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November 21, 2017
From Team H&H, With Love
Team H & H
November 21, 2017
How to Advocate for Happily Ever Afters
November 20, 2017
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Lucy Dosch
November 19, 2017
Helena Hunting: A Sexy, Angsty, Funny Superstar
Nicola R. White
November 17, 2017
3 Pets from Romance We Wish Were Ours
Tara Leigh
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Nov 21 2017 1:00pm

How to Advocate for Happily Ever Afters

Book Lover

How did a librarian like me fall in love with advocating for all the Happily Ever Afters in Romancelandia?

Building excellent, relevant collections for (y)our community, providing access, community engagement, collaboration, innovation, protecting the right to read and protecting the right of *what* to read is at the forefront of all library advocacy.

Advocacy is also about influencing others to (hopefully) learn, share, make differences…these are all crucial things to participate in, now more than ever, in our social and political climate. And (hopefully) for all the right reasons.

I have personally advocated for our libraries at the state level for 10+ years. So, once I started my focus on Romance and Erotica materials, advocacy was always going to work in tandem with collection building. Because advocacy, in every positive form, should be a necessity for all things.

The Romance Community is an incredible force of change, empowerment, voice, and strength. The characters of Romance give agency.

We often share the $1 Billion+ publishing industry statistic and for good reason. According to Nielsen BookScan, Romance novels account for one-third+ of the entire U.S. Fiction market. One third! It never gets old discussing that.

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Oct 5 2017 12:00pm

Reunions Are So Sweet (and Sexy) in Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt’s Misadventures of a Good Wife

Misadventures of a Good Wife by Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt

What happens when a wife, shattered by the disappearance of her beloved husband, takes on the task of putting a second chance together? If you’re Meredith Wild and Helen Hardt, you turn that trope into super-hot Erotic Romantic Suspense.

In Misadventures of a Good Wife, book 2 in the Misadventures series, Kate is devastated to hear her husband’s plane went down during a business trip. After a year of largely aimless mourning, her sister-in-law Chelle convinces her to take a trip to a secluded island in the Pacific.

Just as she begins to settle into the gorgeous surroundings, a familiar man comes to her…her husband, Price.

“When our eyes locked, I cupped her cheek and led her lips to mine. I still hadn’t tired of her mouth or the way our tongues stroked and dueled, a sensual dance we both knew well.”

The questions—with a huge degree of WTFery—begin, but not before Price reclaims Kate physically…over and over again in secluded enclaves all over the island.

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Sep 25 2017 2:30pm

First Look: RaeAnne Thayne’s Sugar Pine Trail (September 26, 2017)

Sugar Pine Trail by RaeAnne Thayne

RaeAnne Thayne
Sugar Pine Trail (Haven Point #7)
HQN Books / September 26, 2017 / $7.99 print, $5.99 digital

As soon as sexy pilot Jamie Caine temporarily rents the upstairs apartment in librarian Julia Winston’s cat-filled, Victorian home, both are quick to jump to conclusions about the other. Despite Jamie’s heartbreaker reputation, Julia has harbored a secret crush on him. And despite having met her a few times already, Jamie has all but forgotten the buttoned-up Julia exists.

Winston House was entirely too rambling for one single woman and three bad-tempered cats. It had been too big for an older couple and their adopted daughter. It had been too large when it was just her and her mother, after her father died…

“I would ask that you please wipe your feet when you carry your things in and out, given the snow out there. The stairs are original wood, more than a hundred years old.” Cripes. She sounded like a prissy spinster librarian.

Next, fueled by sangria and the self-help read for her evening’s book club, Julia is tasked with crafting a bucket list. As she writes one dream after another, readers see that there is more to Julia than merely her stiff exterior. So, when one of her cats pays Jamie an after-book club visit, he catches a glimpse of a tipsy and slightly disheveled Julia. Then even he starts to see her differently.

She didn’t look much like a stuffy librarian now, with that soft hair slipping free and her cheeks pink and her little tongue darting out to lick her bottom lip.

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Jul 6 2017 12:00pm

The Best of Alexa Riley, or Your Fix for Everyday, Insta-Love Fairy Tales

The Princesses by Alexa Riley

We all know the saying “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale”. Of course this saying applies to Romances…and, well, also the style of Erotica I happen to be drawn to.

So, Alexa Riley comes along and perfectly embodies this, and certainly literally with their Fairytale Shifter Series and, most recently, The Princesses (Amazon)(which was just released as a bundle on June 26th).

The guys are all Alphas, all of the time. Often growly, certainly stalkerish, with overbearing tendencies that can only exist as being irresistible in what I call the Alexa Riley Universe. They barely control their lust, but are so dreamy and smitten, we for sure desire them even despite all “rational” thought. Even though, in the real world, their actions would be seen as manipulative, they truly want to change the lives of their “mates” as much as they want to grab a hold of their forevers. While many of the swoon-worthy Alphas are Billionaires, many are not and they all make for an incredible brand of addicting, cheesy, and erotically charged Insta-Love.

I have often said that the women are the main event in Alexa Riley’s books. They are every day gals with solid careers or fast-tracks to them. They are innocent in appearance and in thought as the object of the heroes’ mission and are almost always called “mates” or “mine.” But they also read as ladies we would like to have as real life friends. They are adorably outspoken and fight for what they want. As in-book friends or sisters, they have each other’s backs, yet are never back-stabby. Alexa Riley would never stand for them to be anything less than a (sometimes bawdy) supportive girl’s girl.

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Mar 31 2017 1:00pm

First Look: Tara Sue Me’s Master Professor (April 4, 2017)

Master Professor by Tara Sue Me

Tara Sue Me
Master Professor (Lessons from the Rack #1)
Berkley / April 4, 2017 / $16.00 print, $7.99 digital 

Andie is beyond thrilled when her life-long friend (and Hollywood heartthrob) Terrence finally wants to take things a step further. He tells her he’s a Dominant and explains what this would mean, because he knows she is not only a virgin, but also knows nothing of his world. Terrence is happy to find that Andie is cautiously curious. She says she will do whatever it takes to be person he wants in his bed.

Terrence has to go away on a shoot, but he also wants Andie trained as a submissive as soon as possible. So, with little time, he suggests she be enrolled in BDSM’s most coveted school, The RACK Academy. The only stipulation of this idea being that she remains (technically) a virgin.           

Terrence said he knew that in order for the training to work, she couldn’t feel inhibited or guilty about what she would be doing. She appreciated the freedom, but it made her feel a bit apprehensive as well.

Fulton is in charge of incoming students to RACK. When hearing Andie’s file, a series of red flags jump to mind and he feels that she isn’t suited for training at all.

“You think you’re a submissive? You guess you want to find out for sure?” He mocked her with her own words.

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Mar 22 2017 8:30am

First Look: Alexa Riley’s His Alone (March 28, 2017)

His Alone by Alexa Riley

Alexa Riley
His Alone (For Her Series #2)
Carina Press / March 28, 2017 / $7.99 print, $4.99 digital

Insta-Love fans, fear not! The dynamic writing duo, Alexa Riley is back with, His Alone, book 2 in their full-length, For Her novel series.

(The pace is already in mid-action when His Alone opens. So, it actually does help to read Everything For Her first. But, there are enough hints to make it sort of ok if you don't).

Ryan Justice and Paige Turner are at the top of the security detail team for the prestigious Osbourne Corp. Ryan is Paige’s boss and Paige is harboring a revenge plot for her father. It’s nice to see an Alexa Riley take on vendetta, while dabbling with romantic suspense.

This is not the insta-love billionaire fare of the first book. The perspective of Paige and Ryan is a fresh one because of the slow-burn nature of their relationship as it grows deeper.

We learn why Ryan (a.k.a. Captain) is instantly taken with Paige. But Paige battles her growing desire for Ryan and keeping her focus on vengeance.

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Jan 18 2017 9:30am

How Can I Ignore The B613 Agent Next Door? Loving Scandal’s Charlie

Charlie on ABC's Scandal

Note: This post may contain spoilers for all aired episodes of Scandal. Read with caution!

With all the intrigue going on in Washington, D.C., many of us cannot wait to see what The Gladiators will be up against this time, white hats or not.

And while most of us shift our loyalties between promises of Vermont or Standing-In-The-Sun, for me, Scandal is all about promises of Charlie.

Charlie (played by George Newbern), is still our adorable, yet confounding B613 spy. And he’s still completely smitten with Gladiator Quinn Perkins.

If you don’t already recognize George Newbern by name or face, you for sure know him by voice. He is the narrator of some of the most prolific audiobooks in recent years (A Man Called Ove, Moonglow, Every Fifteen Minutes, Seabiscuit…). Gamers will know him as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. And DC Comics fans will know him as Superman in the Justice League series.

[An Alpha-Beta Anti-Hero?]

Nov 8 2016 10:05am

How to (Re-)Arrange Your Romances Novels At Home

Source: Shutterstock/Paul Prescott

Has your romance collection turned into a zillion of your beloved books scattered in piles you keep meaning to get to? Are you overwhelmed because space is starting to be an issue?

Don’t panic. You can arrange your impressive haul without reinventing the wheel. You can do this.

What questions should you ask yourself when it’s time to clean out your bookshelves?

As you gaze upon the hotties gracing your growing stash of Happily Ever Afters, think on this:

  • Have your reading preferences changed?
  • How do those preference inform what you will keep, get rid of and/or purchase in the future?
  • What romance genres are you drawn to?
  • What genres were you drawn to?
  • Are you looking to pare down, say, your Paranormals in favor of Historicals?
  • Are you keeping certain romance books for sentimental reasons?
  • What is the condition of the romances in question?
  • Are they well-worn in the comfy sweater sort of way…
  • Or are they beyond repair but you don’t know how to part with them?

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