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Mar 27 2014 12:00pm

A Promise of More: Exclusive Excerpt

Bronwen Evans

The Promise of More by Bronwen Evans

When Beatrice Hennessey sets out to confront Lord Coldhurst, the notorious rogue who killed her brother in a duel, her intent is to save her family from destitution. She’s determined to blackmail the man into a loveless marriage. She’ll make the wealthy Lord Coldhurst pay for the rest of his life. But while greeting his ship, Beatrice takes a tumble into the Thames—only to be fished out by a pair of strong masculine arms that tempt her to stay locked in their heated embrace forever. That is, until she realizes those arms belong to Sebastian Hawkestone, Lord Coldhurst himself.

The little drowned mermaid has an interesting proposition indeed; one that Sebastian is surprised to find quite agreeable. Although he’s had women more beautiful, she is pleasing to the eye, and besides, it’s time he fathered an heir. Beatrice promises to be the ideal wife; a woman who hates him with an all-consuming passion is far too sensible to expect romance. However, it isn’t long before Sebastian’s plan for a marriage of convenience unravels, and he’s caught up in the exhilarating undertow of seduction.

Get a sneak peek of Bronwen Evans’s A Promise of More (available April 15, 2014) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Sebastian studied her steadily and said, “You look absolutely petrified at the thought of sharing my bed. Has no one explained what goes on between a man and a woman?”

Beatrice nodded and looked away. She would have to tell him something. “I had a friend, a very dear friend. She had an experience that wasn’t very pleasant, and her experience has not made me look forward to intimate relations with any man.”

“So you are afraid? This friend of yours, her lover obviously wasn’t very skilled if all she felt was pain. No woman should feel any pain if her lover prepares her correctly.”

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Jan 27 2014 1:30pm

Spousal Abuse in the Regency Era

A Kiss of Lies by Bronwen EvansToday we're joined by author Bronwen Evans, whose latest release, A Kiss of Lies, is out this month. The book launches the Disgraced Lords series and tells the exploits of the Libertine Scholars, a group of loveable rakes who have been chums since school. They band together against a common enemy who is determined to destroy each of them. A Kiss of Lies deals with spousal abuse, a topic that sadly still makes headlines today. Bronwen is here to talk about the vulnerability of women in the Regency Era. Thanks, Bronwen!

We hear a lot about slavery in the past and the hideous wrongs committed against people purely for the color of their skin, and we hear about the huge gap between rich and poor and the fact that the poorhouses had appalling living conditions, basically a place the poor went to die, but we hear far less about the plight of women, rich as well as poor, in relation to spousal abuse.

I know it’s not a pleasant topic, but it’s one we should all be aware of, and ensure we are continually vocal about. We cannot let ourselves become complacent. Any abuse, physical or emotional, shouldn’t be tolerated. Domestic abuse is well and truly alive today—unfortunately.

[Abuse is not love...]

May 16 2012 3:00pm

Author Bronwen Evans on Regency Working Girls (Companions, Governesses, Smugglers, and Courtesans)

Invitation to Scandal by Bronwen EvansToday we welcome author Bronwen Evans to Heroes and Heartbreakers. Bronwen’s most recent release, Invitation to Scandal, features a heroine who makes her not-quite-honest living as a smuggler. And she’s here to share what she knows about real-life options for women in the early nineteenth century. Thanks, Bronwen!

If you were a member of the nobility in the early 1800s, and of the female persuasion, you were totally reliant on men for your keep; your husband, father or brother. If, due to dire circumstances, you were left to fend for yourself, not only did you have virtually no skill-set with which to earn enough money to keep you in comfort, but the disgrace attached to any form of work saw you outcast from Society.

Ladies were not raised to work. They were raised to think of their position in Society and to marry well. Their role was to run a household and bear children. Nothing more.

[We’ve come a long way in that regard, that’s for sure...]