<i>Demolished</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Demolished: Exclusive Excerpt Cathryn Fox "She’ll have to decide if she can trust Sean with her heart—and her life." <i>Suspicious Behavior</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Suspicious Behavior: Exclusive Excerpt L.A. Witt and Cari Z "They find themselves on the tail of a prolific serial killer who’s about to strike again." <i>An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors</i>: Exclusive Excerpt An Alchemy of Masques and Mirrors: Exclusive Excerpt Curtis Craddock "She unravels the lies of her enemies and discovers a truth..." <i>Love Another Day</i>: Exclusive Excerpt Love Another Day: Exclusive Excerpt Lexi Blake "It might be her own personal demons that could destroy them both."
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Aug 18 2017 8:20am

Who’s Your Favorite Highlander?

Highlander Most Wanted by Maya BanksAt H&H we love a good Highlander. Whether the Scotsman in question is Jamie Fraser on Outlander or any of the Scots we fell in love with in romance, there are just so many! With Outlander just around the corner, we want to know: who's your favorite Highlander? What author do you think writes the best Scottish romances?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Aug 17 2017 8:07am

What Are Your Favorite “Forced Proximity” Circumstances in Romance?

Image via Shutterstock

Forced proximity... it sounds super bad. When you're talking about it in the case of a romance though, it can be delicious! A fake relationship between two people who don't necessarily love (or even like) one another? Forced proximity! Two characters who don't like one another but having to volunteer together during some community service? Forced proximity! Two people who don't like one another but have to go on a road trip together because for some unforeseeable reason the rental agent only 

You may have noticed a trend. It's a great way to get couples together when they don't like each other—but really you know the characters are just protesting a little too much!

So, what is your favorite circumstance to get characters together that may otherwise never meet or fall in love? Do you find an author does this “forced proximity” trope particularly well?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Aug 16 2017 10:08am

What TV Show Are You Most Looking Forward to This Season?

We may have circled September 10th with hearts on our calendar since it heralds the day Outlander returns to our screens. This means the premiere is less than a month away! Understandably, we got very excited. What shows are you looking forward to this fall and winter? Are they returning shows or new shows? 

Let us know in the comments! 

Aug 16 2017 9:30am

Who Is the Best Couple on Friends?


A Definitive Ranking of Every Couple from Friends

The day Friends went onto Netflix was one of the happiest days of my life. I had watched the show sporadically when it originally aired, and many of my high school and college days were spent watching reruns. With its return to TV, I now do a full series rewatch of Friends at least once a year… and if I’m being honest, it's probably even more often than that. Everyone has an opinion on whether Rachel should have ended up with Joey or Ross, and whether Monica and Chandler are soul mates. However, today I gladly ranked every relationship that has ever gotten screentime on the show. Whether it was a serious relationship or a one-time flirtation, I've ranked them all! Scroll through and tell me where you agree and disagree with my ranking, and let me know down in the comments who your Top 5 couples are! 

(Note: This post contains spoilers of all aired episodes of Friends.)

39. Monica and Chip

Do you ever see people from a different time in your life and think “wow, they haven’t changed a bit?” Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing. In the case of Chip Matthews, it is a very bad thing. As Monica so succinctly puts it at the end of her only date with him: “I always wanted to go out with Chip Matthews in high school, well, tonight I actually went out with Chip Matthews in high school.” Do you need some aloe for that burn, Chip?

38. Ross and Chloe

Why is the girl Ross had a one-night stand with on this list? She is the catalyst behind one of the greatest debates in TV history (I’m being hyperbolic, but I still argue about this with friends even today). Were Ross and Rachel on a break when he slept with Chloe? It’s open to interpretation, but because she’s the Helen of Troy of Friends, Chloe gets on this list!

[Read more...]

Aug 15 2017 8:02am

Brontë or Austen?

Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility. These are some of the greatest work of literature for modern fans of fiction—especially if you're a romance reader, which if you've found your way here you likely are! It's a battle that has been raging for a hundred years and dividing readers into two camps: The Brontës or Austen. It says something about a reader when you prefer one of these authors over another, so today we're taking a very important poll to find out which author you prefer!

Let us know down in the comments if you prefer The Brontës (either Charlotte or Emily) or Jane Austen!

Aug 14 2017 8:00am

Have You Read Any One-Book Writers and Wished There Were More?

Woman holding up one finger

Here's the scenario: you've fallen totally head-over-heels with a writer and it's the first book you've read by them, but then—tires screech—they've only ever written the one book. If you're lucky there might be two or three for you to devour. How do you react when you encounter an author you love who's only written one book? Were they just getting started and so haven't built up a backlist, or is it clear that they have written only one book? 

Tell us about it in the comments!


Aug 11 2017 8:08am

Has a Book Ever Hit Too Close to Home?

Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Many of us read for escapism. When a romance hits too close to home, though, it can mess with our heads—but make us love a book even more! 

Have you read a book and it felt like it hit a little too close to home? Did it make you love the book more, or have to return to it later when things felt a little more distant? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Aug 10 2017 8:00am

When Was the Last Time You Went to a Library?


Libraries are a wonderful thing and something we really should take more advantage of—even when we make daily visits. So, whether you're one of the daily visitors or it's been years since you set foot on the hallowed halls of your local library, 'fess up down in the comments! 

How long has it been since your last library visit? What do you love about the library? What makes you stay away, if you're not a frequent visitor?

Aug 9 2017 8:01am

Reader Seeks Ex-Ballerina and Her Biker Beau

Biker dude

A reader is in need of your help. Can you assist her? She cannot remember a book she read and is desperately looking for the title. Here's what she recalls: the book featured a heroine—who was perhaps an ex-ballerina—and walked with a cane. The book's hero was a member of a motorcycle club. 

Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, chime in down in the comments with your suggestions and see if you can find a match for our reader!

If you want us to help you find a book from your past, shoot us an email at info@heroesandheartbreakers.com; if you're looking to find books for your reading future though, ask our resident “book psychic” to give you a recommendation! 


Aug 8 2017 8:01am

What Are Your Least Favorite Ways to See a Heroine Described?

Sassy woman in the pool

We've talked about our nope tropes and our squick words. We've talked about the types of heroines we love... but what about when a heroine we'd otherwise love is described in a way that we hate. For example, a reader once said she hated when a heroine was described as “sassy.”

What word do you not love to see used for a heroine? Why do you not like it?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Aug 7 2017 8:15am

Do You Find Mistaken Identity Plots Believable?

Woman in mask

The mistaken identity is always a tricky plot device to pull off. When it's done well, however, it's done marvelously! What needs to happen for you to believe in a mistaken identity? Does setting help the credibility? Does mistaken identity work better in historical or contemporary, perhaps? 

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Aug 4 2017 8:04am

In a Heartbeat Will Make You Cry (in a Cool Way)

There's something in my eye. My eyes are sweating. My allergies are acting up. These will be just a few handy excuses we'll let you use in order to explain to your friends, family, and co-workers why you're openly weeping at the beautiful short film, In a Heartbeat. 

Watch the full film above, and tell us how it brightened your day! We know it did for us!

Aug 3 2017 8:01am

Is Love Better in the Past, Present... or Future?

The past is often romanticized—sweet gestures, letter writing, longing and all that yearning. The present has its appeal with love in the digital age, moderns views on love and romance, and happy endings we can relate to. And the future? Well, it holds a whole host of possibilities. When you're looking at love, do you like the modern concept, a more vintage feel, or do like the way love looks in the future? 

What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments!

Aug 2 2017 8:07am

How Have You Converted Your Friends into Romance Readers?

Woman reading on couch with cup of tea

It's a readers greatest joy when you can convert a non-reader into a bibliophile. It's an even greater accomplishment when you can convert a non-romance reader into a romance reader for life. But it can be tricky! You can see the signs—your friend, family member or co-worker always talks about their favorite ship on a TV show, they read the Outlander books because they love Jamie and Claire, and they see every romantic comedy that hits theaters. For some reason, though, they can't commit to be a romance reader. That's where we come in! 

How have you converted a friend into a romance reader? What were the steps you took? Did it convert them for life or only for personalized recommendations from you? Were you the one who was a hesitant romance reader? 

Tell us about your experience in the comments!

Aug 1 2017 8:12am

Would You Like to Visit the Real-Life Location of a Favorite Fictional Place?

August is here and that means squeezing in one final summer vacation, if you can. However, one of our favorite places to get away from it all is books! So, if you could pick one real-life place to visit that you've seen in a book, where would you go? Why would you visit? What about the author's description made you want to go there?

Tell us about it in the comments!

Jul 31 2017 8:01am

What Is the Most Annoying Misconception About Romance?

We've all been there. We're talking to people who are maybe fellow readers... but they're not romance readers. As with many things, they've come to the conversation with a few misconceptions about the books we hold near and dear. So... what is the most annoying romance misconception? Have you been confronted with them in person? How do you respond? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Jul 28 2017 8:05am

Do You Prefer High Drama Intensity or Light and Fun Fluff?

The beautiful thin about books is that there is literally something for everyone out there. For many of us, reading is a form of escape, but what form that takes can be very different! So, when you're looking at your own reading, do you prefer high intensity reads with lots of drama and action and angst, or lighter fair that takes you away on a little cottonball of fluffy goodness? 

Tell me your preferences down in the comments!

Jul 27 2017 8:09am

Do You Like Your Reading to be Edutaining?

Author Beverly Jenkins has long discussed how she wants her books to be edutaining—educational entertainment. We can learn a lot from romance—not just how to love and form relationships, but also that a reticule is a type of purse, a gambling hell isn't something out of Dante's Inferno, and a whole host of other facts that expose us to new worlds, people, and experiences. 

Do you like your reading to be edutaining? What have you learned from romance?

Tell me about it in the comments!




Jul 26 2017 8:02am

Can You Read Outside?

Girl reading outside

Whether it's hot or cold where you are, sometimes the great outdoors calls to us... to read outside! However, that sometimes can lead to a few complications—if you're on the beach, there's all that sand; if you're in the park, there are a lot of people and distractions to contend with; and if you're just on your porch, sometimes there's the struggle to get the right amount of light on your page. 

With all that being said, reading outside can be just the treat!

Can you read outside? Do you like to? What's your favorite outdoor spot to read?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Jul 25 2017 8:08am

Revenge Plots: Love or Hate?

Revenge by Lexi Blake

Inigo Montoya explained it best: “You killed my father, prepare to die.” Sometimes seeking revenge can be the just deserts for a character, but when we're talking about romance, revenge is definitely served cold. Especially when that revenge is being sought out against the hero or heroine... against their love interest. 

With all things, we acknowledge that it really is how an author carries out the plot device, but generally speaking what are your thoughts on revenge plots? Do you avoid them? Do you seek them out? What do you love or hate about them? What has been the best revenge-turned-love story you've read? 

Tell us about it in the comments!