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Apr 11 2017 11:30am

The Greatest Love Stories That Didn’t End Happily

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

What love stories didn't end happily?

(In case you couldn't guess from the post title, we will be talking about the endings of books... especially books that didn't end happily. Spoilers abound)

So often in romance, we demand our Happily Ever After. I know I crave a happy ending and am devastated when a book I read doesn’t have one. Unless I’ve been warned. There are certain times in my life when I need a good cleansing cry, and these books fit the bill beautifully. So, without further ado, here is a highly opinionated list—in alphabetical order by author—of some of the greatest love stories without a happily ever after. One more thing...while classics like Romeo and Juliet create the foundation for tragic love stories, this list will focus on more recently written tales.

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Yes, it’s a book about teenage cancer. No, it doesn’t end happy. Yes, we’re lead to believe there could be an HEA. No, it still doesn’t end happy. I suppose the one shining light is how hope, despite the crappy ending, does still resonate. Yes, I was bawling at the end, but I knew the story can’t end there. And that perspective gives me a little optimism. A bonus? You will be swept off your feet by Augustus’s wooing of Hazel. So many sweet acts of kindness and trust.

[Now for a few more surprising endings...]

May 5 2016 2:15pm

$.99 Shelly Laurenston & Mary Balogh’s Westcott Family Series: Romance News

Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in romance.

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Top Off Your TBR Pile

The Unleashing by Shelly LaurenstonDeal Alert: Shelly Laurenston's The Unleashing, Call of Crows #1, is $.99 in e-book at Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Amazon, etc.* How much do H&H bloggers love Laurenston? Let's just say there's been talk of building altars and preparing sacrifices.

Deal Alert: Bella Jewel's Criminals of the Ocean e-books Enslaved by the Ocean and Where Darkness Lies are $.99 each (or $1.78 for both) at Amazon.* Enslaved by the Ocean earned a place in Brittany Melson's December 2013 New Adult roundup.

Deal Alert: Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys is $1.99 in e-book at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc.* Stiefvater hero Sam Roth, from her Wolves of Mercy Falls series, is one of Chelsea Mueller's top 5 YA Alpha heroes.

Deal Alert: Susanna Sandlin's paranormal romance series Penton Legacy is on sale  today. All four e-books—Redemption, Absolution, Omega, and Allegiance—are $1.99 each (or $7.96 for the bundle of four) at Amazon. You may know Sandlin better as Suzanne Johnson, an urban fantasy author and H&H contributor who has tackled “Urban Fantasy's Grand Passion,” among many juicy other topics.

Fresh Outta the Oven

Mary Balogh's next series will follow the Westcott family and is “based on the premise of an earl dying without a will.” The title of the first book in the 8-part Westcott series will be Someone to Love. Learn more about new heroine Anna Snow, a.k.a. Lady Anastasia Wescott, over at Balogh's BookPage interview. Reminder, as if you need it: Mary Balogh's books are genius.

[Anna Dressed in Blood movie & Captain America: Civil War review...]

Jul 31 2015 2:24pm

Romance News Roundup: Behind the Scenes of Insurgent, New Christi Caldwell, and More!

Welcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

—Love Veronica Roth's Divergent series? Then you'll be keeping an eye on the calendar for when you can get the DVD of Insurgent on August 4. In the meantime, here's a behind-the-scenes featurette with Veronica Roth and the writers and produces of the film, discussing what any good readers care about—the adaptation of a book into a movie!

—Deal Alert #1: Shopping for a Billionaire's Fiancée by Julia Kent gives us the point of view of near (yes, only “near!”)-billionaire Declan McCormick. Pick it up for only $.99 at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore. Check out more about Julia Kent on Heroes and Heartbreakers.* 

—Deal Alert #2: Grab a copy of Lorraine Heath's A Duke of Her Own for only $1.99 at e-tailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBookstore!*

—Christi Caldwell fans should be excited for the next installment in her Lords of Honor series as it gives us the story of Christian, the Marquess of St. Cyr. If you want to learn more, head to Caldwell's Facebook page—but beware of potential spoilers! 

*We don't know how long the deals will last, so get them before they're gone!



Jun 10 2015 1:30pm

Putting the “Adult” in Young Adult: Sex in YA

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

One of the reasons I read romance is the throbbing , bodice ripping, hot, steam factor—um, better known as the sex scenes. YA literature is marketed to teens, but many adults (yours truly) also read them. With older teens in mind, the sex scenes (if there are any) are usually pretty tame. There is something refreshing about a love story that may be simpler and less um...turgid. 

In fact, the protagonist's may have a long road before characters consummate their feelings at all.  Some people don't believe actual sex belongs in YA books- but it is still there.  Many times it is done so tastefully that it doesn't become teen erotica.  It becomes part of a coming of age/first time story. This is a fact that many teens find relatable. Something that can be a sweet, appropriate part of the main characters' story.

Here are several YA books that have sex scenes—but they add to the storyline in some way or other. 

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

In this second book in her YA Arcana Series, she plays out the physical relationship between Evie and her love interests—Jack (a human) and Aric (Physical representative of the Death tarot card). The first is her first time, and it is done tastefully and sweetly with Jack. 

He traced his hand between us, lower, lower, dipping his fingers. “So hot,” he groaned. “So perfect. You want this too.” It wasn’t a question. He began touching me as I needed him to, petting me. Whatever he was doing made me crazed for more. I rocked my hips to his caressing fingers, lids growing heavy, but I kept my gaze pinned to his. His hips rocked too, wedging his hardness against me. My eyes went wide when he started to press inside.

[More Sex in Young Adult literature...]

Mar 2 2015 4:29pm

Romance News Roundup: Alexandra Ivy Deal & Megan Mulry Cover!

Bound with Love by Megan MulryWelcome to H&H's daily news roundup! Grab a mug of tea and a scone and let's gossip about what's hot in the romance world right now.

Megan Mulry has revealed via Twitter the cover of her female/female historical romance Bound with Love.

—Deal Alert: Alexandra Ivy's When Darkness Comes, first in the Guardians of Eterity series, is currently $1.99 in e-book at e-tailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon.* Craving more? Don't miss Alexandra Ivy's exclusive Quickies scene, an original piece inspired by H&H commenters!

—Divergent series author Veronica Roth has announced a new Star Wars-esque duology (2-book series) “exploring the story of a boy who forms an unlikely alliance with an enemy—both desperate to escape their oppressive lives, they help each other attain what they most desire: for one, redemption, and the other, revenge.” Still not over Allegiant? Drop by our reaction/spoiler thread here.

*Reminder that we don't know how long deals will last, so get 'em while you can!

Nov 13 2013 12:50pm

New Divergent Trailer Chock-Full of Tris/Four Yumminess

Just released today is the first full trailer for Divergent, based on Veronica Roth's bestselling series and starring Shailene Woodley and Theo James as Tris and Four. There certainly seems to be heaps of chemistry between the two of them in this first trailer. Oh, plus intrigue, a dystopian world, tough choices, scary tests, and training in how to be a badass. Is it spring yet? Divergent will be released March 21, 2014.

What do you think of the footage we've seen so far?

Oct 22 2013 2:57pm

Veronica Roth’s Allegiant (Divergent #3) SPOILER THREAD!! (MAJOR SPOILERS)

Allegiant Spoiler Thread

Allegiant by Veronica RothThis post on Veronica Roth's Allegiant—Book 3 in the Divergent trilogy, out today—is made up ENTIRELY of SPOILERS and is intended only as a place for fans to gather and discuss the book AFTER reading it, so if you have yet to finish, steer clear of anything after the jump. Go finish the book, then come back. 




***LAST CHANCE: Seriously, leave this post now if you haven’t finished AllegiantThis is a post to discuss the entire book.

[Okay, here we go... SPOILERS!!!...]

Jun 23 2013 1:30pm

Shipping Sunday: Divergent’s Tris/Four

A few of us here at Team H&H have long been fans of Veronica Roth's Divergent trilogy and are eagerly awaiting the release of the third novel, Allegiant, not to mention the film adaptation of Book 1, Divergent. After all, the series has a strong heroine, it's set in a compelling dystopian world, and its Tris/Four relationship gives us all the relationship drama we need without a love triangle.

Tris and Four (whose real name is HIGHLIGHT FOR POTENTIAL SPOILERS Tobias /SPOILERS) each has issues (Tris carries a LOT of guilt around in Insurgent, and Four had a pretty rough childhood), but together they're an unbeatable team. We can't wait to see how they're portrayed in the movies and what Book 3/Allegiant has in store for them. Are you fan of the pairing? What drew you to them? Like the casting for the movie?

Shailene Woodley (Tris) and Theo James (Four) will be on the cover of the next issue of Entertainment Weekly, and they look hot! Check out the images and behind-the-scenes video the magazine has already released (+ grab a copy of the issue for more shippy Divergent goodness):

[Plus 2 more Divergent pics & a video!...]

May 10 2013 1:00pm

Now Win This!: The “Didn’t Make the RT Booklovers Convention” Sweepstakes

Log in or register to enter for a chance to win a swag bag from the 2013 RT Booklovers Convention!*

Did you miss out on the RT Booklovers Convetntion this year? Sure you could always follow the gossip as it developed, but what about all that great swag? Well Heroes and Heartbreakers is heare for you. Team H&H's corrospondent in the field managed to grab a whole goodie bag full of books just for you.

You can enter for a chance to win a whole box full of books by authors like Tracy Wolff, Molly McAdams, Kelley Armstrong, Veronica Roth, Sherry Thomas, Jeannie Lin, Sarah MacLean, Jeaniene Frost and Nicole Williams!

[About the Books...]

May 9 2013 9:29am

Today Show Interviews Veronica Roth and Reveals Allegiant Cover

Visit NBCNews.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

This morning on the Today show, Ryan Seacrest chatted with Divergent and Insurgent author Veronica Roth—and revealed the cover for the final book in the trilogy: Allegiant, out October 22, 2013.

In the interview, Roth talks about writing Divergent in college, why she jumped into a bathtub of marshmallows (?!) after she got an agent and book deal, why she loves writing for teens, and her reaction to learning Divergent would be a movie.

What do you think? Excited to see what the final book has in store for Tris and Tobias, aka Six and Four?

Apr 27 2013 10:00am

Poll: What Adaptation Will Make for the Best TV/Movie?

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Last week we asked what summer movie you were most excited about but this week it seems to be all about movie adaptations. Earlier this week, we saw the first photo from the Divergent film set and found out that Kristin Cashore's Graceling series had been optioned for film. This got us to thinking, while some books are our favorites on the page, they may not translate well into screen adaptations.

Let us know in this week's poll which TV show or movie you think has the greatest cinematic potential and why! Did we (and Hollywood!) miss a great opportunity to adapt a book to a TV show or movie? Let us know in the comments!

Apr 24 2013 12:30pm

First Photo from the Divergent Set!

Shailene Woodley as Tris in the film adaptation of Divergent.The first set photo from the Divergent movie was revealed today by Entertainment Weekly. The movie is based on a dystopian Young Adult series by Veronica Roth in which society is split into five factions based on ideal human characteristics—selflessness, bravery, peacefulness, intelligence, and honesty. In this scene, Shailene Woodley, who plays the lead character Beatrice “Tris” Prior, has knives thrown at her head by Four after she takes the place of a fellow initiate into the Dauntless (bravery) faction.

Visit Entertainment Weekly for the full image and an interview with Shailene Woodley.

Last month, Theo James of Downton Abbey was cast as Four, a leader of the Dauntless faction and the mentor-turned-love of Tris.

Divergent is scheduled for release on March 21, 2014.

Check out our other coverage of Veronica Roth and get caught up on the series before the movie's out!