to-you find? Thanks for stopping by, ladies!

Seasoned Romance is a Facebook group composed of authors, readers, and bloggers who write and appreciate romance with older characters. They all feature characters in their mid 30s and well beyond—after all, love and romance don't stop once characters hit the big 3-0!

Choose Me by Natasha Moore

Choose Me by Natasha Moore

This is silver fox romance at its best. Rick and Eve are an easily relatable couple that are mature enough to see past the distractions and insecurities life throws at you and smart enough to fully embrace the explosive, sultry burn of new love. Regardless of the reader’s age, I am confident you will enjoy the journey these two take; a journey of independence and trust…and some completely scandalicious sex!

(reviewed by Scandal, Scandalicious Book Reviews)

Smooth Sailing by Linda Rettstatt

Smooth Sailing by Linda Resttatt is an emotional story of a widowed man and a newly-divorced woman dipping their toes into the dating waters. They have to steer a new course to love around not only their own fears and insecurities, but their families and past histories. An Alaskan cruise ship was an appealing setting for this lovely romance and Ms, Resttatt made me feel as if I was right there. I liked both characters and was cheering for them throughout the book.

(reviewed by Natasha Moore, author of Choose Me)

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Jul 22 2016 12:00pm

The CEO Daddy Next Door: Exclusive Excerpt

Karen Booth

The CEO Daddy Next Door by Karen Booth

He wants a mother for his child. She won't settle down. And now they're living together…

After one disastrous date, reality TV personality Ashley George and devastatingly handsome British billionaire Marcus Chambers are roommates! When a fire destroys her apartment, Ashley leans on her Manhattan neighbor for help—and soon finds herself falling for the father and his baby. But despite their off-the-charts attraction, Marcus only dates women who would be suitable mothers for his daughter. His free-spirited neighbor is completely unsuitable. So why can't he seem to keep her out of his bed…and out of his heart?

Get a sneak peek at Karen Booth's The CEO Daddy Next Door (available August 9 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

In this scene, British gin maker Marcus and his neighbor, Ashley, are avoiding a meddlesome tabloid reporter by hitting the dance floor at the premiere party for Ashley’s wildly popular reality TV show, The Manhattan Matchmaker.

“I don’t want to be old-fashioned,” Marcus said, “but it is generally considered the man’s job to lead.”

Ashley wasn’t good at this part. Even at the age of seven, she’d been accused of trying to lead. “After all of that with Maryann, you’re going to give me a hard time about leading?”

He yanked her tightly against him, sending a surprising shock through her entire body. “Just relax.”

[Read the full The CEO Daddy Next Door excerpt...]

Jul 31 2015 12:00pm

That Night with the CEO: Exclusive Excerpt

Karen Booth

That Night with the CEO by Karen Booth

It was a one-night stand—until her next project has them working side by side!

Entrepreneur Adam Langford always gets what he wants. And he wants the blonde who shared his bed a year ago—then vanished. Now a tabloid scandal whisks Melanie Costello back into his life—as his new PR guru! But the real headline would be if their red-hot secret got out.

Transforming the rebellious image of the soon-to-be CEO will take Melanie's best makeover skills. But how do they hide their sizzling chemistry? Her PR firm is on the line. Will she risk everything for the one man she can't resist?

Get a sneak peek at Karen Booth's That Night with the CEO (available August 4, 2015) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Melanie sat up in bed, half-awake, tugging the butter-soft duvet to her chest. Last night hadn’t gone according to plan, but in many ways, it was a relief to have the whole, stupid, ridiculously hot thing out in the open.

It’d taken hours to fall asleep. Adam’s reminder that she’d seen him naked had only set her on the course of determining which side was indeed his best. After revisiting their night together...kissing in the limo, unzipping her dress in his living room, peeling the paint off the walls in the shower...she’d decided the front. Definitely the front. Too bad she couldnever see him like thatagain.

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Jan 31 2013 1:30pm

Author Karen Booth Lies Back and Thinks of England (and Those Accents!)

Bring Me Back by Karen BoothAuthor Karen Booth's new release, Bring Me Back, features a heroine who gets to meet—and do more than that with!—the musician she had a crush on back in the '80s. Karen herself has a music background, and her books interweave her current life as a writer with her music biz past. Today she's here to talk about what makes her all tingly—British accents. Thanks for joining us, Karen!

We all have at least one weakness—chocolate, wine, expensive shoes, bad movies. I hesitate to call them guilty pleasures, because I don’t believe in that. If you enjoy something, you should do so without guilt.

One of my biggest weaknesses is British men, or more specifically the things they say and the way they say them. Is it just the accent? Maybe, but there’s no denying that anything said with a British accent sounds more intelligent, certainly believable, and ultimately awesome.

My car is parked in a tow-away zone? Tell me in a British accent and I promise I won’t be the slightest bit upset.

[Everything is better with accents!...]