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Jan 29 2012 3:30pm

Katniss, Violence, Peeta, Cruelty, Haymitch: 5 Things The Hunger Games Movie Needs to Get Right

The Hunger Games movie posterIt’s almost here! We’re officially just two months away from finally seeing The Hunger Games movie! In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday that Lionsgate announced they were producing a film adaptation of Suzanne Collins’s wildly popular dystopian YA novel. In other ways, it feels like we’ve all been waiting an INTERMINABLY LONG TIME to see Katniss Everdeen wield her famous bow and arrow on the big screen.

But book-to-movie adaptations can sometimes be a tricky business. For every Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, there’s a Golden Compass and a Scarlett Letter (Demi Moore as Hester Prynne, ’nuff said). The Hunger Games novel is beloved by legions of fans from around the world, so the film version has some very big shoes to fill. Here are five things that I think The Hunger Games movie absolutely needs to get right in order to make a truly successful leap on the big screen.

[Count it down...]

Jul 14 2011 5:07pm

5 Things Harry & Hermione Taught Me about Love (Even Though J.K. Rowling Never Meant Them to)

Harry and Hermione in Harry PotterThe last installment of the Harry Potter movie franchise comes out this weekend, and for many it is the bittersweet end of an era that has spanned the entire length of their childhood. I didn’t discover the books until I was 18 years old; I vividly remember purchasing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at LAX before hopping on a plane to start my college career halfway across the country. As I sat in my dorm room on that first night away from home, I felt a lot like Harry: eager for acceptance, apprehensive about making new friends and just a little bit lonely.

After finishing the first book, I snapped up every subsequent book in the series and saw each of the movies more than a few times.

(More Harry Potter coverage at Harry Potter is Not a Romance, Snape Lust: 10 Reasons Snape is Hotter Than Harry, and Ron Weasley, Romantic Hero?)

My experience with the world of Harry Potter spans the length of my 20s, so while I didn’t “grow up” with Harry, I most certainly came of age while reading his story. So here’s my deep, dark Harry Potter secret: I always thought that Harry and Hermione should have gotten together. I know they never dated or kissed or did any of those other things that romantic couples do. But that doesn’t mean that Harry and Hermione still didn’t teach me a whole lot of lessons about love…

[Let me count the ways...]

Jul 11 2011 1:30pm

Top 10(ish) Soap Opera Romances of All Time

Bo and Nora in One Life to LiveThey don’t call it “Love in the Afternoon” for nothing. Soap operas are chock full of passionate romances, steamy hook-ups and lifelong love stories. Through years of marriages and divorces, affairs and schemes, faked deaths and secret pregnancies, these soap duos have kept us tuning in day after day. Here’s a list of our all-time favorite soap opera supercouples…

10. Bo & Nora (One Life to Live)

In a genre filled to the brim with betrayals and breakdowns, Bo and Nora stand out for being one of the most fun couples in daytime. They went on junk food binges and jitterbug dates and even had a rock ‘n’ roll themed wedding in 1995 that featured music superstar Little Richard! Though they eventually split and spent the greater part of a decade apart, Bo and Nora recently overcame a series of mishaps (including a skunk attack) and remarried in 2010. OLTL is slated to end this fall, so hopefully Bo and Nora will finally get their happily ever after...for good.

[Welcome to the world of daytime TV...]

May 22 2011 2:00pm

Finding Romance in the Classics: Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence

The Age of InnocenceThey never knew what it meant to be tempted, but you did…

People always want to romanticize the past. We like to believe that love was different—more refined, more pure—before Bachelor-style fauxmances and Facebook relationship updates became de rigueur. But was it really?

Edith Wharton’s The Age of Innocence explores these issues of love, desire, and betrayal against the backdrop of high society New York City in the 1870s. The novel centers on Newland Archer, a gentleman and a member of one of New York’s best families. When the story begins, Newland is engaged to May Welland, a pretty but dim young lady whose social status matches his own. But Newland’s respectable and well-planned marriage match is thrown into question with the arrival of May’s cousin, Countess Ellen Olenska, a mysterious and beautiful woman who has fled from her abusive husband.

[The plot thickens...]

May 16 2011 12:00pm

The Handy-Dandy Survival Guide to Shipping Doomed Couples

Luke and Leia in Star WarsYou know who you are. You thought that in Little Women, Laurie should have married Jo instead of Amy; and in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet seemed all right but you always wondered why Romeo never worked it out with Rosalind; and you’re still (still) disappointed that Luke and Leia turned out to be related. You’ve got an uncanny knack for rooting for doomed couples and I know your pain. I feel your angst. So I’ve come up with this handy-dandy survival guide for those romance fans like you who always seem to find themselves on the wrong side of fate (be warned, there be spoilers ahead):

[Tired of rooting fruitlessly for the wrong couple? Read on!...]