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Jun 19 2017 1:00pm

Two Different Authors, One Very Sexy Hero—The Alpha!

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Today we're thrilled to welcome not one but two authors to Heroes and Heartbreakers—Anne Calhoun (Turn Me Loose) and Jeffe Kennedy (With a Prince). It's always a great coincidence when two authors are not only friends but have books releasing on the same day. Anne and Jeffe are here to talk about their love of the alpha hero and what they loved about each other's heroes! Thanks, Anne and Jeffe!

Romance readers love a wounded hero. We love our book boyfriends to be alpha, brusque, stoic, able to beat off the bad guys with their meaty fists or arsenal of lawyers. But the very best part is discovering what’s hiding under the hero’s gruff exterior. What soft, chewy center awaits the heroine who perseveres to chew through his tough shell?

Romances are all about that most human of journeys: from identity (the surface they present to the world) to essence (their true selves, the ones they trust to almost no one). We keep our inner selves secret, and no one does this better than a romance novel hero. Whether the situation calls for a lighthearted “fake fiance for my BFF’s wedding” or a wounded soul striving for justice and honor, romance novel heroes almost always carry a deep wound and - like most guys - aren’t exactly excited to talk about their true feelings.

But finding love requires vulnerability connection. It's only through the breaking down of the hero’s walls that he's able to love. It's not saving the girl, or signing the billion dollar contract, or winning the Oscar, that makes him able to love and be loved it's those moments when he says this is what hurt me in the past and she says I see that and love you anyway. Or even better, I love you because those things happened in your past. They made you who you are today.

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Mar 30 2016 1:00pm
Original Story

H&H Quickie #16: Anne Calhoun Presents “Unexpected”

Anne Calhoun

The Seal's Rebel Librarian by Anne Calhoun

We are honored and thrilled to share with you a brand-new, exclusive, original Quickie to send off March with a bang from Anne Calhoun. “Unexpected” is set in the Uncommon world, familiar to fans of Uncommon Passion and Uncommon Pleasure. 

Earlier this month, we asked you to offer suggestions (“prompts”) as inspiration for a short original scene, and you brought your A-game!

Here are the prompts Anne chose as inspiration (with thanks to everyone who left a suggestion, because there were so many fantastic options):

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Without further ado, may we present, Anne Calhoun's “Unexpected.”

“You’re late, man,” Eddie called.

Thunder rumbled in the distance. Convinced the skies would open any second, Kent Thomas jogged down the brick sidewalk. A small crowd of waiting servers and kitchen staff loitered at the front door of Artistary, his book store/coffee shop and performance space located on a prime corner in The Strand, Galveston’s historic district.

[Oh Eddie, Eddie ...]

Mar 24 2016 10:00am

The SEAL’s Second Chance: Exclusive Excerpt

Anne Calhoun

The SEAL's Second Chance: An Alpha Ops Novella by Anne Calhoun

In high school, basketball star Charlotte Stannard and Navy SEAL Jamie Hawthorn were everything but lovers. They shared a ruthlessly competitive spirit and relentless drive, but Charlie, afraid of the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy at seventeen, drove Jamie away. But now Jamie's back in town for the banquet to honor the basketball coach, and finds Charlie, newly home from a successful career in the European leagues and coaching the girls' team. The flames between them are hotter than ever, but Charlie believes Jamie just wants what he couldn't have when they were kids. Jamie's not just playing to win. He's playing for Charlie's heart, forever.

Get a sneak peek at Anne Calhoun's The SEAL's Second Chance (available April 5, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter One

Jamie Hawthorn reached deep inside and found an extra burst of speed, putting a couple of feet between himself and his brother, Ian, as they raced up the road that wound toward their childhood home on the Hill. Ian didn’t give up without a fight, heaving air into his lungs and closing the gap between them to a couple of inches before Jamie hit the designated finish line first, the lilac bush bowing over the mailbox at the end of their driveway. He slowed to a stop, slapped the pole holding up their basketball hoop, and turned to walk back down the driveway and cool off.

“Not bad,” he said to Ian, who was hunched over and all but hyperventilating. “I want barbeque from that place across the river,” he added, because over the years the penalty for losing had jumped from a candy bar to lunch.

Ian cut him a glance. “Do me a favor and ignore the way I’ll be limping tomorrow,” he said.

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Feb 20 2016 3:00pm

The SEAL’s Rebel Librarian: Exclusive Excerpt

Anne Calhoun

The SEAL's Rebel Librarian: An Alpha Ops Novella by Anne Calhoun

Jack Powell never planned on leaving the Navy, but his final mission as a SEAL left him with a tremor and a bad case of nerves. He's home, taking some college classes and trying to figure out what comes next when he meets Erin Kent, a divorced college librarian with an adventurous bucket list and a mission to get her ex-husband's voice out of her head. Jack guides Erin through skydiving and buying the motorcycle of her dreams, blithely accepting Erin's promise that their relationship is purely temporary. But when Jack gets the chance to go back into the shadowy world of security contracting, can he convince Erin to break her word and join him on the adventure of a lifetime?

Get a sneak peek at Anne Calhoun's The SEAL's Rebel Librarian (available March 1, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter One

“You said you were going to do this. So do it.”

The words were firm, bracing, even bold, but muttered in a low whisper as Erin Kent surveyed the main reading room of Lancaster College’s Clarke Library. Sparsely populated, as per norm; a few studious girls working in clumps at the tables running the length of the long room, boys more likely working alone. One of the comfy chairs by the decommissioned fireplace held an undergrad in a baseball cap pulled low over his forehead, a sheepskin-lined leather jacket draped over his torso, and jeans. His cheek was braced on his fist, his full lips slightly parted as he catnapped. Heads were bent over books lit by reading lamps, their soft light overshadowed by the intense glow of laptop screens. Rain coursed down the large windows opposite the circulation desk. Thursday night was the big party night for the students; most of them were off campus, at fraternity or sorority houses, or friends’ apartments, or local bars, partying. Erin remembered the scenes from her days as a student. She’d had fun, lots of it, used to be a pretty good pool player and dart thrower.

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Jan 24 2016 1:00pm

The SEAL’s Secret Lover: Exclusive Excerpt

Anne Calhoun

The SEAL's Secret Lover: An Alpha Ops Novella by Anne Calhoun

Logistics director Rose Powell agreed to chaperone her grandmother on a guided tour of Roman ruins on one condition: her brother Jack would come with her. But when Jack backs out, his best friend and fellow SEAL Keenan Parker takes his place. Without a working cell phone, Rose's orderly world drifts into dreamy days and hot, secret nights in Keenan's bed. Keenan left the Navy but never made it any farther than Istanbul, much less to a viable future. Until he does, he'll show Rose things she didn't know about herself. Can he give his heart and his future to the woman he promised his best friend he'd never touch?

Get a sneak peek at Anne Calhoun's The SEAL's Secret Lover (available February 2, 2016) with an exclusive excerpt of a selected scene.

Chapter One

Rose Powell was going to kill her baby brother. If she could. Like she stood a chance against a battle-hardened Navy SEAL with three deployments behind him. But she knew a trick or two that she could use on Jack, who’d weaseled out of taking their grandmother and her lifelong BFFs on a whirlwind tour of Turkey.

“Does everyone have everything?” Rose asked for what felt like the two hundredth time since she’d met up with the Bucket List Babes at the airport in Lancaster.

“We do, dear,” Grannie said. Florence and Marian nodded as well, although Rose could plainly see Florence’s guide to Turkey peeking out from the seat pocket in front of her.

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