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July 22, 2017
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Team H & H
July 19, 2017
Do We Treat Widows and Widowers Differently in Romance?
July 16, 2017
The Only Way You Can Reread Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster Series: In Order
Janet Webb
July 15, 2017
Trust: Exclusive Excerpt
Kylie Scott
July 14, 2017
The 6 Fantasy Romance Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now
Jennifer Proffitt
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Jul 21 2017 8:18am

What Is Your Palate Cleanser Romance?

Earlier this week we talked about reading binges, and many of you said you could read two or three books from the same author or series before it was too much. That calls for a palate cleanser! Sometimes we just need to reset our tastes, so what genre do you fall back on when it's time for a reset? Is it a particular author within that genre? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Jul 20 2017 8:07am

Can You Name Any Dominant Women in Romance?

The title of this post is rhetorical, because we think—if you read erotic and BDSM romance—that you may be able to mention at least one Dominant woman in a romantic relationship. However, last week guest author May Bridges explored the topic of female sexuality and erotic romance, but it left one commenter asking: where are all the dominant women in romance? We know they're out there! 

So, can you help a reader out? What books would you recommend with the woman as the dominant partner? In particular, can you think of female Dommes? 

Tell us your recommendations in the comments!


Jul 19 2017 8:01am

Science Explains Why You Turn Right When You Kiss

Couple kissing in a club

Have you ever noticed that when people kiss, they tilt their head to the right? A recent scientific study showed that two-thirds of couples tilt their head to the right when they kiss their partner, no matter who initiates the kiss—though men are 15 times more likely to initiate a kiss. 

In romance, it does appear that the latter appears to true. But what do you think of this study? Do you think it's interesting?

Tell us your thoughts down in the comments!

Jul 18 2017 8:13am

What Is Your Favorite Romance Title?

When new information from our favorite authors gets revealed, we sigh over the cover and notice the title—and hopefully are left saying “such a great title.” We're told not to judge a book by its cover... but what about its title? Not looking at the content, or considering your subgenre preferences, what has been your favorite romance novel title? What did you love about it? 

Jul 17 2017 8:07am

What Character Reminds You of Someone in Your Own Life?

Many characters are meant to be relatable—and in some cases, they're modeled after various characteristics of the people in the author's life. However, we're talking about you all, so... have you ever encountered a character and thought “this is exactly like my friend, Jane,” or “wow, this reminds me of my brother-in-law, Bob?” 

Tell me about it in comments!

Jul 14 2017 9:30am

The 6 Fantasy Romance Authors You Should Be Reading Right Now

A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet

When we talk about fantasy and romance, they’re often seen as two totally different genres. While romance can have fantastical elements, and fantasy can have romance elements, it seems a hard bridge to build to find that beautiful gray area of fantasy romance. Much like romantic suspense, fantasy romance needs to have just the right balance of both genres in order to appeal to readers. It's hard to do, but the author that get it right, get it perfect. If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, but are looking for something a little more romantic (read: a lot less violence against women and rape), then these authors are definitely ones you'll want to check out. 

Amanda Bouchet

Amanda Bouchet's debut, A Promise of Fire, took the romance genre by storm just one year ago. Now, with two books in an almost completed series, Amanda Bouchet has cemented her position as one of the premiere voices in fantasy romance. 

The Book That Will Put You Under Their Spell: A Promise of Fire. (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) I'm not always a stickler for reading in order, but since this book starts the series—and the series follows the same couple, building on events from each book prior—it's fairly important to read in order. Start from the beginning, I've been told it's a very good place to start. 

Kerrelyn Sparks

While Sparks is a not a new voice in the romance genre, many readers know her for her paranormal romance. With that series done, it was time for Sparks to start a new series and we were gifted with her Embraced books. With catchy titles like How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days and So I Married a Sorcerer,  these books have Sparks' signature humor and, as she herself has described it, are a “female friendly Game of Thrones.” 

The Book That Will Put You Under Their Spell: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Days. (Amazon | B&N | Kobo) Here's the sticking point, dear fellow readers, this series is only just beginning, so sadly the only book available for us to devour is the first one, however, So I Married a Sorcerer is just around the corner (releasing August 29) so there's just enough time to catch up before Book 2!

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Jul 13 2017 8:07am

What’s the Longest Binge-Reading Streak You’ve Been On?

Coffee mug on a stack of books with a heart

Have you ever decided: Today's the day I'm going to finally read X series and then... you did! Only, you didn't just read the first few and then take a break, but read all nineteen books in the series in a row? How about an author's entire backlist? We can definitely relate.

There are definitely times and circumstances where you want to just binge on a series, author, or trope, but what's been your longest running streak for a particular theme of reading? What kickstarted the desire to read? What made you stop? Or do you rarely binge-read an author or series, but instead savor it like a fine wine? 

Tell us about it in the comments!

Jul 12 2017 8:05am

Who Is Your Summertime (Shipping) Fling?

Summer time is a time for relaxation and catching up on reading and television. With three months of downtime, potentially, we can discover new shows and catch up on old favorites. So, what couple are you shipping this summer? Who will you be having a “fling” with? 

Tell us all about them in the comments!


Jul 11 2017 8:15am

What Romance Novel Left You Feeling the Most Satisfied?

Image via shutterstock

Yesterday we had a great discussion about bittersweet endings and whether a book could be a romance novel and have a bittersweet ending—the answer was a resounding no, with a small allowance for wiggle room as long as the main couple had their HEA. 

So today, we're flipping the script. What book left you with a very satisfied feeling? Did the main characters have to work hard for their happy ending? Is that part of what made it such a satisfying ending?

Tell me about it in the comments!

Jul 10 2017 8:00am

Can a Romance Have a Bittersweet Ending?

In movies, many endings aren't sweet, but bittersweet. Last year's Me Before You, which is both a movie and a book, gave us a very bittersweet ending—one we couldn't stop talking about. However, in the romance genre, we all knew it wasn't really a romance—not based on the genre definition. 

Recently, a conversation started in Romancelandia about traditional romance novels, and if they really could have a bittersweet ending. 

What are your thoughts? Can a romance have a bittersweet ending and still be a romance? Isn't the whole point of the genre to deliver happy endings?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments! 

Jul 9 2017 11:00am

In Defense of Reading Out of Order

Source: Shutterstock

My name is Jenn, and I read out of order. 

Okay, phew, with that out of the way, let's talk a little bit about what I get out of reading out of order.

Follow Your Heart

I think much of this habit came from being an impatient reader. Once a week I would go to the bookstore with my dad and he would let me pick out all the books I wanted—I couldn't buy all the books, which then lead to an arduous task of picking out the two or three I could actually buy. Even visits to the library were a little more sporadic, so  I would take what I could get. If that meant I was reading Book 7 of a series before Books 1-6, then so be it. 

Additionally, sometimes starting at book 1, when there are 15 books in a series, is just 15 books too many to get to the book that I want to read. What happens if, by then, the book I want to read is now boring to me because I fatigued myself with the series. Isn't it better to start with the book I know I'll love—because of the tropes, character archetypes, etc.—than to maybe get series fatigue by starting way back at the beginning.

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Jul 7 2017 8:04am

How Many Love Scenes Do You Think the Average Romance Novel Has?

Couples kissing

We've talked love scenes before—we've even talked about how many love scenes you like to get in a book. However, let's take a different track today and ask: How many love scenes does the average romance have? How many do you think is YOUR average—meaning, when you read a book, do you find you typically find you're above what you perceive to be the average, or below? 

Tell us your guess down in the comments!

Jul 6 2017 8:00am

Do Your Hero Preferences Match Your Real-Life Taste in Men?

We've established that some people like the alpha-hole in romance, while hating him in real life. Others love the beta male in real life, but find he's lacking the edge they seek in a romance hero. Some of us like grumpy men... and that holds true for both real life and fiction. So what do you say: Do your preferences in heroes/heroines mimic your preferences for men/women in real life? Do you find you're attracted to the same traits in both real-life and fiction? And what about when it comes to looks? Is it tall, dark, and handsome all the way in fiction but you prefer the fair-haired in reality?

Tell us your preferences down in the comments!

Jul 5 2017 8:05am

What Quote Sums Up Your Love of Reading and Books?

Young woman reading

Sometimes it's hard to sum up our love of reading and books. It's a bone-deep feeling for most readers. It's that same inexplicable love of reading that is so fundamentally part of our lives that connects us as bibliophiles. However, more articulate people than us—or rather, than me, I won't lump us all together—have been able to put into words our love for well... the written word. 

Has someone been able to sum up your love of reading? What quote on reading and books has resonated with you?

Share it with us down in the comments!


Jun 30 2017 8:00am

What Romance Characters Would You Invite to a Barbecue?

Here in the States it's almost time for a pretty major holiday—the Fourth of July! For many of us that means visiting family, going to the beach, and barbecuing! But of course this is Romancelandia and so we always look to bring it back to the characters. So... what characters would you want to invite to your own backyard barbecue? 

What character do you think would dip into the dessert first? Who would you want to man the grill? Who would bring the mosy unique side dish?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Jun 29 2017 8:00am

Do You Prefer Historical Royals or Contemporary Royals?

Royals in contemporary romance seem to be having a moment in the romance genre—however they used to be all the rage in historicals as well. We all love royals, one would say we're a wee bit obsessed. We wouldn't be doing our jobs though if we didn't ask the tough questions, so... do you like historical royals or contemporary royals? Why do you think you prefer one over the other? Or... do you not like royals at all!?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Jun 28 2017 2:30pm

You’ve Got Mail is a Problematic Fave—But Not for the Reason You’d Think

You've Got Mail

 I love Nora Ephron movies and everything that she ever created. Nine times out of ten, You've Got Mail tops my list of favorite romantic comedies of all time—to only be replaced by another Nora Ephron movie based on my mood. Even for one birthday—since I live in New York—my best friend and I went around to all the iconic places from this film. With that being said, it would seem disingenuous to talk about one of my favorite films without mentioning some of its problems. But they're not what you would think!

Yes, Joe Fox put Kathleen Kelly out of business...

Here’s where my opinion might differ from the majority. Whenever I bring up my love of You've Got Mail, the first reaction is usually: “But he put her out of business.”

Yes. Yes, he did. Joe Fox is a cutthroat businessman (though, compared to his father and grandfather, they make him look like... well the Brinkley of the business world). He's unapologetic about taking out any and all business competition—including Kathleen Kelly's The Shop Around the Corner. The whole big twist of the movie, which is revealed relatively early on, is that Kathleen and Joe have been anonymously communicating with one another for months. So the majority of Joe putting Kathleen out of business is actually done before he knows he's doing it. 

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Jun 28 2017 8:05am

What Would You Miss About Physical Books?

In the not-so-distant future, there may come a time when physical books are no longer in existence. For many people, they've already made the switch to a completely digital library, but for some of us the thought of not having a physical archive of our favorite books is almost unbearable. 

If the day should come when physical books are no longer being printed, what would you miss the most?

Tell us about it in the comments!


Jun 27 2017 8:08am

Should Foil Covers Come Back?

Earlier this week on our Tumblr we spotted Romancing the Bookworm showing off a copy of Jo Goodman's The Captain's Lady, which was in beautiful condition—foil cover and all (you'll have to click the link to the video to check it out as this cover doesn't do it justice). It's a cover treatment that is reminiscent of a time gone by as we definitely don't see irridescent covers like this anymore. Even back then, “foil” covers, as they are called, were a pretty rare find. Now, though, their unique shimmer brings forth all those nostalgic feelings.

Now, this question may leave those who joined the romance world in the last decade—i.e. when many people are buying exclusively in digital—scratching their heads and saying “huh?” However, would you want to see foil covers come back? Did you own any? Did you like them?

Tell us about it in the comments!


Jun 26 2017 8:02am

Have You Read Any Series Continuities?

Continuity (noun): the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over a period of time.

When this word is applied to a new book series, it can really change things. It means that a series you're excited about will be taken on by not one single author, but many! Continuities aren't a new concept, but we're starting to see them more and more in romance. 

Have you read any series that have more than one author attached? What did you think? What have been your favorite examples? Has it lead you to discover any new authors? 

Tell me about it in the comments!